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I believe in you, I believe FOR you. I have a vision, television!

Heee, cool new icon. Heeee, lots of cool new icons. AXVER FOR DICTATOR!

I just realised I've totally forgotten to post some results.

The following I found to be quite humorous. The first mark is progress, the second is effort. It's my term one 'report'.

English: A, A
Geography: A, A
Mathematics B: D+, B
Mathematics C: C+, B
German: A, A
Study Of Religion: A, A

And they forgot Modern History! Bah.

The Wellington Hurricanes versus Otago Highlanders game was sad. We led at halftime, but then the Highlanders kept chipping away at the lead and then went ahead to win 26-14. Good ol' Horrorcanes, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory like always. I turned it off in the seventy-third minute.

Had a fantastic discussion with Mum and Alan last night. It began with a discussion of Aussie Rules football and rugby union, turned into rugby league bashing ("League is rugby union for wimps"), then American football bashing ("Gridiron is rugby league for wimps"), and then back to the AFL and union (I think we're yet to determine which is the sport for braver men - sure, AFL's pretty painful, but it doesn't have scrums or rucks), and then we somehow got onto English soccer hooliganism. Alan grew up in England and went to a lot of the soccer games, so he knows all about it. No discussion of soccer hooliganism is quite complete without a mention of South American soccer crowds ("they'll set fire to the stadium whether they're winning or losing"), and before we ended up telling Fawlty Towers jokes, we reasoned that Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan cricket crowds are the same as the South American soccer fanatics. We also found a solution to the crisis in Jammu-Kashmir - a cricket stadium is built right on the line of demarcation or whatever it's called in the centre of Jammu-Kashmir, they play a three-match cricket series (we didn't specify if it'd be one day or five day matches), and the winner takes the region. Of course, the Chinese would have to send their military into the area to control the violence during the game and after the final result.

Crap, I need to shave. But I'm not going to, and I don't care what the school's rule on facial hair is.

I've also had one of those moments of realisation that go along the lines of "André, you're too obsessed with U2." Then I had one of those moments that went something like "But there's no problem with that, keep the good work up." Life is good. I need a U2 tour announcement and I need it now. Cash in the hand will help too.

On a related note, I've decided most music is utter crap and I no longer see a reason why I should try listening to different music. You music snobs can bash that all you want, but remember, it's only your opinion and just because you have wider music knowledge doesn't make you right. I'm happy with the music I listen to, I think it's the best, and really, that's that. I see no reason to listen to anything other than U2 (even though I do). They have a wealth of material big enough for about five or six bands, and 1981 U2 sounds absolutely nothing like 1991 U2 and neither sound anything like 2001 U2. You can hardly tell they're the same band. Yes, I've become a U2 superiorist. So?

I've decided I'm going to learn to play the acoustic versions of Angel Of Harlem, All Along The Watchtower, Desire, and When Love Comes To Town, this despite the fact I only have an electric. Hmm. But it'll be fun. I need to buy myself a tuner first. Spanish Eyes would be pretty fun to learn, too. Oooh, Seconds. I'm loving this site.

I don't think I'm well. Of course, just at the start of a really busy term. Got to love my luck. And eczema is hate. But having today off's pretty good, and we get ANOTHER long weekend thanks to next Monday being Labour Day. Hurrah.

Lots of writing to do. Mapwork, too. Uh-oh.

Random Bono quote for today;
"Love! Love! Money! Love! Money! Love! Money! I believe, I believe in poetry, electricity, cheap perfume. I believe in M&Ms, I believe in Coca-Cola. I believe in you, I believe for you. I have a vision! I have a vision! Television! Television!" - Bono as Mirrorball Man, end of Desire, 16 August 1992, Washington DC
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