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Shadows and tall trees.

So. Today was both a good and a bland day.

Stubborn and hard-hearted. [We know all about that] Ambitious and serious. [Right on] Loves to teach and be taught. [Give me knowledge] Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. [You're not good enough] Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. [Yes to all those] Knows how to make others happy. [If I like them enough] Quiet unless excited or tensed. [Debatable] Rather reserved. [I think] Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. [True and true] Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. [That's true like you wouldn't believe] Loves children. [Yes indeed, and I wish I still was one] Loyal. [Too true] Has great social abilities [Ha, no] yet easily jealous. [Sometimes] Very stubborn and money cautious. [You better believe it]

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One thing I can say is I'm tired and I'm glad to be sitting down. We went up to Springbrook, which is the hilly area and national park inland from the Gold Coast, and traipsed around various parts, went to a number of lookouts, and did various research-y things. I stank at drawing so I gave up and I'll get it off other people, I couldn't see most of what we were meant to, and that side of things sucked. But some other parts I did well, and I rather enjoyed being in the forest and seeing the views. Purlingbrook Falls is stunning and there's most certainly a reason why Best Of All Lookout is called that. At the Best Of All Lookout carpark, there was the skeleton of a burnt-out car, and I don't know why, but for some reason it was revolting. It wasn't as if it was a human skeleton, but I still felt repulsed for some weird reason. Also, it was nice walking through the forest and all, but the tracks are paved and it's all established to be tourist-y, it's not like the forests my father and I used to go for walks in in NZ. We went to some wonderful places. I remember one day, I was about eight or nine, we went walking in the foothills of the Tararuas in the Wairarapa (for those of you without a clue about NZ's geography: bottom of the North Island, thereabouts) and found this really beautiful little lake. Dad tried to teach me to skip stones but failed - I still can't do it now - and so I just watched him do it. That's a nice memory. These Aussie forests were good and I love the wilderness, but it wasn't really ... all there.

One guy in my class is an absolute moron. If I had a gun I could've shot him on the spot. Ooo, you brought some marijuana in your pocket, you're so cool. So cool that I'll pop you off, you dumb twit. I'm well aware of the fact that I have no tolerance level at all of drugs and I believe they are the epitome of stupidity. What annoys me is that if I report him, nothing can be proven and he won't get the expulsion he deserves. Wow, if he got expelled now, that would totally stuff his life up.

Anyway. On the way to Hinze Dam, our final location, I realised we were going to drive right past near where I live, and seeing I didn't HAVE to go on to Hinze, I just asked if they could drop me off and they did, so I got home an hour early. The walk up and down the hills to my place in the hot afternoon sun did me in. It was fine up in Springbrook because it was in the rainforest and thus cool, but down here it wasn't quite so fun, and now I'm feeling a tad on the tired side. Adding to that, I just went out with my Aunt and Nan to get Mum a Mother's Day present.

I hate Mother's Day. Add all the other nonsensical present days to that, too. I fail to see the point and if/when I have children, I hope they don't get me anything on Father's Day. I especially hope they don't get me cards. We killed a tree and wasted some ink so I could write a really bad message for an arbitrary commercial holiday? Yeah, smart. It's not that I don't love my mother, because anyone who knows anything about me would know I'm very close to her, it's that I just fail to see the point of an arbitrary day. I don't need to throw some present I bought with Mum's money at her or knock up some poor card to tell her I love her. She already knows I love her and I think it's a frivolous waste of time. There'll be no Father's Day in any house of mine. Unless, of course, my children wish to give me U2 bootlegs. Really, what's with parents and never being able to know what they want? All my Dad asks for is a vineyard and Mum never knows what she wants. Is this some disease of adulthood or something? Everyone I know complains about their parents not knowing what they want, but they know what they'd like. Frustrating. For the record: you can give me money and U2 (either recordings or the band themselves). This offer stands permanently, feel free to send me spontaneous presents and the four Irish lads.

Speaking of U2, I'm getting very excited about everything and I feel an official announcement isn't far off. Some tracklists and album names are already going around, but they're the biggest farce. Winter? Hm, no, they won't call the album that. It's just not happening. As someone on Interference said, it sounds more like an EP for October. Though I did like the random speculation of a double album called Solar/Winter. Solar Winter is a cool title. I don't know what problem people had with the fake title of Solar. Does anyone ever like album titles before the album comes out? I imagine I would've totally hated Achtung Baby and Pop. The Joshua Tree would've simply made no sense.

Also, lately, I've gotting this strange feeling I know everything about nothing and nothing about anything. I have these random tidbits of knowledge about all kinds of things, but I never feel like I know enough, not really. I can't even properly explain what I mean. Eh. LJ needs a new mood, 'bland'. This entry ends around about ... now.
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