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We dance out of time and everything goes 'round and 'round.

Before I say anything else, I would like to tell whoever bought me extra user icons that you are officially the greatest person ever. You legend! This is just ... wow, extremely nice and incredible. Watch out for more Axver-produced icons coming your way. Someone should teach me how to use Photoshop. That program is one of the most un-user-friendly programs with the worst Help file I have EVER seen. I can imagine it's brilliant once you've figured it out, but I can't be bothered figuring it out through trial and error because I just don't have the time.

I also think I'm going insane. Reason can be found in yesterday's entry. Woohoo.

You know what? I wish summer would go away. I'm not liking how warm this April is. I'll definitely be moving to a colder climate after university, and I may perhaps go to university in New Zealand if it's cheaper. Could any of you Kiwis tell me what tuition fees and such are like there? Is it a really good deal, does the government pay you to go like they once did here (bah! wish they still did), or should I not bother worrying about it? And yes, I'm still a citizen of NZ, just in case that detail's relevant.

In other news, yesterday was one of those amusing sorts of days. Firstly, the school's Internet filter remains down, so I made this update. I hope it continues to remain down, because it is very nice like this and it feels like some kind of victory. That update was done in the library, and then we headed off to home room, which turned into a shambles where we all stood around on the balcony outside the room, the teachers eventually showed up, and we got the rolls marked just before we headed off to the ANZAC Day Service (I'll explain what ANZAC Day is tomorrow on the real ANZAC Day for you foreigners). Queenie stopped me just as I was heading off, and then ... he started checking my pulse. Turns out my pulse is very hard to find and that I am dead. Please feel free to mourn my death now.

So anyway, we had the ANZAC service, annoyingly held during my study class. It wasn't all that bad but not brilliant either, and featured a minute of silence that lasted thirty seconds, if that. German and Geography afterwards were pretty good, and then good ol' Maths C with Queenie rolled around. A couple of us, myself included, were confused with some of the stuff he was doing, so he did it up on the board, and now I feel INCREDIBLY stupid. It's extension stuff of what we did last term in Maths B featuring antiderivatives and derivatives with sine, cosine, and e. I totally did not get that and bombed it ... then Queenie explained it and it's possibly the easiest thing I've seen in the last two years. How can you NOT get that? Damn, I feel stupid.

We did have a funny conversation in Maths C, though. We were arguing over the pronunciation of 'simultaneous' (whether it's 'simul' or 'symil'), and Queenie gets up and says "It's all about the pronounciation and different accents [uh, Queenie, it's pronunciation]." He then proceeded to write 'whak' on the board. "If you pronounce that here, it's a nice, good 'whack', but if it's a town name in New Zealand, it's a rude word I won't let you say in this class." Sam and I (the two Kiwis in the class) started laughing, while everyone else looked confused - no-one else got it! Oh, it was wonderful. Queenie then explained that "'wh' has an 'f' sound and 'a' sounds more like a 'u'" and THEN everyone got it. I couldn't help myself and mentioned the city of Fuckatane Whakatane.

After that, I stayed at school forty minutes later than I normally do due to a debating meeting. That was pretty fun, and we informed Lauren she's no longer on the team under the most hilarious of circumstances. For someone no longer on the team, she's done a mighty fine job of working her way into the team that's going to speak on Wednesday week. Yes, I'm joking about her being kicked out, but I'm not joking when I say that she walked in with a bunch of research for the topic ... we would've spoken on in the first round if we hadn't had a bye. That was rather funny at the time.

So anyway, I got home, stuffed around, worked on ... something that is a project of mine, and then realised that there was rugby union on and I could watch it. I haven't seen a game of union since the World Cup grand final last year, I've had to keep track of the Super 12 through my father. This game was the Waikato Chiefs versus the Somewhere-in-South-Africa Stormers (the bloody South African teams changed their names a few years back and I can no longer remember where they're all meant to be from). Waikato is traditionally NZ's worst team in the Super 12, and last week I understand the Stormers utterly thumped Auckland in Auckland. Well, let me say this: WHAT A GAME. The Stormers STANK. Plain and simple, they stank, and Waikato really should've scored more points than they did. They ended up winning 29-14, with the Stormers scoring a converted try right on the final whistle to actually get their score into double figures. That number eight Waikato has is just amazing and he sure shows some promise. The Stormers got frustrated by the end and I think it was their captain (Corne Kriege? Oh, I can't remember), who, in a tackle, decided it'd be a fun move to headbutt one of the Chiefs (I think their captain). Well, there goes Kriege's or whoever's season.

Today, I am going to be social for the first time in a long time. aaron_3521 is coming 'round this afternoon ... wow, first person I've had around since my birthday. This is odd and I don't know quite what to do. Maybe I should clear the pool table. Though I have to say I love the huge stack of U2 bootleg CDs sitting on it right now.

Mike, I was just surfing the Internet to get information for a project of mine, and I discovered something. I recalled you liked the St Louis Blues, and I just happened to stumble across the fact that some player of theirs named Alexander Khavanov says U2 is his favourite band. There's some random fun information for you.

Can't wait to watch the Wellington Hurricanes versus the Otago Highlanders tonight. I haven't seen a Hurricanes game all year. But I understand the game's being played at the House of Pain down in Dunedin (aka Carisbrook, Otago normally wins at home hence the nickname) and the Horrorcanes aren't the most spectacular team so I don't fancy their chances. Nonetheless, there's some other games as well so it should be a good night of rugby.

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