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Say so, say so ...

I think, to kick off this entry, I'll bring you today, in chronological order.

Sometime around midnight: Finally fell asleep.

4:40am (roughly): I woke up quite randomly, and while I was trying to figure out what I was awake for, this sound came to my ears. A ticking sound, exactly like a clock. Hoping it'd go away or that something was just happening outside, I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. However, both my thoughts of perhaps getting up and the ticking kept me awake, and after a short while, most likely less than a minute (I can be impatient when I've been woken by annoying noises), I got myself out of bed and tried to figure out what was ticking, seeing I have no clock in my room. Thinking it was perhaps out in the lounge, I made for the door, passing my computer ... and then, as I approached the door, the ticking became quieter. I turned around and reapproached the computer, and the noise increased. I checked around the whole thing and my TV, and the sound, depending on where I was, would be slightly louder or quieter. However, I couldn't find the source and went back to bed, hoping to be able to get back to sleep.

4:50am (roughly): Being driven thoroughly mad by the noise, I got back up, grabbed my torch, and decided to do an even more comprehensive search around the computer and TV. Soon, I was well under my desk, and the noise was getting louder and louder. Then I stuck my hand into a small gap, and felt something. I pulled it out, and it proved to be the culprit: my travel clock had slipped off my desk, forced itself open, worn down the battery, and now it was ticking for some unknown reason. Maybe trying to keep the time? But in any case, it didn't work, and so after an attempted reset failed, I found myself standing by my computer, holding this clock ticking away loudly. Not knowing where to shove it so that the sound couldn't possibly get out and stop me going back to sleep, I looked around the room ... and spotted my fridge. Well I thought it was a good idea.

4:55am: After taking a glance out the window, hoping to see a sunrise but instead seeing light creeping out from behind a massive cloud blocking the sun, I fell into bed and went back to sleep.

7:06am (for I looked at my clock and can actually remember what it said): I woke up to Promenade. This proved to be a great surprise, because my alarm CD hasn't worked in about a week and it's had to go to the beep-beep thing. Of course, any U2 fan can tell you Promenade is track five on The Unforgettable Fire and with the knowledge that I had it set so track one, A Sort Of Homecoming, would play first, you can see I slept through a lot. Remarkably, I even managed to sleep through Wire. But I woke up to the ironically soothing sounds of Promenade, and suddenly I got a new appreciation for the song. It's a very beautiful song, especially if you're in the mood for it. If you ask me, Promenade/4th of July/Bad are one track and should've been played live like that.

8:09am-12:10pm: Wasted time at school. Study was indeed a waste of time that I could have put to better use, German was ... German, Geography involved a fair amount of research for an assignment and discussing my English essay with my teacher (I have her for both subjects). I'm going to have to rewrite the whole thing, but that's no real surprise. Maths C was the last class ... and really, sure, some of the concepts may be confusing at first, but it's terribly easy. Maths B makes it look like a stroll in the park.

12:10pm --> now: Besides very good conversations with Lauren and Sarah, I have been doing nothing but time wasting. This surprises you?

Now that today's out of the way, some promised thoughts on driving. A discussion, my friends getting licenses, and most notably the presentation yesterday have brought things into focus for me, and so I'm going to jot down my thoughts. Basically ... if it weren't for the dependence some people have upon the car, I would wholeheartedly support the minimum driving age being raised to eighteen or even twenty-one. The simple fact of the matter is that a lot of teenagers who get their licenses are not mature enough to have one (sure, that's ruining it for the minority who can drive, but we can't have an excessive number of idiots driving around in lethal weapons). I'd only feel safe in a car driven by about ten people in my whole grade of one hundred and twenty, which is a sad commentary on the ability or lack thereof of the people I know. Too often I see teenagers doing things with their car that is something other than good driving. Anyone feel the same way towards driving age and teenage driving as I do? Ha, probably not.

