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The cool subject line phoned in sick, so have this one instead.

Last night, I decided I'd try to learn a bit of coding and see if I could customise my LJ in any way, shape, or form. Needless to say, I failed abysmally and had no clue what I was doing. What I'd like to know is, even if I learnt a good deal about how to do this, would my idea (that's a general plan I did on Paint) even be possible? If so, would any incredibly kind, lovely person be able to make it/teach me how to (obviously, after I've defined photos and such)?


I would like to inform you all of the following quote on CF.

"There, now structure your life around what I think." - Axver

I agree with him! Listen to what he says and structure your life around it!

1. Do not read the following step until you have completed doing the one you're on, whether that involves merely reading it or going and doing something. Thank you. With that said, move on to the next step.
2. Grab the nearest U2 bootleg. I didn't say a bootleg belonging to you, but just the nearest one. If this means travelling out of town, so be it. Get the bootleg.
3. Ensure it is one I do not have. If I do have it, go find the nearest one I don't have. (Hint: DVD of 23 September 1997, Sarajevo)
4. Burn a copy for me.
5. Put the copy in the mail to me.
6. Expect nothing in return.
7. To make this relevant to Lauren's survey, hit yourself on the head with the nearest hardcover book for falling for this.
8. Copy this to your journal so that more people send me bootlegs I don't have.
9. Continue to do surveys, quizzes, and other related things that result in me getting bootlegs for absolutely nothing. Thank you.

Have I ever told any of you that I love Bono? I bring you a wonderful quote.

'"I think this [Like A Song ...] was addressed to the critics who didn't get what we were about, who thought we weren't really punk enough," Bono laments. "That's a subject that comes up again and again because people really do fall for this rebel thing. It's such a cliché now. It made some kind of sense in the '50s and '60s. Against a conservative backdrop, that punk attitude had real meaning. Now a lot of it is just dressing up."'

Why is it Bono says things so much better than I ever could? He's the Quote God, < heresy> right behind G. K. Chesterton. < /heresy>

So. I went out yesterday. To the shops. Yeah, me, Axver. The guy who doesn't like going, well, just about anywhere. It was remarkably good, actually. Sure, I have the typical complaints about female fashion today, crowds, rude people, and so forth, but I had a rather good lunch and talk with my mother, I discovered John Grisham's got a new book out (Must. Get.), and I bought more blank discs. During this discussion with my mother, I raised the topic of going to the USA early next year in conjunction with a U2 tour. She seems alright with the idea, her main worry was with whether I'd be comfortable or not, and when I said I would be, she said that if I was comfortable, she was, and that was that. So. This is very much on the cards, especially if I can save up enough money. We need a tour announcement.

screendoor3, I've got the 9 April 1981, Minneapolis bootleg. My copy's MP3-sourced, but the sound quality is superb. I'm pretty sure it's soundboard. So yes, this is a very good early bootleg. The second performance of 11 O'clock Tick Tock (they play it, I Will Follow, and The Ocean twice) is particularly superb, Edge plays a modified version of the second riff. I was just casually listening and for a bit I couldn't figure out what song it was.

Hee, it's funny when U2 messes up New Year's Day on 2 December 1982, Manchester. It's the second time they ever played it and Edge accidentally goes straight into the guitar riff. It's the closest I've ever heard Bono get to singing the final studio verse. He doesn't sing "And so this is the golden age/And gold is the reason for the wars we wage", but he DOES sing "And maybe the time is right, oh, maybe tonight" and also a verse at the start that I've NEVER heard before. It's random and good.

This was posted on Interference, and I thought I'd share it with you lot.

OK, I was asked not to say anything but I am totally empathetic to fellow U2 fans for some new material, so I’ve got to break my vow of silence. A friend of Larry’s neighbor who knows The Edge’s cousin’s car mechanic got me a copy of the rough 10 track demo the boys were working on.

Now, I can honestly say that this whole Punk Rock from Venus, or Rock from Saturn, or Klingon Two Step, or wherever the hell they were orbiting at the time, is utter nonsense.

The songs are more of what I’d call…Punk Rock Polka. Yeah, Edge is coming up with some new sounds out of his guitar…new sounds that sound like an accordion. Seriously, an accordion? I know they like to move in different directions and all but this simply did not work. And the songwriting was lazy. It basically was rehashing old ideas and off in weird idea arenas.

The first track, “The Streets Have Been Named” was the WTSHNN riff (played on accoridan) while Bono sings about Main Street and the new Walmart up te block from the Wendy’s. Just, bizarre.

Another track, simply titled ‘Jammies’ finds Bono singing about ‘living life like a pair of pajamas with a flap in the back where the butt is’ while The Edge harmonizes, “Where the butt is” All this over a hip-hop drum beat, slick bass work…and an accordion. What is that about?

The one track that really stood out was called ‘Pea In A Pod’…only it actually should have been called ‘Pee In A Pod’ because Bono’s off about zero-gravity, outer space, and bladder control problems…while Edge plays his accordion guitar.

The last track, “Bulldozer” is not what it’s been rumored to be. It’s a slow jam (kind of like Walk To The Water) with a kick ass accordion solo (Edge’s best yet!) and Bono going on and on, trying to rhyme words with dozer “slozer, glozer, schlozer’. The track ends with Larry literally ceasing his playing and you hear him go, “This is bullshit!” And he walks out.

Eventually they all stop playing and the track runs on for another three minutes with Bono calling out, “Hey guys? Guys? What’s…what’s going on? Do you want start over? We could start over...guys?”

I can only guess that they needed time to regroup, rethink and to put out a much better product. I for one, am not regretful about breaking my silence. The truth is now out and we can all stop arguing and complaining. We will get the new album when we get it and it will be great and rocking and simply the best U2 can have to offer.

It will, however, not have accordion…and for that, I am sad…cos I was just getting used to it.

Personally, I think that Pea In A Pod is bloody AMAZING and they MUST release it sometime in the future! Let us begin the petitions!

For you cricket fans, I know I'm a few days behind, but I only found out Brian Lara broke the world record for the highest score by an individual batsman in a single innings. He had the previous record of 374 (375? I forget), which was beaten by Matty Hayden (as recorded here), and then a few days ago in a test against England, he became the first player to score two triple centuries in an entire career. Then he passed Hayden's record to take back the title as the highest scoring batsman. And then he did it. He scored the world's first quadruple century and then declared the innings at 5/751, with his personal score 400 not out. That's just incredible. The West Indies may have slipped from their glory days, but they've sure still got it on occasion. And Lara scored this against ENGLAND. Hayden's 380 was against Zimbabwe, who you really should be scoring massive tallies against, but this was against ENGLAND. They may not be the brilliant cricketers they once were, but they did invent the game. This wasn't some throwaway innings against a lesser country - this was one gutsy slog.
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