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Assorted topics. U2 DVD!

I made a post yesterday on thecataclysm. I observed that poetry is dead. It makes me sad every time I see modern poetry. Sure, languages and forms of literature evolve, but that doesn't excuse this stuff. I love the old poems with rhyme, rhythm, and metre. They're delightful to read, they're vivid and exciting, but this modern stuff, it's just words slapped down on paper, half the time without any real talent whatsoever. Sure, go ahead and express how you feel if you will, but there's this element of literary quality that simply cannot be forsaken. It doesn't matter what you're expressing if you're expressing it in a bad way. If you just want to ramble and whine or bitch about injustice in the world, get a frigging LiveJournal, don't print poetry that isn't fit for human consumption and/or reading. I have no problem with people expressing what they think, but if they're going to express it in some form of art, be it poetry or prose or song or paint, they should ensure it has artistic merit and quality. There's nothing worse than seeing random expression slapped down with little thought in an artistic format.

On a completely different topic, the dire reality of my spiritual condition has been rammed home to me. I've intellectualised things so bad it's not funny.

Wake Up Dead Man
Written and performed by U2

Jesus, Jesus help me
I'm alone in this world
And a fucked up world it is too
Tell me, tell me the story
The one about eternity
And the way it's all gonna be

Wake up, wake up dead man
Wake up, wake up dead man

Jesus, I'm waiting here boss
I know you're looking out for us
But maybe your hands aren't free
Your Father made the world in seven
He's in charge of Heaven
Will you put a word in for me?

Wake up, wake up dead man
Wake up, wake up dead man

Listen to the words, they'll tell you what to do
Listen over the rhythm that's confusing you
Listen to the reed in the saxophone
Listen over the hum of the radio
Listen to the sounds of blades in rotation
Listen through traffic circulation
Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme
Listen over marching bands playing out of time

Wake up, wake up dead man
Wake up, wake up dead man

Jesus, were you just around the corner?
Did you think to try to warn her?
Or were you working on something new?
If there's an order
In all of this disorder
Is it like a tape recorder?
Can we rewind it just once more?

Wake up, wake up dead man
Wake up, wake up dead man
Wake up, wake up dead man
Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh ...

Written and performed by U2

People miss the spiritual interpretation of this song all the time, which bugs me a bit but then again, took me a while to get it too. It's about the nature of sin and such.

Don't believe what you hear
Don't believe what you see
If you just close your eyes
You can feel the enemy

When I first met you girl
You had fire in your soul
What happened to your face of melting snow?

Now it looks like this
You can swallow
Or you can spit
You can throw it up
Or choke on it
And you can dream
So dream out loud
You know that your time is coming 'round
So don't let the bastards grind you down

No, nothing makes sense
Nothing seems to fit
I know you'd hit out
If you only knew who to hit

And I'd join the movement
If there was one I could believe in
Yeah, I'd break bread and wine
If there was a church I could receive in

'Cause I need it now
To take the cup
To fill it up
To drink it slow
I can't let you go
I must be an acrobat
To talk like this
And act like that
And you can dream
So dream out loud
And don't let the bastards grind you down

And I must be an acrobat
To talk like this
And act like that
And you can dream
So dream out loud
And you can find your own way out
And you can build
And I can will
And you can call
I can't wait until
And you can stash
And you can seize
In dreams begin responsibilities
And I can love
And I can love
I know that the tide is turning 'round
So don't let the bastards grind you down

I'm truly, totally screwed for History. Woe, woe! I'm glad it's only a practice test, but wow, this is going to look BAD. I'm definitely studying today. After all, it is TOMORROW. Eeeep. I only know a few random facts. Maybe I could be sick.

Forty hour famine's finished. Not as if it was hard. The only part I struggled with was not snacking. I habitually snack without even thinking about it. I only do it when I'm at home, too. At other people's places, it's really hard to get me to eat. I barely eat when I'm in New Zealand. But at home, it's just habit. I don't even eat much, it's usually the tiniest of morsels, it's just a habit every couple of hours to get up and grab something. Missing the three main meals isn't difficult at all, half the time I want to miss them anyway, but missing a daily Tim Tam is.

Now to the most critical and important part of this entry: IT FINISHED! What did? MY DOWNLOAD OF A U2 DVD. 20 August 1983, St Goarshaussen. Tracks 3 and 5-8 on the UABRS CD are from this concert. So now I have unedited video of them. Eeeeeeee! This is the coolest video! I'm in love with it. It's BETTER than official quality! Eeeee! ADAM SINGS! YES! ADAM SINGS! He sings on Out Of Control, Two Hearts Beat As One, and I Will Follow. Larry sings on Sunday Bloody Sunday and Two Hearts too. I think he may sing on others. Eeeeeee! That was a frigging AWESOME discovery. And people say Adam's microphone is just for show! Ha!

Now this has to be one of the coolest parts. During The Cry/The Electric Co., Bono goes for a bit of a wander ...

Yes, that really is Bono up in the crowd with the white flag.

Have I ever told you Edge is really talented?

Yes, he's playing piano and singing, and yes, he's about to switch to the electric guitar, and yes, that really is a slide guitar sitting on the piano.

I'm just sad they didn't play 11 O'clock Tick Tock ...

And can anyone tell me what song this snippet is from? "Congratulations and celebrations, I want the world to know how happy I could be." Bono sings that during Surrender and it sounds SO FAMILIAR, but I can't place it. Cliff Richard, maybe?

I always thought Sunday Bloody Sunday on UABRS was edited to remove the "No more" bit, but it turns out, at this concert, Bono didn't do that, he just held the flag over his shoulder and sings it as it is on the CD. Interesting.

I love it when Bono speaks in Gaelic. He should do it more often. "An cat dubh!"

Wow, this is the most awesome video. I bloody love it. Mmmm, early U2. SO GOOD. I need to make some more U2 icons. I'll upload this DVD to the FTP once I'm done with the other one ... though the FTP appears to be down at the moment. Grr.

--- 12:28pm ---

Anyone got an MP3 of U2's pre-Boy song The Fool, perchance? I'm trying to find the pre-Boy unreleased studio stuff, but all I've found is Street Mission. Once tried to download SHNs of the contract demos, but it wouldn't work ...

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