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LJ-cutting is definitely the in-thing when it comes to my LJ.

My watch strap has broken. This is tragic. I feel so naked without my watch on. I keep looking at my wrist wondering what's wrong with it. It's ... not right. OK, so it's getting fixed tomorrow, but the last two afternoons have been odd, and the cellotape I use to keep it together at school comes unstuck halfway through the day. Bah, it hasn't even lasted two years. I feel cheated. I also feel like a stinge, but so? My watches become parts of me and so does my money: I don't like parting with either.

Now, let's get out of exaggeration land, get my watch fixed, and get on with the entry. Today I was rather shocked to be handed a lunchtime detention on home room. My first thought was "WTF?" and it was then followed by my teacher not knowing why I got it and then two periods of speculating about its origins. Turns out it comes from the horrible teenageness of Thursday last week, for which Pat got an afterschool detention (or 'arvo') for. This pisses me off immensely. Grr. I SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED THAT NOTHING COME OF IT. I was the one hurt most and neither of us could be identified as original instigator, and I EXPLICITLY SAID I WANTED THE ISSUE TO BE DEAD AND BURIED. Sure, Robbo had to e-mail the year level co-ordinator because he's bound to do so by the duty of care rules, but I thought my request for it to be let go would be acknowledged. Obviously not. So I went to see our year level co-ordinator and she may take back my detention (as of this moment in time, I don't have one, and I better not get it back because my lunchtimes are for writing poetry during), but I don't think she's going to downgrade Pat's, which ticks me off. I think I'd rather have the lunchtime than get off scot-free if they're not going to give Pat a lesser detention. I think Pat's a real prick but that doesn't factor into my moral equation. In any case, the only reason Pat got an arvo instead of a lunchtime is because it's his second offense this year, BUT HE WASN'T TOLD ABOUT THE FIRST ONE. Again, WTF? This is stupid. It's like the administration has contracted idiocy from some of the moronic pillocks at the school.

I actually thought for a second the detention would be from German on Wednesday because all the slip had on it was 'Being verbally aggressive' (if you're going to pull me up for that, I should've been expelled after my first debate). During German on Wednesday, everyone was argumentative, and there was one particularly fiery moment between myself and Amelia that actually shut everyone up, offended her, and ended with this highly intelligent piece of dialogue;

Amelia: "Shut up!"
Me: "Why don't you shut up?"

It all centred around the Hospitality class. They've been split into groups to run their own business, with each group holding a stall to sell their product to the students at school on a particular lunchtime (the first two were hot chips and ice cream respectively), and the group that makes the most profit wins some really fancy breakfast, paid for by the total profit. That's what we got into an argument over. Essentially, I think the money could be put to a lot better use and some people are making themselves look like tremendous hypocrites. The Hospitality class could make that breakfast for themselves, they don't need to go throw away money on some temporary pleasure, and the money could be put to far better use to improve the lives of others. Some of the people in that class are those who'll harp on about the poor kids in Africa and the importance of doing the forty hour famine and such, but by choosing an extravagant breakfast over doing a selfless deed, they're just making themselves look like hypocrites. I think it's going to be a sad waste of money.

Hm. This reminds me of something.

I bring wonderful quotes.

"I became the worst scourge on God’s green earth: a rock star with a cause. Except it isn’t a cause. When 7,000 Africans die every day of preventable, treatable disease, like AIDS - this is not a cause, it’s an emergency.

When the disease gets out of control because most of the population subsist on less than a dollar a day, that’s not a cause, its an emergency.

When the resentment builds because unfair trade rules and the burden of their unfair debts to us keep Africans poor, that’s not a cause, that’s an emergency.

... I’m not interested in charity, I’m interested in justice. That’s what ... Africa needs: Justice, and its rhyme, equality.

... The scale of the suffering, and the scope of the commitment, numb us into a kind of indifference. Wishing for an end to AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa is like wishing that gravity didn’t make things so damned heavy. We can wish it, but what the hell can we do about it?

Well, more than we think. We can’t fix every problem, corruption, natural calamities are part of the picture here, but the ones we can, we must. The debt, burden, unfair trade, sharing our knowledge, the intellectual copyright of life saving drugs in a crisis – we can do that, and because we can, we must.

This is the straight truth, the righteous truth. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact—a fact that yours is the first generation that can look at poverty and disease, look across the ocean to Africa and say, with a straight face : We can end the kind of stupid extreme poverty where in a world of plenty a child can die for lack of food in its belly.

It’s a fact. A fact. Economists confirm it. It’s an expensive fact, but cheaper than, say, the Marshall Plan that saved Europe from Communism and fascism, and cheaper than fighting wave after wave of terrorism’s new recruits." - Bono, 17 May 2004

Really, this speech is genius, what I quoted above is just a small part. Some of it's quite humorous, actually, especially when Bono equates his eighties mullet to drug abuse. THE MULLET WAS AWESOME! No insulting the mullet, Bono! Most people looked AWFUL with mullets, but Bono looked wonderful. That was the best look - mullet-ised Bono, waving the white flag, screaming "No more!"

This weekend will be too busy and study-ish. I'm making this list now because I MUSTMUSTMUST adhere to it. I cannot afford to not.

- Begin and complete SOR essay draft.
- Complete Geography report up to the Findings section, draw as many diagrams and such as possible. Oh, speaking of Geography, I got an exam back from last term today, and for the three sections we're graded on, I got A, A, and A+, which is pretty good but there's blatantly room for improvement.
- Devise hypothesis and then begin Modern History essay on American cultural imperialism and its impacts on Australia. I think I will argue we have been subjected to cultural imperialism but not as badly as other nations. Hmm. We'll see.
- Study Maths B and C. Make sure I have my methods and techniques downpat. I particularly need to work on the Physics-esque stuff we did a couple of weeks back in C. At the moment we're doing the more complex forms of integration that aren't typically taught in high school and once I get into a flow, I find it rather easy, I just need to make sure I remember all my formulas.
- Study German, with particular focus on grammar. Maybe write some kind of draft thing in preparation for the looming writing exam.

I have more work, but the stuff above is more than enough.

I'm in one of those I-love-Dire-Straits moods right now. They are SO, SO GOOD. 1. U2, 2. Pink Floyd, 3. Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler rules and I am currently addicted to live performances of Brothers In Arms, On Every Street, Money For Nothing, and Calling Elvis. Woo! I should look into getting some more of their live stuff. I prefer live over studio. In any case, the studio Money For Nothing is so weak compared to the version on the On The Night EP.
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