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An entry in which I request a job and offer two.

So. It's Arbitrary Commercial Gift Day Mother's Day today. Mum liked her present, she's reading it now. I made her coffee and then we sat around and talked over breakfast, her food being markedly more healthy than my cold pizza. Cold pizza is the ultimate food for breakfast, though. I can't stand most breakfast foods - if cereals are lucky enough to not have nuts in them, they're too dry without milk (I hate milk), toast gets REALLY boring after a while, and Mum doesn't believe in cooked breakfasts. Even if she did or if I wwas bothered to cook, I don't think a couple of slices of bacon is really worth the effort. Anyway. So we sat around and had a good talk, Mum fixed my decaying watch-strap (I had it off for only ten minutes and even then felt naked without it), and we generally did nothing on this most arbitrary of days. Really, am I loopy for thinking it's a total waste of time? I don't need some day to tell me to love my mother, and if I had any money at all, I don't need some day to buy her a book on. I'd just do it anyway. The only reason I send Dad anything for Father's Day is to try to prove to him that I'm not such a bad son after all. They're such arbitrary days. Wouldn't it be even nicer if I bought a present just because I wanted to, rather than because of some pointless commercial day? Wouldn't it be nice if I had the money today? Give Axver a job today!

I've just realised I over-use the word 'arbitrary'. What a shame.

I love one of my uncles. This guy's funny. I didn't know this story until just recently. He's mentally handicapped and I thought it stopped him from driving. Turns out many years ago, he got his license just to prove he could do it and then hasn't driven since. Good on him. Nan happened to mention that one in a conversation where I was lamenting the fact I can't drive. Anyone want a job as Axver's chauffeur? I'll pay you five cents a month to drive me all over the show. What a deal! Speaking of offering jobs, remember this offer? Dirty-desk-male would like to make that offer again. This desk needs cleaning and FAST.

You know what's scary? I'm no longer interested in downloading MP3 bootlegs. I still download some because they have something I want to hear on them, but I'm no longer trying to find every bootleg I possibly can. I was on Electrical Storms earlier and I just wasn't interested. I'd prefer video and top-quality audio than some MP3s half the trading community looks down upon. Anyway, trading's more fun than downloading every MP3 in sight.

Something else scary is that I've found someone online who is exactly like someone at my school in thoughts and attitudes. Shame Jamie doesn't have the Internet, he'd really enjoy having a go at this person.

Some of the moderators on CF seem to have something shoved square up their hind ends. That site has NO IDEA what a flamewar even is.

This is one of the best articles I've seen in ages.

U2 MUST return to opening their concerts with Where The Streets Have No Name. It's the ultimate opener and 40 is the ultimate closer. No closing song has had the impact 40 has had.

In this one, I was simply trying out my 'begin with Streets/end with 40' idea and tried to get some flow going in the main set. I think the best flow is 10-13. I also like the Zoo-esque second encore.

1. Where The Streets Have No Name
2. I Will Follow
3. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For --> Stand By Me (Edge lead)
5. Seconds (Edge lead)
6. Angel Of Harlem
7. Desire
8. All Along The Watchtower
9. Sunday Bloody Sunday
10. Please
11. All I Want Is You
12. Bad
13. Van Diemen's Land (Edge solo) --> New Year's Day
14. Surrender
15. Gloria

16. Discotheque
17. If God Will Send His Angels
18. Kite
19. Gone

20. One --> Unchained Melody
21. Until The End Of The World
22. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
23. 40


In this one, I wanted to bring in post-RAH material earlier but failed abysmally besides the inclusion of SATS to avoid the middle being too Lovetown-esque. Nonetheless, the run of four Lovetown songs before and AIWIY after definitely gives it that feel, even worse than the shorter run from 6-8 in the first setlist. With the end, I thought it'd be really interesting to try Zoomerang with an eighties touch (I associate HMTMKMKM more with Zoo than Popmart) and I thought "You know what would be interesting? Bono singing Can't Help Falling In Love With You down on the b-stage, and not seeing Edge take Adam's bass and begin 40 just as Bono turns to walk offstage!"

1. Where The Streets Have No Name
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
3. One Tree Hill --> MLK --> The Unforgettable Fire
4. God Part II
5. When Love Comes To Town
6. Angel Of Harlem
7. Desire
8. Staring At The Sun
9. All I Want Is You
10. Tomorrow
11. New Year's Day
12. Bad
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Edge solo)
14. Bullet The Blue Sky
15. Running To Stand Still
16. Exit
17. In God's Country

18. Zooropa
19. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
20. Another Time, Another Place

21. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me --> Children Of The Revolution
22. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
23. Love Is Blindness --> Can't Help Falling In Love With You --> 40


In this one, I was experimenting and decided to split up Bullet and RTSS while making the opening a mix of AB and Pop. This was also an attempt to rectify the problem I noticed in the past two setlists where post-RAH material doesn't show up until the encores.

1. Mofo
2. Even Better Than The Real Thing
3. The Fly
4. Last Night On Earth
5. Until The End Of The World
6. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
7. Do You Feel Loved
8. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
9. In God's Country
10. Exit
11. The Cry/The Electric Co.
12. Acrobat
13. Numb
14. Lemon --> With Or Without You
15. Bad --> The First Time
16. Where The Streets Have No Name

17. Beautiful Day
18. Kite
19. Running To Stand Still
20. She's A Mystery To Me

21. Bullet The Blue Sky
22. Please
23. 40


I thought I'd make a mini-set for if U2 played a festival today (I understand the last festival was in 1985). I also wanted Hawkmoon 269 to appear.

1. Where The Streets Have No Name
2. I Will Follow
3. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. Bullet The Blue Sky
6. With Or Without You
7. Hawkmoon 269
8. One
9. Until The End Of The World
10. New Year's Day

11. Elevation
12. Beautiful Day
13. Mysterious Ways
14. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
15. 40


And now for something completely different. A setlist comprised of b-sides! This will be awful. Let's see where we get to.

1. The Three Sunrises
2. Always
3. Summer Rain
4. Trash, Trampoline, And The Party Girl
5. Bass Trap
6. Boomerang I
7. Boomerang II
8. Things To Make And Do
9. Love Comes Tumbling
10. Silver And Gold
11. Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)
12. The Sweetest Thing
13. North And South Of The River
14. Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad
15. Deep In The Heart
16. Where Did It All Go Wrong?

17. I'm Not Your Baby (Skysplitter Dub)
18. Endless Deep
19. Touch
20. Boy/Girl
21. Spanish Eyes

Woah, that was hard. I don't like how it ends either. I think maybe Endless Deep should begin the encore and I'm Not Your Baby close the set. Hmm ...

Well now, that was fun, wasn't it? Go ahead and design your own setlists, it's fun. Truly. I'm not that odd. OK, I am.

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