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I believe in a celebration!

So yes. It's true. IT'S TRUE. And we can break through I better not break out in New Year's Day I REALLY DO HAVE A CALENDAR SIGNED BY THE B-MAN. It's right behind me. Yes it is. It's real, and this is strangely comforting. I could never answer those questions about 'what would you save in a fire if you could only grab ONE item?' ('all my bootlegs' is simply not a legitimate answer, is it?), but now I can. No harm shall come to the precious autograph.

Look! I scanned it, yes.

For the curious: how I got it. Essentially, someone who may or may not want to remain nameless found it and sent it to me. You cannot imagine my joyous shock when I opened that parcel yesterday. When the mail arrived and I noted there was a package for me, I thought it was some bootlegs I'd been sent, but then I noticed it was remarkably curious packaging for a bootleg and realised "hang on ... this is the item of memorabilia, isn't it?" So ... I tried to open it, and this proved difficult until I got a spot of inspiration and used some scissors. And then ... I saw it. There was this certificate of authenticity, and a calendar lying face down. So I turned it over, AND THERE WAS BONO'S AUTOGRAPH. I just about fell over. I could barely talk for ... oh, a while afterwards, I'm not sure how long, and I just kept grinning the whole day. I'm still grinning now. This is incredible.

And I keep on thinking about how Bono touched this calendar. He wrote on it. There is ink on a calendar I own from a pen that Bono used. There ... might still be some Bono on it. This is incredible. This is simply incredible.

Other topics? Has anything else happened in my life? Quite frankly, WHO CARES? What does it matter when I have Bono's autograph? Nothing's been happening anyway, so I don't see why I should ramble on about nonsense or post more low-quality satire when there's THIS. Don't ask me how I wrote some of my story last night - I just sat there, grinning my face off. But hey, if there's anything you want to know, just ask and hopefully the response won't be lost in "Bono's autograph"-esque gibberish.

So yeah. This is where this entry ends.
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