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'Tis Easter break. Hurrah!

(Important edit (for those of you who are joining in on the MacBeth reading): I've created a community for discussion - acommunity. Feel free to join and post, and get a copy ASAP. Libraries are wonderful like that. Also, once we've read MacBeth, I propose reading other really good books, but we'll tackle that issue when the time comes.)

We all love student ID card photos, don't we? I actually LIKE the first one. It's from 2002's ID card (which was applicable for 2003 as well), so I was fifteen at the time and it's not all bad. But 2004's one ... I really dislike that. It's silly. My hair's very silly. I'm glad I'm getting this cut today. Maybe I should forget those plans of growing an afro because I hate to think how that'd look considering this. Anyway, the ID cards.

The lighting didn't exactly help either. They had to take the photo again because of the glare off my glasses. Ha, what if they'd been my reading glasses? Those things could probably produce enough glare to kill the camera, given the right angle.

I need to get this out of my system: WOOOOHOOOOOO EASTER HOLIDAYS! HOORAY! JOY! CELEBRATE!

Ahem. Anyway. Yesterday was a very interesting day at school on which some people found out things about me. This year's been surprising for me in that I've realised people don't know nearly as much about me as I thought they did, which could explain my lack of friends. My disdain for most teenagers also would explain that. But anyway. Some people only yesterday found out I'm a U2 fanatic. Even more people only yesterday found out that I'll never drive. Driving was a major topic of discussions yesterday. It's not a depressing topic for me normally because I'm so used to it, and so it wasn't yesterday (though I was alarmingly depressed for some reason), but as Mum was driving me home, I just looked around ... moreso than ever, I wondered what everyone else can see. What is there so different from my current reality and how do things appear? Someone needs to come up with software for vision-impaired people just so they can see what normal 20/20 sight is like, should they be curious (as I bet they are). How would it work? Well, take for example someone who's vision causes them to see everything twenty percent smaller than if they had 20/20. They walk into this simulator or look at the computer screen or whatever, and firstly, the image as normal is shown (say a railway line with a train approaching), so it's just like it'd normally be for them. Then their eyesight details are entered into the computer and the image is enlarged so they can see what it's like with 20/20. I think that would be FANTASTIC. Some may not like it because they'd never want to leave the simulation, but I'd love it, just for five minutes. You could get photos or videos or whatever fed through it too - you could see your friends and family how everyone else does, watch a sunset with 20/20, have the best viewing ever of your favourite movie, and so forth. I've never heard of a program like that before in my life and I'd love someone to make it. I wish I was more computer-knowledgeable, because then I'd do it.

Maths C was quite amusing today, for a number of reasons. Firstly, Queenie was away and when no substitute teacher arrived, Michael Mitchell simply leapt through the window, unlocked the door, and we just sat around talking until Mr Dick (gotta feel sorry for the bloke with that last name) showed up after about five minutes. He gave me the form with our work written on it, told me that I was basically in charge ... and left. So I wrote the instructions up on the board and we all got out our textbooks. Upon seeing the work Queenie had left us, we promptly shut our books again and decided we'd wait for him to explain it to us. So then we just sat around talking ... the major conclusion of that lesson is that I am to go to the formal (well ... I don't know if I will yet) and wear a white suit. As in white everything. If I go, I'm doing that. I'd also love to arrive in a tank, but that might be a tad less reasonable. A white suit would be hysterical, though.

I feel sorry for all the people who had West Side Story practice and thus missed out on such a good lesson. We had some wonderful discussion in SOR - another similar lesson where Mr Dick arrived late, gave me instructions, and left me in charge - and this time ... the actual point of the lesson was to discuss. OK, so the topic was ethics and initially we did have a very good class discussion (or what-was-left-of-the-class discussion thanks to WSS), but we all agreed and so the whole point of the exercise flopped. As you'd expect, we kept talking and by the end of the lesson, we'd had a very fulfilling discussion of some basic Christian ideas. German was also rather good, where we just sat around talking amongst ourselves and with our teacher. It's funny the things you learn about people from discussions like that. I'd heard of people sneaking out of school in their cars at lunchtime to have lunch at cafes (that's strictly against school rules here - due to legal liability, no-one's allowed to leave the school grounds during school hours), but I didn't know who was involved until today.

One major thing I noticed from the Maths C and German discussions is how different male and female conversations can be. In Maths C, there were only two girls, and we guys sat around talking about ... normal stuff, really. Music, driving, one of Mitch's relatives owning the Gold Coast War Museum and thus a tank, the formal from a male perspective (in other words, why it'd be funny if I wore all white, why bother going at all, how ... one of the South African guys started a rumour it was cancelled, and how this freaked out all the girls because they already have their dresses, which we guys found most amusing). It's funny how girls make such a bigger deal about the formal than we guys do. While we just sit around thinking "should we waste our money? Maybe I'll go if I have someone to go with ...", pretty much all the girls in our grade already have their (ultra-expensive) dresses. See, this is why it's good to be a guy: you don't need to make up your mind until you really feel like it, and you hire your suit instead of wasting money on a dress you'll wear ONCE.

So we had this nearly-all-male discussion that was remarkably good, and then I headed off to a dramatically different environment in German, where I was the only guy. Talk about contrast. When you're rarely around it, gossip can be rather amusing to sit and listen to. Cryselda (who's black) was busy badmouthing some white girls who are subtly racist towards her (and thus she's quitting hockey), some other people ridiculed Nina, a few more people got various bad things said about them, and in general, it was quite gossipy. So to conclude: in general, guys talk about ... stuff; girls gossip. This has been determined by extremely scientific methods conducted by Yours Truly in a thoroughly uncontrolled environment over the span of one hundred minutes.

You know what was fantastic yesterday? Having I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For come on the radio while we were driving home from school. It was magnificient - I rarely listen to the radio (only ever in the car to and from school), and I just happened to catch some U2 (apparently Mum heard Streets yesterday too). So I cranked it right up and Mum and I sung it all the way home. It's truly a wonderful Gospel tune.

I believe in the Kingdom come, then all the colours will bleed into one, bleed into one. But yes I'm still running. You bore the cross, loosed the chains, carried the cross of my shame, of my shame. You know I believe it ... but I still haven't found what I'm looking for ...

What's really reassuring is that from one Popmart concert I have (I forget which one): "Carried the cross of my shame, of my shame. You know I believed it. I still do!" The way Bono says it ... it's just so soothing; when I heard it, it gave me this comforting peace inside. In amongst everything and over so much time, Bono's still true to his faith, and it's just one of those wonderful things.

Let it be known that Hawkmoon 269 from Amsterdam, 18 December 1989 is just amazing. But in regards to All I Want Is You, why does the most annoying singer in the whole audience have to be singing loud and proud right near the taper? No, I do not want to hear a rendition of AIWIY by a Dutch woman who could pass for a man if she tried a bit - I want to hear it by BONO. Strange, huh? Since when did you ever go to a concert or listen to a recording to hear the band that's up on stage? I never even thought of doing that!

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