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Today was so bloody teenage. Being pushed all the way across the maths classroom is surprisingly exhilirating. I feel I wrote some of my best poetry during lunchtime. In SOR we had the strangest discussion about more topics than a fifty minute conversation reasonably should have and didn't do any work because Johnno was on some excursion with the grade tens. Handed in maths assignment.

That's all about today because beyond that, it gets alarmingly ridiculous.

HOWEVER, there is quite a lot I omitted from yesterday. So consider this a second entry for the 12th.

Firstly, let us focus upon the hilarity that was the budget speech by Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello. The not-so-funny side is that if you earn AUS$52,000 or more, you get a tax break, but if you earn less, you DON'T. WTF? If you earn fifty-two grand a year, you don't need a tax break, but some poor sod stuck on thirty grand a year sure does. Apparently this tax break is to reward hard work. Just because someone's paid a particular sum does not necessarily prove they're a hard worker or not - my uncle is one of the best builders around but his job simply doesn't pay that much, while my father isn't the most spectacular banker in history but I'm sure he earns the NZ$ equivalent of AUS$52,000 a year.

Anyway, to the funny stuff. The birthrate in Australia is slipping, so Costello's decided to encourage families to have more children by providing various incentives ... and this statement: "Have one baby for the mother, one baby for the father, and a third for the country!" As you can imagine, people have been joking about that like crazy. "C'mon love, let's go to bed and do our patriotic deed!" Wow, it's so hilarious. Funniest thing Peter Boring-as-hell-o Costello has ever said.

For the record, I think it might be wise to note at this point I actually support the Liberal Party (which currently forms government). Only because it's the lesser of a number of evils, though. I'd never vote for the Australian Labour Party, especially because they can't spell, the Democrats are a disunified farce, I'm not exactly fanatical about the Greens, the National Party is in coalition with the Liberals so they don't really count, and every other party is too insignificant to matter. The irony is that the Liberals are the conservatives of Australian politics.

An interesting thing Johnno brought up in SOR yesterday was about the issue of prayer and living in accordance with God's will. He was saying that as one grows closer to God, they will learn more about God's will, and thus that is what they will pray for - they will pray for what is God's rather than for their own gain. He then went on to mention that he doesn't always pray just because someone asks him to. If he doesn't see the prayer request as being in accordance with God's will, he's not going to pray for it. I've got to say I agree with him - so often Christians just say these formulaic prayers whenever they're asked. Johnno's rant had particular relevance during chapel today. Apparently it was that see-you-at-the-flagpole thingamajig today, so my school held a special prayer session during chapel. Firstly, I was bored out of my mind. Some people just should not speak publicly, that's a fact of life. Secondly, once they got past the explanation and onto the prayer, I prayed roughly two lines of all the prayers put together. The only time I actually prayed was when they weren't praying, because I didn't feel their prayers had much foundation and were more for their gain. Especially Ben's prayer. Jamie and I just looked at each other, rolled our eyes, and said "Johnno theory."

Though really, I am not keen on public prayer. Does it actually appear in the Bible? I seem to recall Jesus telling the disciples how to pray, praying in private, and I think with the disciples, but I don't recall any major large-scale prayer like we see in Christianity today. All I can think of are sermons and parables and the like. I think the same goes for Acts. Am I forgetting something?

Burns: "yes, it is a fact that some opinions are right in their own way... but sometimes they may be wrong... No one knows. and besides, opinion should never be based on fact."

That breaks records for idiocy. I'm sure, in hindsight, he'll blame that moronic statement on some crap like "I wasn't thinking straight because my girlfriend broke up with me" (HA, I was RIGHT, I love it when that happens, I knew that relationship wouldn't last) but there's no excuse for stupidity (I suppose my bracketed attitude is inexcusable too, but oh well).

Let's destroy that statement piece by piece, why don't we?

yes, it is a fact that some opinions are right in their own way... but sometimes they may be wrong...

Right in their own way? MAY be wrong? Can we say 'relativism'? Good flaming bob. Something's either right or wrong and that's that. An opinion is either correct or false. It can't be right 'in its own way' or 'may' be wrong - that's just relativist drivel that destroys its very own foundations.

No one knows.

God's omniscience only stretches so far, eh?

and besides, opinion should never be based on fact.

This is the one that really got me. It's what really made me say "WTF? STFU, mate!" Opinion should never be based on fact? I think Burns needs to get off whatever he's been smoking. Opinion should ALWAYS be based on fact. If it shouldn't be based on fact, what should it be based on? Error, stupidity, idiocy, fallacy, disinformation, gossip? An opinion is made after coming to a conclusion about what the facts determine. If an opinion is not made with regard given to the facts, is it really worth listening to? I'd say not. If someone's just created an opinion on the spot and has no factual reason to support it, then why the zark do they have that opinion and how can they possibly believe it? It's flaming ridiculous.

Burns's stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Every time I think he can't sink lower, he does.

You know, I still have more stuff to say from yesterday. Just so I don't forget: the Iraqi mess, forty hour famine, misplaced priorities when it comes to charity, modern history unit and the exam. Those topics are coming to an LJ near you soon!

--- 6:35pm ---

I've also noticed 'WTF mate' has suddenly become a very popular thing to say online for reasons totally unbeknown to me. I find this terribly amusing, because it seems so forced from some people but when I go to say 'WTF', it seems so natural to just add on 'mate'. That's my totally random comment for today.
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