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Shamu the mysterious whale.

I've challenged my dear friend aaron_3521 to a debate on swearing. This shall occur over my winter holidays on this LJ, thus in about four weeks or so. I will post my article on the issue (I will not be revising it), Aaron will post his rebuttal, and from there, it's a free-for-all. All are welcome to join in.

7. Do you like to sing in the shower? Air guitar's better.

21. Band/singer: U2. Singers are for losers. [The second sentence is a deliberate stab at someone, do not take it seriously unless you are that person, and they will know who they are in a second so if you're confused, IT'S NOT YOU. For the record, I hate disclaimers like this.]

43. Night/Day: Night AND Day. Song by U2.

46. You know I'm around when you hear: Rabid U2 fanaticism or Pi being recited to 330 decimal places.

59. What's an object you can't live without? All the songs they make, from the cradle to the grave, when all I want is U2.

61. Silver or gold: Silver AND Gold. In the shithouse a shotgun/Praying hands hold me down/Only the hunter is hunted/In this tin-can town ...

63. Sunset or sunrise: I madly heart sunrises, they're easily the best part of the day. "I wonder what Andre is going to put on this one." And now you know, Lauren.

70. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon? A U2 concert. I'm actually not joking. Or not totally. That would be an ultra-cool honeymoon. It'd be an ultra-cool anything, really.
71. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Myself. There'd be a problem if I didn't.

74. What makes you happy? Intelligence.

75. What's the next CD you're gonna get: A U2 bootleg. Hopefully lots of them. Or maybe I'll track down some live Dire Straits. But U2 bootlegs are superior. Oh, and if anyone wants to donate any live Pink Floyd to me ...

77. What's the best advice given to you? "We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong." Thanks muchly, Mister Vox.

79. What are your future goals? To be even better than the real thing and fly or ride one of your wild horses in mysterious ways like an acrobat in ultra violet light until the end of the world to the Zoo Station while Alex descends into Hell for a bottle of milk and you try to throw your arms around the world in a so cruel form of blind love. Yes, I seriously did just use every song title on Achtung Baby and then some.

84. What song seems to reflect you the most? I love it how there is no way known a song is ever going to reflect me. I challenge you to write a song that reflects me. It's just not going to happen.
85. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to? Myself.
86. Do you have any enemies? Well, there's a lot of people who I'd like to see get hit by trucks, but I don't necessarily consider them enemies. I just consider them a waste of space.

88. Would you rather be rich or famous? God. Sorry Yahweh, you're out of a job now.


96. Last time you were depressed: Today, BY FLAGRANT, UTTER STUPIDITY. Here, have a brain and use it.

I am tired and stressed. This means I am doubly grumpy. Fear me. Subway for dinner improved my spirits somewhat, though. The interesting part is that when I get in moods like this, I get all the more convinced of U2's superiority because their music is so therapeutic. U2 owns your soul. U2 owns you.

Never, ever underestimate the powers of Bullet The Blue Sky, 5 March 1992. Listening to the explosion at the start, then that amazing Edge solo, then Bono screaming "shut the fuck up!" is just so wonderfully cathartic. I also need a really good performance of The Cry/The Electric Co. The St. Goarshaussen 20 August 1983 DVD should solve that. So should the Berlin 4 November 1981 VCD. Germany got such cool early concerts. And THE CRY/THE ELECTRIC CO.! WOOOHOO! Boy, stupid boy! Don't sit at the table 'til you're able to. Toy, broken toy. Shout and shout, you're inside out. 'Til you don't know, Electric Co. If you don't know, Electric Co. Red, running red, you play for real, the toy could feel a hole in your head. You go in shock, you're spoonfed. 'Til you don't know, Electric Co. 'Til you don't know, Electric Co.

I'm currently downloading a ZooTV DVD. Mmmm, ZooTV goodness. 23 June 1993, Strasbourg.

You know what REALLY ticks me off? People who make a lot of noise in the library. If you want to play with a yo-yo, LEAVE THE LIBRARY. Really, if you want to play with a yo-yo, it's obvious you're a couple of years behind the times. Get with the picture. Also, it's really hard to write good poetry around people who insist upon talking louder than they should in the library. Every year, that place gets busier and louder. Grr. To think in grade nine, we could sit down the far end in the library, make noise, and it didn't bother anyone. If we did that today, we'd just get drowned out. Now I realise how annoying we must've been to anyone in the library who was trying to work, but back in those days, there weren't many people. And really, LIBRARIES ARE MEANT TO BE QUIET PLACES! I go there to write poetry because I expect it to be QUIET. Am I being unreasonable all of a sudden?

You know what else REALLY ticks me off? STUPID PEOPLE. If you don't know what the Holocaust is, you're stupid. I don't care if you find that offensive, because hopefully it'll inspire you to get some knowledge. HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW? Why do I keep on finding more and more imbeciles? Where do all the stupid people come from? Patrick loves to harp on about "there are Americans who don't know how many states they have, and just a month after September eleven, they interviewed some Americans in the streets and they couldn't remember what had happened," but if Americans are thick, then Australians are setting new lows for America's morons to aspire down to. These people are PATHETIC. I feel stupider just for being around them. I'm totally frustrated by school at the moment.

Do you consider the Holocaust to be basic general knowledge?


Oh, and here's a revelation: throwing pieces of erasers across the class became uncool around about grade four. You're in grade TWELVE now. Want to prove it to us, or are you happier proving you belong back in primary school?

Grrr. Also, you know you're too hard on yourself when you get A, A+, B+ on an assignment and you get depressed. Gettng an A+ doesn't negate the A or B+. I'm sick of stupider people being thought of as more intelligent than me. It's just they study while I just slack off and do what I want. Yes, I know I'm arrogant and self-centred. I'm too frustrated to care. Grr, stupid people ...

I'm having some insane fun on CF right now, though. My mood's improving. Private Investigations by Dire Straits is a masterpiece, or at least the live version I have is. Plus, I may be able to make a phonepost soon. Whee and stuff.

--- 6:48pm ---

Classic Axver moment just then.

I walk into the living area.
Me: Hey Mum, what's for dinner?
Mum: You've already had it.
Me: Oh, so I have!

--- 8:52pm ---

Piss off people you don't like: tell them you love them! That was stunningly hilarious just then.

I must study. Or sleep. Sleep while studying.
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