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And now a word from this LJ's sponsor

(A message: Lauren, you might want to check your e-mails.
A request: could someone good with technology tell me how in the world I'm meant to get a VCD off the CD, onto my computer's hard drive, and then burn it onto a blank CD? I'm using Nero Express, if that's any help.
A grunt: grr, of course, LJ had to post this twice, didn't it?)

To put it lightly, I'm totally screwed for my Maths B exam tomorrow. Of course, it doesn't help that Robbo's a thoroughly incompetent teacher. Whatever does he think he's playing at? He absolutely cannot keep the class under control, and ... he just angered me yesterday. It's not like he's taught us much anyway. How are we meant to do revision when we don't have a bloody clue what the zark we're meant to do? The concepts are probably quite basic, but in between the textbook being so much more complex than it could ever need to be and Robbo's dodgy teaching, I don't get it, and neither do a lot of others. The textbook would be amusing if it weren't so pathetic - take, for example, its version of the Product Rule, roughly quadruple the length of the version I use. You know you really don't care for a subject when you forget formulas that have been ingrained in your head for ages, notably the Chain Rule.

Maths C I feel more comfortable with, I'm just afraid that I won't be able to do my procedures fast enough. Plus, I need to go over and over again my vector stuff. I despise vectors with a raging passion, and they'll be about 60% of the exam (though at least a part of that will be simplistic converting between Polar and Cartesian co-ordinates that I could do in my sleep). That exam should be interesting and with some solid study, I should do alright, though maybe not spectacularly. I'm not too worried. Maths B will definitely not end up counting towards my OP, I can see it now, and Maths C ... well, whether it'll count or not will depend on this upcoming exam. Odds are that the two maths won't count - there's no way known I can't come first in Geography, I think Mrs Hugo's got me eyed as first in English, Modern History and SOR are potentially mine, and I doubt I can lose my second place in German unless I utterly bomb a written exam or two (which is probably more likely than I want to think, actually). I was eyeing off topping more subjects than just three or so, but of late I've adopted what's known amongst some of us as the Johnno Philosophy of 'So what? It doesn't matter. Why bother?' The only reason I would want to thoroughly blow everyone out of the water is to boost my ego, and though I know I could do it, I've already experienced for myself the woes of egotism. Even if I don't get the world's most fantastic OP, there's a heap of ways you can dodge the system and get into what you want with relative ease, but I'm still gunning for my OP3. Have to see what comes.

My English assignment is looking wonderful and I think I'm going to enjoy handing that in today, if I can find the rough draft to hand in as well. Otherwise she'll accept it tomorrow The monologue we're doing next term on The Outsider will be a whole lot less fun.

Is it just me, or does Bono have an accentless singing voice? People tell me "he sounds so Irish!" but to me, his singing voice sounds perfectly natural, like when someone with your own accent is singing. Though I can always tell a Kiwi accent singing. So maybe I'm meant to be Irish. That'd be nice.

Alright, I'm off. So utterly up the creek without a paddle for maths it's not funny. Seriously, this is going to be a fail and I'm not joking. Wibble. Of all years, too. Oh well, I'm going to be a JOURNALIST, what does maths have to do with that? I really should go see Mr Dick and ask if I can drop Maths B so I can solely focus on Maths C - then I could do Modern History in class again! Right, I'm penciling that in to do at lunchtime. Seriously, my Maths C is suffering just because of wasting too much time on Maths B.

For the record, Until The End Of The World, 16 August 1992, Washington DC rocks incredibly. Though Bono, did you really have to do that with the camera?
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