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I'd break bread and wine if there was a church I could receive in ...

Yeah, I think I'm making yet another one of those long entries. Enjoy.

Lately, I've noticed a few people discussing what they feel to be the best evidence for Christianity, and it's interesting to see various opinions. They're right across the board, from the Jews to the personality of Jesus, and it's fascinating how much they vary.

So, what's my opinion? I think the best evidence for Christianity is the church itself. According to logic, reason, and whatever else you want to use, Christianity should not exist today. It really shouldn't. If it was man-made, it had the stupidest founders in history. These uneducated twits decided not to base some fancy new religion around some glorious victory but around some bloke who annoyed the authorities and was crucified in a Roman backwater. Then these daft fellows thought he'd risen from the dead and ran around proclaiming a victory. They tried to spread their religion based around some fellow who died and managed to have it outlawed by the Romans. Real smart move there. They preached all those things that come so easily to humans, such as forgiveness, not seeking revenge, not satisfying lusts, and giving away wealth. Such an easy thing to commit to! And then they met in secret just to eat some meal, and guess what? If you got caught going there, you'd get arrested and turned into a torch in Nero's garden!

It's a recipe for defeat. No-one could possibly be stupid enough to invent Christianity, and what's more, if they somehow were, it wouldn't win any new converts and be wiped out within the week. But hang on ... it WAS invented, it won converts, its adherents kept their ridiculous faith even in the midst of the worst torture, it lasted through the most blood-thirsty persecution, and is now the dominant world religion. That has to make you sit up and take notice. It has to. Christianity is so diametrically opposed to natural human instincts and was so destined for failure that it's hard to believe even one person believed it, but now it's so dominant people are even preaching watered down versions that please comfortable Western ears rather than the true message of denial of self.

Why? If you have just a somewhat decent understanding of Christianity and the time in which it appeared, you can't help but ask that question. There really is no rational or logical explanation, no satisfactory way to just explain it away. It's baffling. This, everyone, is where it lies. This is EXACTLY it. I believe the biggest evidence for the truth of Christianity and the existence of God is in the very existence of the Christian church. IT SHOULD NOT EXIST. There is no way to explain how it could exist without divine guidance. God can be clearly and conclusively seen in the simple fact that the Christian church actually lived. If Christianity is not true, there really is no way to explain why the church exists today. It's just ... not possible. You can't do it. Either Christianity's true and the church exists today, or Christianity's not true and the church died off before 100AD.

On a totally different and thoroughly non-religious note, procrastination is a curse. But I WILL do this work, I WILL, I WILL, I seriously will. It's going to happen. What's more, I'm going to try to enjoy it. Really, some of this maths is truly fascinating. Some of it's horrible and I hate dynamics, but some of it is good. Projectile motion is fun and easy and I love anything involving matrices. I honestly do not understand why some of this isn't taught in lesser maths classes because it's really not that challenging. If anything, Maths B is harder than C. Or maybe we just have a better teacher. I'm sure the reason I'm no longer top of maths is because of Mr Capper's bad teaching in grades ten and eleven. I was flying high at the top at the end of grade nine, but then I got Capper, and despite the fact I studied majorly, I still got bad marks and he'd scowl at me, thinking I was being lazy or something. Grr. OK, so I didn't really study majorly at all, but I did some study and did all my work in class, which was a foreign thing to me at the time and FELT like a lot! And teachers need to learn to write theory up on the boards rather than examples. I need the theory, it really helps, and we've been taught so little of it that when I look in the textbook, what it says makes little sense. I'll read theory of stuff I can do in my sleep and feel baffled.

Hm, I'm sure I had one other long thing to say. Oh well, this can end here then.
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