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One event I thoroughly forgot to mention yesterday;

I was leaving school, walking to the car, when a group of primary schoolers who'd been up in the high school for some reason came walking by. They were just walking past me when one of them turned to me and exclaimed "The monsters are coming! You are a monster!" So maybe you should fear me. More of my ilk are coming or something like that.

Today's really dragging by, which is a very good thing. The slower it goes, the better for me. I need to totally rewrite my English assignment, so I'm going to start that soon, but I'll probably do some of my story first. Has anyone else noticed just how boring messageboards have become lately? We truly do need our YTF back. The Internet's just not right without our board.

Honestly, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, seeing Dad's calling, but it's probably too late for me to go over now, which is a bit of a relief. I need to find out what dates Easter is anyway. Oh calendar, where are you? But ... yeah, I can't really go over anyway. What I must do is get him a birthday present, for it's his birthday on the 31st, and I have NO idea what to get him. Fathers are way too hard to buy presents for - why does he EXPECT one anyway? He expects a card, a phone call, and an e-mail, and gets upset if he misses out on just one of them. Really, get over yourself. It's not as if he's easy to buy presents for, either ... it's hard to get stuff for the man who wants a vineyard.

Speaking of parents, I had the freakiest dream I've had in ages last night. For some reason thoroughly unknown to me, both my parents were going on a cruise whereby they'd die on the second day, and I could either choose to go die with them or stay home. Initially I was going to go, because I didn't want to live without them, but then I just couldn't handle the idea of death and stayed behind. After they left I was all torn up, but it was just when I woke up that I started to think the threat of death wasn't real. "No, they won't be dead, not at all ... oh wait, I'm awake." Then I noticed it wasn't even eight o'clock yet, and desperately tried to go back to sleep. My body seems to be rebelling against the idea of sleeping in, for after about 20-30 minutes of lying about, I just gave up on sleep and got out of bed.

I truly wish U2 would hurry up and announce their tour dates. I want to plan when I'll be coming over to the US, what parts I'll be going to, what shows I'll be at, where I'll stay, and so forth. I'm way too organised for my own good, but I'd like to be able to plan out next year now, so I can know where I'm going, what time I'll have to take off university (for the doubters who think I won't get time off, I'll talk my university into anything), and exactly how everything will work. I'm pedantic and organised like that. I probably won't be over for that long, but hopefully I'll be able to meet/go to concerts with some of you.

I'd forgotten just how good Money For Nothing by Dire Straits was live. The performance on the On The Night EP is simply AWESOME.

Anyway, my English assignment doesn't seem like it's going to rewrite itself, so I better go do that.

--- 12:01pm ---

Well, hm. I haven't done any work - I'm about to - but I did just go watch some Homestar Runner, and now I'm quite perplexed. Just what part of it is meant to be funny? I need to put some Fawlty Towers on to remind myself what humour is ...

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