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Wake up, the dawn of another Adjective day

Well, well, well.


As predicted, the Maths B exam was HORRIBLE. It will go down as possibly the worst exam I've ever done in my life, and the sad part is, I really did try. Not try beforehand, but when I was in there, I gave it my all. But I simply didn't have a clue. I could blame Robbo, the textbook, Sam, and a number of other things and people, but I won't. Essentially, I fell short of my potential. They marked things very fast, and I got eighteen. Out of forty. Yeah, feel the "OUCH!" of it all. Though remarkably, that's a C- and thus a PASS. I was honestly expecting to fail and I was trying to be excited about it. Indeed, I may actually feel better if I had failed because you can laugh at a failure when your normal results are as good as mine, but a bare pass is just that, and hardly much to jump up and down about, because all you've done is pass. Personally, I thought you had to get 50% to pass, but obviously not - a C- is required to pass and the required mark for a C- must've been a bit lower than 20.

But this terrible mark isn't all too terrible. Firstly, only your five best subjects are counted for your OP, and I do seven subjects, all of which count towards OP, and five of them I'm top or nearly top of, so yeah, Maths B probably won't count. Secondly, if I were to get straight A's for the rest of the year, this mark could get written off as an anomaly. So ahhh.

Now onto the good stuff. Aaron ... you may want to skip this. I'm not trying to rub this in your face at all, I'm just excited. I know I'd HATE it if someone did this to me, so yeah.

Anyway. My day suddenly got a whole lot better in German class - we got our exam results back. The teacher was first saying few people did well and that made me think "Uh-oh, I'm probably one of the ones who bombed, DAMN THAT FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY I MADE FOR MYSELF!" But ... I was thankfully WRONG. I was one of the very few who did do well. The best part comes when you compare my marks to Aaron. For the last three or four years, Aaron and I have either received equal marks but in actual knowledge he's been ahead of me (when we both got straight A+'s in the insanely easy days of a couple of years ago), or he's just beaten me. Well, how'd we go this term?

Speaking exam: André - A. Aaron - A.
Oooh, we're neck-and-neck again. Then ...
Reading exam: André - A. Aaron - A-.
WOAH. I seriously nearly fell off my seat. I BEAT AARON. Um, what the Zooropa? That wasn't in the script! So I just topped German for the term. It feels like someone's ripped up the script ... at my request.

So uh, suddenly I feel like competing with Aaron for top of German at the end of this year. Alright, so he deserves it and he'll almost certainly get it, but when I get competitive, I can seriously enjoy these things.

One thing outraged me today and Sam and I have been arguing about it a good deal. Seriously, I think our friendship is definitely falling to pieces. We've been having disagreements and arguments lately, he hasn't hung around with me as often, and some of the time I don't really want to talk to him either. But anyway. He got exempt from the Maths B exam today. That's a freakin' OUTRAGE. Can't write? Oh, that's just pathetic. The finger was broken AGES ago and he doesn't have any of that protective stuff on it any more. He's even been writing! He says his hand gets tired quickly. I say so what? Why didn't he learn with his left hand anyway? I mean, COME ON. When you know you're going to be unable to write for a month or more, you teach yourself to use the other hand. It's not all that hard. When I was six, I had to have a drip in my right hand so I taught myself to use my left in a matter of days and when I got the drip out of my right hand, it felt odd for a while to use it again. With a bit of practice now I could go right back to using my left. So I don't see why he didn't at least TRY to learn with his left, or figure out a comfortable way to use his right. HE DIDN'T EVEN TRY.

So apparently, his finger's stopped him from studying too. WHAT? You don't need your right hand to study! I know it can really help to write things out and practice, but there is this wonderful skill known as READING. But most of the time in which he's been unable to write, he's just slacked around Maths B, talking, throwing things/having stuff thrown at him, making a racket, distracting the rest of us, and so on. He could've sat there and learned, but he DIDN'T. He only has himself to blame and now because of his ineptitude, he's weasled his way into an exemption. Good bob, it's ridiculous. When I had My Issue Some Of You Know About, I had more days off than him and missed a heap, but you don't see me trying to get out of exams, do you? Sure, maybe I'm a bit jealous, but that's not the main point. The main point is the principle of the matter. He CAN write, he put no effort into figuring out easier ways to write, and the reason he doesn't know much is not because he couldn't study but because he squandered and wasted time. Grr.

Today was a non-uniform day, and I went wearing my formal uniform because I LIKE it. I didn't forget - I willingly put it on and went wearing that. I love it. It's comfortable and has all the pockets I need. Plus, it looks very neat and good. Of course, some people don't get that, but I don't get this big deal about free dress? What's so great about it? Sure, if you're a guy and a perve, it's wonderful, but throw an intelligent reason not based around selfish desire my way. Yep, thought so, there are none. I must say I wasn't being terribly observant today, but even then some of the fashion on behalf of the girls was pretty bad. There's some stuff I don't want to see or see accentuated. Are they really that naive to think some guys aren't looking at them? Or do they, for some peculiar reason, actually like that? Modesty seems to be a rare commodity. Of course, half the guys looked like absolute morons in their 'cool' clothes, so it's not like they're doing any better. It's like one either flaunts their physical features or their mental stupidity. How silly.

Here's something else disgusting.

9.5 billion - litres of water it would take a day to support 4.7 billion people at the UN daily minimum.
9.5 billion - litres of water used a day to irrigate the world's golf courses.

That's so very wrong. A luscious green turf is more important than people dying of thirst now? How wonderful! Feel the selflessness!

Anyway. Johnno has to be the best teacher I've ever had, and SOR's fascinating. We're doing ethics right now, and I'm so deontological (specifically Divine Command deontological) it's not funny. Some various schools of thought are most interesting. Heh, the Stoics are fun and that's what Jamie reckons he is. I see Stoic ethics practiced quite often, though as I said, I'm ultra-deontological.

There's some WONDERFUL Coldplay bashing going on at Interference, particularly in relation to them ripping off U2 (some days I can see the connection, some I can't). Sure, I like Coldplay, but the thread's exciting in a big way. For the record, Clocks is said to be a blatant ripoff of The Unforgettable Fire, just with far worse lyrics. Also, some find that Coldplay induces sleep, so all you insomniacs, take heed of that one.

OH. desert_sky, you are amazing. Eeeee, Brisbane concerts! Though it's curious that the 3 October 1989 bootleg disagrees with the setlists on both and, but actually flows. Hmm. I've found mistakes on the former before, but this would appear to be the first on the latter.

SECOND OH. We have a new longest Bad. This one's about 13:45. Woah, that beats even Live Aid. INSANE. But I still don't have the fabled 15 minute version of 40 from ... somewhere on the Unforgettable Fire tour. Stockholm, is it? Anyone out there know? Anyone out there actually have it?

THIRD OH. It's my father's birthday today. Happy birthday Dad. Better call him, and after that, Maths C study. I still have that knowledge test tomorrow, and I believe I have problem solving exams in both branches of maths next week. A-studying I shall go!

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