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Something else to add to 'Banes of my Existence'

I am SICK and TIRED of these utter MORONS posting threads on the LBMB saying 'Thank you Mr Jenkins'. Shut up you stupid sheep and face reality for just ONE FRICKING SECOND. The Jenksilator brought about the DEATH of the boards by not doing anything to stop the IDIOTIC MINDLESS action of Tyndale. He has sat back and let our community be MURDERED, and all you idiots can do is THANK and COMPLIMENT him! Look at what he's done. Look at YOURSELVES! Just stop being brainwashed mindless followers and realise what he's done.

STOP THANKING THE STUPID PILLOCK! IT ONLY BOOSTS HIS OVER-INFLATED EGO MORE! He already is reverred like God's mouthpiece, and it makes me SICK.

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