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I own your soul.

Well, well, well. Maybe a dream of mine will be fulfilled tonight, we'll have to see. Tonight's debate is going to prove to be more than interesting. I don't need to be good, I don't need to be great, I need to OWN THE SOUL OF DEBATING. Preferably all other parts as well. I have absolutely NO confidence in the others so I'm going to have to pull off the biggest blinder. It's lucky we're even debating, really. Here's what's happened to our team;

Heidi: Been ruled out for a while due to being so busy. I reckon this is a cop-out and that she's free at the time of the debate, but eh.
Christie: Netball game, thus unavailable.
Lauren: Netball game, thus meant to be unavailable. However, she's getting out early or going to race to the debate venue or something and will speak.
Lucy: All was fine until she badly injured her ankle during sport last Friday. She should be fine to debate, but considering the hoopla around whether we could even pull together a team or not, she may be under the impression it's not on. She better turn up.
Me: No problems at all, fuming over what's been going on.

Essentially, debating has got the lowest priority of everything at my school, which ticks me off something fierce. The netball game was meant to be last week, but it got rescheduled. I say the debate comes first, especially because the outcome of it determines whether we progress to the next round and it was the initial commitment, but no, sport gets first place. So Lauren's going to show up sometime during the prep time, which puts us all at a massive disadvantage. She better not be late. Lucy better show.

However, when I considered this, if the worst comes to the worst, I'll have to speak all three positions. That's been a dream of mine. I almost want it to happen. Tonight will definitely be fun and exciting. But Lauren's really in no position to debate so that really puts a cloud over things. Lucy damn well better show. Actually, if the worst comes to the worst, they'll tell me we must have three individual speakers and I have to go home, which would piss me off, but I don't believe any rules would prohibit my speaking in multiple positions if necessary. I'm now hyping up. I damn well need to be in the best debating form known to man tonight. I know I'll bugger it up, but good intentions, eh?

The Popmart Sarajevo VCD helps me to hype up in a big way. I think just before I leave, I'll crank up Even Better Than The Real Thing from Popmart Leeds. That rendition rules something incredible and it never fails to psyche me up. I'll most likely be loony in the prep room, but you have to expect that from me and I don't think Lucy - if she's there - will be surprised in the slightest.

A heap of people were away today thanks to the musical, and apparently even more will be gone tomorrow. This reduced most classes to a shambles, and at the worst time possible - the approach to exams. It was, however, a surprisingly good Wednesday as far as Wednesdays go. Geography involved getting information I needed and English was frustrating as per usual with Stephen Dodd finding some strange fascination in leaning over his chair to watch me work. That was rather disconcerting (the guy's a piece of shit, and I told him exactly that). SOR was pretty good, helped other people make progress on their assignments while I'll probably end up handing in my rather bad piece of work, Maths B was dull and annoying, Maths C confusing and devolved into a conversation with Patrick, and German more a chat session than anything. During morning tea, Burns seemed to be totally unable to control his temper, even though I did not insult him, and tried to bash the crap out of me. I was seriously scared. I'm glad Jamie was there to hold him back, otherwise ... I don't want to think about it. But really, that man is the stupidest person I've ever met. Not only does he not know of the Holocaust, he is totally unfamiliar with Troy or the Trojan horse (he only thinks they're viruses on computers). Now, some people may argue this is excusable under normal circumstances, but people have been discussing the movie Troy for the last two weeks! I'm nowhere near social and even I've heard of it! How thick does he want to get? I'm sure he doesn't have a brain to think with.

There is far too much that we need to know for our exams. Far, far, far too much. I'm so doomed. There's a draft of the exam timetable going around ... not too horrible, though I'd like a couple of changes.

Now, debating calls! Here comes fun. I shall edit this post when I get home with the results.

--- 8:51pm ---

The good news;
- Lucy was there, albeit a few minutes late and flustered.
- Lauren was much less late than anticipated, which was very good.
- Just by showing up, we pretty much ensured our passage to the next round. We should be through.

The bad news;
- We lost.

Sadly, one brilliant speaker cannot defeat three very good speakers if the other two on his team aren't quite there. I admire Lucy for her speaking ability and all, but she's not a first speaker and she's not a short prep debator either. It just doesn't work for her. Lauren was very good considering she'd just come from a hard netball game and was a bit late, and if she was in proper debating condition and so forth, she would've done really well. Problem was, we didn't have a flowing case until I got up, and the others just ... they're tired and they really didn't need a debate at this point in time.

When I sat down, I actually didn't feel much about my speech for a change. Normally, I think I've blown it and sit there with my head in my hands. This time I was just "Yeah, not a bad speech, my conclusion sucked [oh how it did! I had NOTHING!] but the rest was alright." I think the translation of that is "There was a weak point, but otherwise that was really good." You all know I'm a perfectionist who slaughters himself over everything, but I think that's the correct translation of my thoughts into normal-person-speak. When the adjudicator got up, she actually got the crowd to give me a round of applause, something which I've never seen done before and caused me to blush rather a lot, and said it was basically me who made it so close and if only we'd had a more cohesive unit, we would've won.

The other team was admittedly brilliant. It seemed like this was a long-prep for them, that's how well organised they were, and they were brilliant with the point of information rule. A really good challenge, if we'd had a full team on fire, it would've gone down to the wire. I'm a bit disappointed we lost, but when my coach told me it's the best speech he's ever seen me do ... yeah, that felt good. I think everyone was quite amazed at how well I did it and how I emphasised my points, despite the fact I thought it was nothing special. But now it seems I own the soul of debating, so I'll revel in that and go to bed because I'm exhausted. I might examine the debate - especially the adjudicator missing the point - more in tomorrow's entry.

--- 9:13pm ---

Your freakishness is alluring. People stop and
wonder if it's cultivated or comes naturally.
People also stop and stare. Some take pictures.
Some keep their children away from you.

Smythe Reisner Abnormality Index (aka Freak Quiz!)
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