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Insert aggressive guitar of The Cry/The Electric Co. here

Really, doesn't anyone read what I post? I'm looking at a number of people right here. At least I'm using my eyes. Good freakin' bob.

Fine, so I'm in the worst mood I've been in for years and I feel like yelling "fuck off" at just about anything in sight. But so what? Let me rant for a change. I'm not going to pander to anyone, I'm just going to freakin' type out what's on my mind and don't anyone dare accuse me of arrogance or anything of the sort because that's far from the truth.

Doesn't anyone read what I say? Like you, Lauren. I don't send you e-mails just so they can sit in your inbox looking pretty (By the way, please check The Post. You know what I mean). Or you computer experts. I have fifty-six friends, and not one of you even has an inkling of how to get a VCD off one CD, onto my hard drive, and then burn it onto a blank CD? Yeah right, pull the other leg. (Edit: thanks to tox_dtu for proving that someone knows.) Look, it may sound really pathetic and stupid, but coming home and having comments to reply to is actually the highlight of my day. Remarkably enough, I like talking to people, and you people are my friends so I obviously like talking to you. LJ's a breath of fresh air compared to everything else. I go to school and spend time with asinine pricks, come home to a couple of asinine pricks known as my stepbrothers, go to messageboards that are either half-dead or full of asinine pricks, and do study, which I defy anyone to enjoy. Now can you see why I really love LJ? You people aren't asinine pricks and I love to come home to a bunch of comments to read and reply to. It's something fun to do in my day before I sit down and study Maths B and C because I'm utterly stuffed for my exams.

Maths B has put me in the worst mood possible, and right now I don't care who I take it out on. So I'm probably going to regret this tomorrow morning and wish I'd never posted it, but oh well. Not like I expect much in the way of replies anyway, so I won't have too much to regret. I'm not expecting much at all for anything. I'm so screwed for both mathematics classes. I gave Sam and a bunch of other people some fierce chewing-outs today, but I reckon they deserved it. I wish Queenie had been there so I could've chewed him out for leaving notes on the board that were illegible and nonsensical. Sam, you need to fucking focus on maths. WE DO NOT GO TO MATHS B SO YOU CAN SIT AROUND TALKING ABOUT COMPUTERS. I ask you about computer stuff outside of class because, GASP, that's the APPROPRIATE TIME. So shut up and do work. Your finger being stuffed is no excuse. Patrick, you should just shut the fuck up, like I told you. Danny, you're a tosser and I needn't say more. Rebekah, you can't see? Well neither can I, so shut up. Ben, you're an arrogant prick with no sense of maturity or focus. I don't care how smart you'd like to think you are, you're really just a dumb shit with an ego so big I'm surprised it fits in the room.

Yes, I realise I'm yelling at people who don't read my LJ. But it's cathartic and I DON'T CARE. I was having a perfectly good day until the shambles that was Maths B, and I'm going to take it out on this journal. Don't like it? I don't care. I've been happy-happy-joy-joy for that freakin' long that I'm going to rant and rave a bit. Robbo actually didn't do too much of a bad job today and he's a nice bloke, but really, KEEP YOUR CLASS UNDER CONTROL. The amount of sheer idiocy I see in there every day is maddening, and I don't know how anyone's expected to work with those noise levels. People, WE HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW. So kindly shut the hell up, because I know most of you are in the same sinking boat as I am. Stop wasting lessons like you're so good at doing. I'd personally love to do work, but there's so many useless prats that no-one's really got a hope. IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO FOCUS. If I can focus on some dull mathematics for fifty minutes, so can anyone else. Open your book, pick up a pen, turn on your calculator, and WORK, DAMNIT. I don't want to go down in a screaing heap tomorrow - though I will - and I doubt you do either.

People's confidence in me is both reassuring and bloody annoying. Whenever I say that I'm sure I'm going to fail, no-one takes me seriously. I'm being serious here, folks. This isn't a stunt to get you to say "Awww, poor André", this is the fact of the matter. I've been going through these insane bouts, sometimes hesitantly confident of at least passing, and sometimes feeling utterly stuffed and unable. When I'm feeling hesitantly confident, it's comforting and nice to know people believe in me. When I'm despairing of even getting the 50% required to pass, your confidence just makes me think you're an idiot blinded to reality. I'm not so insanely good that I can solve anything you toss my way - I need to practice, and even moreso than that, I need questions worded well, which is something I've come to not expect from the maths department. You guys ever heard of checking for typos? Typos shouldn't even exist on maths exams, but they've perfected the art of it. Flipping Zooropa case, it's stupid.

I'm going to go do something mind numbing. Or would, but I need to study. DAMNIT. Cranking up The Cry/The Electric Co. seriously loud and listening to it numerous times on repeat would make me feel so much better right now.

Oh, amphibious_one, your CDs are in the mail. Tell me when you get them.

Can't wait for the holidays. I'm not doing the forty hour walk any more. Stuff it. I need to raise $50 just to walk? So any charity's not good enough any more, there's actually a figure one must raise? Fine, you're not getting my $20. Your loss, not mine. Oh, and there's that stupid uniform-free day tomorrow. Let's see who can wear teh c00lest labels! Who can reveal the most without breaking the dress code! Who simply looks like an asinine prick! (Yeah, that's my phrase for the day) I'm going in full formal uniform, like any day. I think I'm going to wear suits to university. They're nice and I love them.

I wish I had a debate tonight - I'm that fired up I'd thoroughly slaughter my opponents and leave them in a defeated heap on the floor. I wish I was this psyched before every debate.


Oh, can anyone tell me who won the Gold Coast mayoral election? I'm so out of touch with the news that I don't know. *hopes Baildon won another term*
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