I don't see why many of these people really need cars anyway. They just drive them around to show off and boost their ego, nothing more. Alright, so having one's own transport is convenient, especially when employed, but one would have to hope the public transport networks are good enough. This seems to be a misplaced hope, and so is the one that the people who do town planning on the Gold Coast have any braincells at all. They're building some new shopping centre right by where Mudgeeraba Road crosses the Pacific Highway, and I bet they're going to absolutely botch it up and ruin traffic flow. They did with the 'improvements' to the Gooding Drive roundabout, as anyone who's been around there at 3:15-3:30 on a school day will attest! The council's utterly useless - they approve things that should never have been approved (common sense says you do not build on a floodplain, but a good deal of this city defies that), and do road modifications that just cause more problems, not naming specific locat- GOODING DRIVE ROUNDABOUT! There is going to be a terrible multiple-car (or probably truck) fatal accident there sooner or later. Diverting Nerang-Broadbeach Road through there was the sheer essence of stupidity.

Celebrate: As reported last night, my scanner is now fixed. This weekend I shall waste some film so I can develop what's on there, notably the picture of me half asleep, glasses-less, with fading blue hair.

What's with my stepbrothers and having terrible taste in music? Turn off that obnoxious noise with a whiny, pathetic singer, or at least turn it down so that I don't have to hear it over what I'm playing through my headphones. Politeness. Thank you.

Oh, busy weekend of study. How thrilling. Surely some kindly soul out there will be more than happy to do my work, assignments, and exams for me! Make your offer now!

--- 8:26pm ---

I keep on being amused by the irony that my favourite U2 era, pre-JT, ended the year before I was born. Why, oh why, did I have to be born in the year the Joshua Tree was released? Most U2 fanatics would see that as an honour; I see it as missing out. As my U2 fancode in my info says, "what have those U2 fellows been doing since the eighties anyway?" and I'd like my own version, "what have those U2 fellows been doing since they did that demo of Womanfish on Irish TV on 30 January 1986 anyway?" But ... that's a bit of an over-reaction. I've just been drowning myself in early material lately ... (random: what in the world is up with the Dub Mix of Wire? I like it!) ... though I discovered the insane powers of Zoo Station earlier today when I bounded out of my chair and started doing an insane kicking motion like Bono did on ZooTV.

The original mix of Lady With The Spinning Head is cooool. For quality instrumentals, I say to you: Boomerang I, Boomerang II, and Bass Trap (the 5:13 version!). The Unforgettable Fire era had the coolest instrumentals. It had about the coolest everything. 4:10 studio version of 11 O'clock Tick Tock, The Three Sunrises, and just ... wow, it's amazing how far Brian Eno took the band from War. But War was brilliant too. I'm going to make my own custom War;

1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. Seconds
3. New Year's Day
4. Like A Song ...
5. Drowning Man
6. A Celebration
7. Trash, Trampoline, And The Party Girl
8. Two Hearts Beat As One
9. Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop?)
10. Surrender
11. Endless Deep
12. 40

U2:3 VERSION OF OUT OF CONTROL SO VERY COOL!!!EEEEE!!! Wow, it's surprising how it changed and evolved for the Boy CD.

Ooooh, and my custom The Unforgettable Fire;

1. The Three Sunrises
2. Boomerang I
3. Boomerang II
4. A Sort Of Homecoming
5. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
6. MLK
7. The Unforgettable Fire
8. Wire
9. Love Comes Tumbling
10. Promenade
11. 4th Of July
12. Bad
13. Bass Trap (5:13 version)
14. Elvis Presley And America
15. Indian Summer Sky

I'm listening to that now, and I'd close it with 11 O'clock Tick Tock (4:10 version) if I had it.

--- 10:24pm ---

This'll be a bit weird ... I'm just playing around with songs.

1. Zoo Station
2. Even Better Than The Real Thing
3. Until The End Of The World
4. Lady With The Spinning Head
5. The Fly
6. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk/Korova 1
7. Mysterious Ways
8. One
9. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?
10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
11. Acrobat
12. Love Is Blindness

Hmm ... how about a combination of Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and other such stuff from that era?

1. Zooropa
2. Zoo Station
3. Numb
4. The Fly
5. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk/Korova 1
6. Some Days Are Better Than Others
7. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
8. Lemon
9. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
10. Miss Sarajevo
11. One
12. Mysterious Ways
13. Even Better Than The Real Thing
14. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
15. Acrobat
16. The Wanderer
17. Love Is Blindness

So I felt like being all random. And the original version of Lady With The Spinning Head leaves the Extended Dance Remix on the Best Of B-sides CD for absolute dead.

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