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In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum ...

Untold debating woe is about to hit me fair on the head. This is BRILLIANT. Christie had to pull out, so now Heidi's speaking second instead, and Lauren completely forgot about the debate, so she only found out TODAY that she's speaking first tonight. The biggest problem here is that Lauren has never spoken first in her life. I'm just glad we're negative - first affirmative has to do a lot of setup, but first negative only has to do that if the negative team has a massive problem with the affirmative's definition and wants to start a definitional debate (which is hell and I've only ever done one before). Lauren also has no speech and no ideas, especially seeing our split stinks and the notes I had are completely illegible because they're in our principal's shorthand. So here's how it's looking;

First speaker - Lauren - never spoken first, has no speech.
Second speaker - Heidi - called in at the last minute, has a speech but I think she's got a tonne of what Lauren should say instead there.
Third speaker - me - can't read notes, no idea what we're doing, nothing unusual there, will make up an explosion on the spot.

Our split is horrible. Partly because it is only half in existence. I'm horrid at summarising (I'm third because I'm such a rebuttal pro, not because I'm a wizard at summary), and having nothing defined adequately will leave me up the creek without a paddle. Oh well, worse has happened in debating before, such as excessively short short-prep debates and speaking while I was barely able to stand. The pressure actually excites me. I'm looking forward to it. I'll edit this posts with results once I get home later tonight.

In other news from today, we have an amusing conversation from Maths B. Robbo, our teacher, was explaining some stuff and was summarising.

Robbo: "It's pretty easy."
Fitch: "You're easy."
< insert various shocked sounds and laughter here >
Robbo: "Anthony, at least I'm not cheap."
< insert even more laughter >

I don't think Fitch quite expected that comeback. Go Robbo.

Time magazine's cover article for this week - 'Secrets of the Teen Brain'. This should be amusing. Might explain Fitch's ridiculous remark!

Forgot about the before-school Maths C lesson. No worry, it's only Physics. I keep on making snide comments about "I'm going to quit Physics and go back to Maths C." I hate it. What we're doing in C at the moment is more Physics than anything. Oh well, we did Simple Harmonic Motion today and that wasn't as bad as last week's nonsense.

Didn't have to do my English speech today, which is wonderful because it means I now don't have to do it until next week. Tomorrow, I have an all-day Geography excursion, and I don't have English on Friday. So life is good in that department. But tomorrow's Geography will be all work and extremely busy. How THRILLING! At least it's Geography. Tad annoying that the excursion's on a Thursday, a very good day, rather than Wednesday, the worst day of the week, but them's the breaks I suppose.

Woo, new icon of Edge jumping during UTEOTW from 15 June 1992, Rotterdam. I am absolutely loving this DVD. Mmmm ... and it has two audio sources! I love swapping between soundboard and audience, though the soundboard is far superior. There's a major stuff-up during I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For where Bono appears to forget the lyrics or get disorientated or something and has to bring the band to a stop multiple times while he focuses and sings the "I believe in the Kingdom Come" verse. But then it segues into Stand By Me, during which Bono walks off and the rest of the band plays out a really awesome rendition with Edge singing lead.

Anything else notable happen today? Probably. I'm not remembering it now, though. Debating woe approacheth.

--- 9:48pm ---

Well, I'm back from the debate. What's more, I'm stuffed and exhausted and want bed.

Lesson in debating #1563: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do a debate with no preparation. We had no prep. We arranged to arrive early and prepare. I was the only one there. Shambles. Lauren and Heidi, as you'd expect, had disorganised speeches, considering their short time to prepare, and I had NOTHING. There was little I could drag from what they had so that I could summarise it. Nothing cohesive whatsoever. So when I finally got up there ... I got lost. A couple of minutes into my speech (I was already shaking like a leaf, first time I've appeared so nervous in a debate), I ran out of material, and to make matters worse, there were people outside the room talking really loudly. If I didn't have a train of thought before they rocked up, I most certainly didn't after that racket. I was on the verge of demanding a stop to the debate due to distraction. But I plucked a point out of thin air and ran with it, figuring that if the people kept it up after the point, I could call for a stop then. Didn't prove necessary and somehow I made it to the eight minute mark (well, 7:47, but we're meant to be on eight minutes or thirty seconds either side). Nonetheless, it was an utter shambles and I have no idea what I said up there. My throat ran dry, my imagination ran dry, everything bloody well ran dry.

BUT WE WON. BY A SINGLE POINT. Insane. I still can't believe it. Both debates this year, I feel we should've lost. But we've won them both somehow. I have no idea how we did this one. The opposition was from ABP, the premier speaking school on the Coast, and so they were all organised, well-researched, and everything. We had haphazardly pulled it together and were hoping we could invent good enough stuff on the fly. Wow. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact we won. Next debate is my favoured short prep, so that'll be good.

Also, we nearly got lost on the way home. We were taking Lauren home and she was meant to be pointing out the way, but we were sitting the back talking and weren't paying any attention at all to the roads. Then suddenly Mum asks "Am I meant to turn soon?" as she shot through the intersection she was meant to turn at. Oh wow, it was funny.

Anyway, I want to go collapse or do something similar. Goodnight to you all.

--- 10:21pm ---

Hang on.

Color Personality Test Report
For: Andre
Gender: male
Test Mode: -two_run-
Report Date: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 10:16:20 PM

Choosed Color Sequence:
1. Bright Yellow 2. Orange-Red 3. Dark Blue 4. Black 5. Blue-Green 6. Brown 7. Gray 8. Violet
1. Bright Yellow 2. Orange-Red 3. Dark Blue 4. Black 5. Brown 6. Blue-Green 7. Gray 8. Violet

Personality Report:

His need to feel more causative and to have a wider sphere of influence makes him restless and he is driven by his desires and hopes. May try to spread his activities over too wide a field.

Needs warm companionship, but is intolerant of anything short of special consideration from those close to him. If this is not forthcoming, is liable to shut himself away from them.

Feels that he cannot do much about his existing problems and difficulties and that he must make the best of things as they are. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity. [That last sentence there is utter bullshit, but the first is quite true]

Stress due to suppressed sensitivity. Delights in the tasteful, the gracious and the sensitive, but maintains his attitude of critical appraisal and refuses to be swept off his feet unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely vouched for. Therefore keeps a strict and watchful control on his emotional relationships as he must know exactly where he stands. Demands complete sincerity as a protection against his own tendency to be too trusting. Controlled responsiveness.


Intensely critical of the existing conditions which he feels are disorganized or insufficiently clear-cut. Is therefore seeking some solution which will clarify the situation and introduce a more acceptable degree of order and method.

Wants to act freely and uninhibited, but is restrained by his need to have things on a rational, consistent and clearly-defined basis.

Take the test yourself here.

That done, goodnight to you all, and this time for real.
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