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This is the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time. One poster on CF, KristianJ, mentioned that he 'wasn't a U2 fan of Axverian proportions', and then devised this;

'The Axver is the new SI Unit for the level of U2 support. For example your [as in my] level of support would equal 1 Axver, and others could measure their level of support on a linear scale from 0 to 1.'

I couldn't help but laugh. It's bloody brilliant.

Hm, anyway.

I'm totally stuffed for that History practice exam. I'm not studying right now when I should be, and I'm not motivated enough to study. It's too bloody boring. I have utterly no interest in the women's movement and I'd be a whole lot happier not learning about it. I said this yesterday but I'm very frustrated about it, because I know I'll be wasting a good deal of today studying or otherwise worrying about the exam. OK, so it doesn't count for anything, but I still want to actually do well. You all should know what I'm like with these things, I'm a bloody perfectionist.

I truly do need to focus more on schoolwork. See, I've lost track of time. It doesn't feel like the middle of May to me. Days seem to have gotten a lot shorter in my mind, probably because they're flying by very fast. I go to bed thinking I haven't done half of what I should've and that the day can't be over yet. It still feels like sometime in March, and that's how I'm acting. It doesn't feel like massive exams are in just a few weeks. It doesn't feel like things are as critical as they actually are. I need to knuckle down, focus, and get things done. Time's got to stop whizzing by like it's doing. I wish my bit torrent would whiz down onto my computer, but NO, it just has to go SLOW. Speedeth uppeth!

I've resolved I need to spend more time reading. I don't get why some people in my grade are so anti-reading. It makes no frigging sense. The lack of education some of these people show is just revolting. No focus, no brains, no nothing. I wonder what they do with their lives. Obviously not much. I feel horrendously out of place in my grade. I don't really help myself in that regard, but I don't want to be a part of it so there's no issue. I'm also getting sick of the hoopla made about being a student leader or a prefect. Most people just do it for show. "Oh look, I'm a PREFECT." "I'm a student leader and I did THIS!" Grr. The Christianity that my school preaches is so fake. Some of the people are so shallow. They think they've done so much, but they're only doing it so they can pat themselves on the back and be comfortable in their holiness. It angers me and leaves me feeling empty. The only time I feel spiritually fulfilled in that place is when I'm in Study Of Religion and Johnno's going off on one of his rants or telling one of his stories. Johnno's a hero. He actually makes things feel real. He should run his own church or something.

I know I keep saying this, but I should also get back into my writing in a big way. Internet messageboards are bad for me. Debates on military conscription in particular. Especially those debates when they're on forums with strict moderators who will delete any post where I get 'too passionate'. Bah! So yes, those places aren't so good for me and maybe I need to cut down on my usage of them. I need to do more of my articles, my stories, my poems. I should revitalise my website (are you still up for that joint website idea, Mike?). Maybe I'll go write something now. I should. I probably won't, but I should. Eh. Someone make me. Make me study history, too. I sure need to.

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