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It's cold outside, but it gets so hot in here. Hang on, it's COLD outside now?

Wow, where's April gone? This month just shot by.

I have FOUR non-U2 icons. FOUR. This is startling. Be amazed. I've also made an icon of the beach ball scene from Slane. I'm not fully happy with it, so tell me what you think.

Funny quotes from today ...

"He should be my sister." - random girl in grade ten, from a snippet of conversation I caught when I walked through a group of people.

"You're about as useful as an arsehole on an elbow." - Patrick to me at morning tea. We then reasoned that that is actually useful, so it's not quite the insult it initially was. Speaking of Pat, Sam once said "he has the leadership potential of a tomato." I love it.

Grant: It's fucking cold.
Me: It is not 'fucking cold'. Twenty below zero is fucking cold. This is not cold.

Really, these people are wimps. It's embarrassing. Is the Gold Coast the place people who are totally intolerant of any temperature even remotely linked to cold live? When Grant made his 'fucking cold' statement, it was about 20C, or roughly 70F. Have I gone mad, or is that NOT COLD? Some people are wearing both a blazer and a sweatshirt. I've opened windows in classes because it's been stuffy, and people have yelled at me for letting in the 'cold' air. The library has the bloody heater going. I'm glad they have the air conditioning on in the German class and Mrs Hugo's room, otherwise I'd have no reprieve from the warm rooms.

Why is the case of my mint condition of U2 Go Home: Slane Castle 2001 DVD in worse condition than my used one? Hmm. But *drool* Slaaaaaane.

Could someone knowledgeable in Scripture clear up something for me? The Gospel of John was written by the disciple John, was it not? John was one of the disciples who was present at the crucifixion, wasn't he? This is prompted by a letter to Time over their article 'Why Did Jesus Have To Die?' Here's some more classic letters.

"Your convoluted article considered every interpretation of Christ's death except the blindingly obvious: that there is no God, and therefore no cosmic purpose." You, o wise and knowledgeable one, should have been in SOR yesterday.

"The question of your title is misleading. As a man, Jesus was bound to die some day." Despite the intended implication of that letter, I think an alternate interpretation has value, because we must remember that Jesus was both fully God and fully man at the same time.

"If the importance of Jesus' message was to live an exemplary life of morality and kindness, then why could he not have died a natural death as did Buddha, who also was a great teacher to millions?" If the importance of your letter is to make a relevant point, then next time, can you not totally miss the point of everything?

"We don't even know if he [Jesus] existed." By that logic, nothing's ever happened unless someone currently alive was there to see it happen. Go study some history, you twit. Whether or not one believes in Jesus, historical evidence proves he did exist. You can't write off his existence without denying fundamental principles of historical study.

I might be going to the airport tomorrow or I might not be. My Nana's finally coming back from NZ ... Mum wants me to go, and I kind of do, but we're going to stop for a family breakfast and that totally puts me off. I hate having meals with the family because all I do is sit there bored. I told Mum this ... I think she was offended a bit, but also understood, and resorted back to "But Nan would love you to come." Gah. Don't guilt trip me, OK? I think that's fair enough. But in any case, I'm not feeling well. I spent the early hours of this morning lying in bed with a box of tissues, feeling sorry for myself. My headache's dulled to almost nothing, though I bet it's going to come back, and I generally just don't feel well. A lot of people have been away lately. Ahh, got to love winter, eh?

One good thing I can say about lying in bed ill is that I got to enjoy a sunrise, and I love the early morning light. It has this eerie glowing effect in our lounge and kitchen, and I was nearly blinded when I made some toast. I'm definitely going to make an effort to be up in the early morning more often. It's rather nice indeed.

That's it for today. Have a good one.

--- 4:20pm ---

Actually, that's not quite it. I can't believe I forgot to add this. Sam, Samantha, myself, Queenie, and ... maybe some others (were you there, Aaron? Are you ever even online?) were having a discussion this morning on the way to the library. We were talking about alternate and stupid pronunciations of words, such as how some people say 'harassment' as 'harris-ment' and 'trespass' as 'tress-piss'. The following is from when we walked into the library ...

(I decided to be random. For those not Aussie/Kiwi: Aussies say 'chance' like 'chaaance', Kiwis say it like 'chahnce/charnce', and Aussies reckon Kiwis say 'fish' as 'fush'.)

Me: Oh, what about charnce?
Samantha: It's chaaance.
M: Charnce!
S: Chaaance!
M: Charnce.
S: Chaaance.
M: Charnce.
S: Chaaance.
M: Fush!

OK, so it was funny at the time. Sam seemed to think it was the funniest thing I'd said in a long time.
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