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A foray into Vehement Rant Territory

Before I get all heated up and start yelling, here's something fun you can all enjoy;

'Pick an interest from my interest list that you either:

a: Don't know anything about.
b: Can't understand why I would like it.'

So yeah, do tell in a comment and I'll either explain it to you or tell you that you need taste. One or the other.

Right. Now for some yelling, screaming, and swearing. Buckle up your seatbelts for one of my more traditional, fired-up rants that I don't think I've made in ages.

I commented on driving a few days ago, and guess what's happened now. Of all the typical bloody things, Mum had an accident coming to get me from school this afternoon. It's the essence of stupidity, really. Some people should not be allowed on the road.

In any case, I was waiting at the carpark, out in the rain - which was actually rather refreshing and I didn't mind - when I got this text from Aunt Karina saying she was picking me up. I instantly started to think "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" When she arrived, initially my worst fears were confirmed, that Mum had been in an accident, but thank God, she's unharmed. It's wet here - there's a cyclone, ironically named Cyclone GRACE, rolling in (not sure whether it's going to cross here or to the north, but we're feeling the effects of it) - and so with the roads in the state they are, I was really afraid that it was serious or something.

Mum's alright and the car's fixable, but good bob, the typical situation of REALLY STUPID FUCKING DRIVERS out in the wet proved to be true. How the fuck do some absolute morons get their bloody licenses? Do they just pay off their instructor to give them a pass or something? These people are fucking INCOMPETENT and I could drive better than them. At least I know the bloody road rules. Really, what happened ... it's stupid like nothing else. It's asinine and boorish and pathetic.

See, Mum was approaching one intersection, and I better explain how I've inferred the traffic to be like from her statements. I know how the conditions are there anyway. There's one lane that branches out into two before this intersection - they split quite a way back but in the morning and afternoon, one of them gets backed up almost all the way to the split. Mum doesn't have to take that lane, though; she can take the other, which is nearly empty. So as she approached the queue, she would've been slowing but hardly at a stop. That may not be precise, it's just what I gathered from her comments. But here's what I do know for sure;

She was coming up to the queue on a wet, slick road, and the guy at the end of the queue appeared to be stopped. However, this absolute prick decided he was going to reverse back, with NO reversing lights on. He just ... went backwards. Um ... what the fuck? Don't you use your fucking mirrors, you dickhead? They're there for a reason, they don't just hang off your car to make it look good. So in the wet, with a car coming up behind him, with no lights, this MORON goes BACKWARDS. Why? Who knows? The queue was stopped, there's no reason for him to do anything as remotely stupid as that. But he DID. So Mum swerved to avoid him, but it was too late and she went up his back end; apparently one side looks particularly bad.

Good bob, it's so fucking stupid. Mum's visibly shaken up, whenever she speaks it sounds like she's about to burst out in tears, and I'm fucking pissed off. The story's idiotic for a start, and NO-ONE fucking crashes into my mother. What the hell was this prick thinking? WHY WOULD YOU BE REVERSING WHEN THERE IS A CAR COMING UP BEHIND YOU? WHY WITH NO LIGHTS? WHY WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING? HOW CAN YOU BE THAT STUPID?


Anyway. I'm suddenly frantic myself. I missed last week's debating meeting - thoroughly forgot, because I'm silly like that - but I thought "Well that's alright, we don't have our debate for another couple of weeks [next week now], we'll have another meeting beforehand." Silly André. I check my e-mails this morning, and to my absolute shock and horror, it's on THIS Wednesday night. I'm just REALLY glad it's hour-long short prep rather than a long-prep, because if it were long-prep I'd be dead. But short-prep's fine. The main issue is I'm just not ready for it, I'm not psyched into debating mode yet. I don't know how to explain it ... I just enjoy the buildup to a debate, and by the night, I'm ready and rearing to go and rip the opposition a couple of new bodily orifices. This time I'm not, but eh, it should be right. Short-prep is always fun, though at such a high level I've never had such short preparation time before.

My main annoyance is the timing. I had this week neatly planned out in my mind. I have German exams Wednesday and Thursday and Modern History Thursday - I was going to study German tonight, History Wednesday, and both tomorrow. Now my plans are in complete disarray. But ... the History exam shouldn't be too hard. German will be annoying, especially because I'm not really prepared, but one's a reading exam, and they're always the easiest. OK, so speaking's always the worst exam, but "Tut mir leid, ich verstehe nicht" has to be the best German sentence ever. Doesn't matter what the teacher says to me, I can reply with that (meaning 'sorry, I don't understand') and as long as I don't use it too much (which I won't), I still get full marks for it! Haha. Beautiful.

You know, the Popmart Sarajevo concert (23 September 1997) is wonderful to listen to when you're annoyed. Great show, somehow cathartic.

--- 11:09pm ---

Yes, that really is from my maths book. You don't want to know what I did to one page a few back.

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