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Like Edge needs a handicam ...

Everyone: Sasser worm. Be careful.

A plea: if anyone out there has the Vancouver ZooTV show where Bono throws his microphone at Larry after a stuff-up in Pride, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE get a copy to me. I'm desperate. This is slightly important, though I don't want to give it away just yet. However, if I can hear (or see!) this moment to judge it, it may just get put into something.

U2 fans: U2 in Portugal! In regards to some pictures, to quote someone on Interference, "nothing says 'rockstar' like pink sunglasses and a purple velvet overcoat."

It's official: I am completely and totally insane. I have not only lost the plot, I've lost the book ... and literacy. I got up at 5:20am this morning. Why? Ask someone who knows, not me. I love the early morning. I'm definitely going to take to going to bed early and getting up early, because it's easily the best time of day.

Today was one of those terribly amusing days you enjoy. SOR and two studies first really kicked the day off well, but it was so confusing running a Monday schedule on Tuesday. We've missed three Mondays in a row so they decided to run this Tuesday as a Monday to make up for it, and it's totally thrown me. I now think it's Monday. It's like I've ended up in America or somewhere else majorly behind the 'proper' time. But anyway. English was fourth. The day wasn't the same since.

What an EPIC lesson. I normally hate the guys in my class, but you know what? Some days they prove to be so good for a laugh. We were presenting our speeches (I may end up doing mine tomorrow so I should go practice my little routine soon) and Nick decided he'd go first. Well, for starters, he'd only just finished the speech and hadn't read the full thing through. Stupid, yes. Furthermore, in The Outsider, Camus doesn't name two Arabic friends, so guess what Nick called them? Yasser Arafat and Ariel Sharon. For the first half of the speech, I struggled so hard to not burst out in wild laughter, especially when he said "Yasser Arafat was out on the beach with his good mate Ariel Sharon" and "Meursault shot four more bullets into Yasser Arafat's dead body." He also made a classic error at the start. He decided he was going to address the judge not as "Your Honour" but as "Judge Judy" ... and said it "Judge Jury."

Matt Marino, the over-confident, pompous prick he is, got up with this air of superiority, and despite the fact it's bad of me, I kept on thinking that I hoped he stuffed up. He did make a couple of errors, though nothing major, and it was rather amusing when he said "the jury of the duty." Last of all was Alex Huang. All of the speeches have to be videoed so they can be sent to the moderating committee of Queensland schools to make sure the same standard is being held across the state, and even before Alex started, we had to stop him to make him look presentable. It was funny enough watching him fiddle with his tie. Of course, that had nothing on his speech. You had to be there. He turned that song that goes "I shot the sheriff" into a factual story, used his mobile phone to play some audio from Dragonball Z, and said a whole heap of stupid but hilarious things. You truly had to be there. Nick was lying on the floor laughing at the end, I had tears streaming down my face, I don't think half the class was capable of sitting up, Mrs Hugo couldn't contain her laughter, and the guy who taped it said "we may have to do that again because of all the laughter." We spent half of lunchtime talking about this thing, and I'm peeved I can't remember much of it now. It was so hysterical.

Geography was pretty unexciting really, I nearly did the falling asleep trick again, but Maths B ... was crude. I realised why I don't sit with Sam and Tom. Good bob, put them together and it's immaturity to an extreme. Especially Tom. Sure, he's two grades higher than he should be, but you'd expect him to be MORE mature because of it, and as the younger members of my friends list will surely attest, just because he's fourteen/fifteen (has he turned fifteen yet, Aaron?) does not mean he can act like a stupid little boy. I loved his definition of maturity: "knowing when to stop, and that's when someone's getting hurt." Hm, no. Replying to every second question with "penis" is pretty immature in my books. It was so weird. Every time I spoke to him, I didn't know if he'd answer me seriously or respond with "penis." What the Popmart? By the end of the lesson it morphed into "penith" and then when the bell went, he acted like it had never happened. So frigging stupid. At the start of the lesson he was reading Left Behind 11, so maybe it messed with his brain. I wouldn't put that past LB.

My stepbrother Robby is a little shit, just like nearly every other Robby I've met (that name is cursed, I tell you). He's rude, arrogant, and no-one bloody well speaks like that to my mother. I'm not even going to get into what happened this afternoon because it's so pathetic. Mum's now hoping he moves out and goes to live with his mother. She can't stand him. This guy can't even tie a tie. It's not as if it's freakin' rocket science. The word 'respect' isn't even in his vocabulary, he's just a revolting person. I thought I'd met some bad Robbies, like the guy I knew in primary school who couldn't move himself away from television, but stepbrother Robby tops the lot. He's rude to everyone.

On a far more positive note, THE ZOOTV ROTTERDAM 15 JUNE 1992 ROTTERDAM DVD FINISHED DOWNLOADING! EEEEEEE! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! I never knew Bono did that introduction singing, I thought it was just taped, that's the absolute coolest, and it's so weird seeing ZooTV INDOORS, in an arena. I'm used to bootlegs of the Outside Broadcast, Zooropa, Zoomerang, and New Zooland legs. Wow, this is so cool. I officially dub that performance of Until The End Of The World the best yet (I must make an icon of Edge doing his jumping during the song!), the way it synches into Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses is AWESOME, and that's definitely the COOLEST Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World. Bono brings a girl up onstage and they go to the b-stage in the middle of the crowd with some champagne, and she wants to meet Edge so Bono gets him to come down the walkway. It's great. Then Edge stops playing for a bit to have some champagne with them! After that is the acoustic set, and after what I felt was a weak rendition of Angel Of Harlem, they launch into Dancing Queen (!), and at first I thought it was going to be a Bono/Edge duet. Sadly, it wasn't to be, but Bono forgets the lyrics ...

Friday night and the lights are low
Looking back for a place to go
Where they play the right music
Something, something, something
You're in the mood for dance

Dutch concerts so often prove to be really good. They debuted Mister MacPhisto there (I think on 10 May 1993, incidentally Bono's birthday), The Netherlands was where they got some of their first major international recognition (considering how well the Dutch bought the October CD, some think that they saved U2's future), the Elevation 2001 gigs are real fun, especially at one where they just can't leave and launch into an impromptu Out Of Control, and the January 1990 gigs are simply cool.

Have I ever told any of you how much I adore Exit? I particularly like Adam's bass at the start. And the live performances where Bono makes that strange "Kooooraakoooww!" noise (I seriously have no idea how I'm meant to replicate that in typing, so there's my best attempt). I spend half most days listening to this song in my head. Oh, and bugging Aaron with the opening tune of Seconds.

Right, that speech really needs practicing. I'm feeling hyper now after this really good, amusing day (thank you English) and this ultra-awesome DVD. All I want is ... *BOOOOOM!* YOU! *dun da-daw!* In the howling wind, comes a stinging rain ... damn, that All I Want Is You --> Bullet The Blue Sky transition blows me away. Bullet definitely hit its peak during ZooTV.

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