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Heaven knows this is a heartland ...

OK, I've fallen in love with the U2 song Heartland. It is just ... wow. I love it. It's brilliant and incredible and I could listen to it forever. I could also listen to Bad forever. It's kinda hard to drop Gloria (Under A Blood Red Sky version) as my favourite song, but it seems to be getting dropped ...

Right, moving on to other stuff. I am going to stop procrastinating. My procrastination will STOP. I am actually going to read some of the play for Drama when I go to bed tonight. I am, yes. *gasps of shock* I need to stop procrastinating and this is the first, small step in the road to getting stuff done. Geez I'm lazy at times. Find me something I WANT to do (and give me a few more hours in the day while you're at it) and I WILL do it - i.e. get online - but if it's something dull and stupid like a Drama assignment, then I have no motivation whatsoever to do it and I keep on putting it off. I'm so looking forward to the summer holidays. I'll spend the first half of December doing absolutely stuff all, just getting online and recovering from school, and then I'll probably get to work on my story and my Greek. See, that's why these winter holidays are too short: just when I start to be motivated to work on my Greek and my novel, I have to go back to school. I can still work on my Greek during schooltime, but schoolwork has to come first, so the Greek often gets left to last and thus not done. But I don't like to work on my novel during schooltime. I'll start work on a scene one night, then have to go to bed, get homework the next few days, come back to it on the weekend, and find the train of thought has left the station but I'm still standing on the platform. It's infuriating. Some scenes are very big and complex, so I need to actually have the time to just focus on them and write them from start to finish, time I rarely get during the school term.

On to other things, I need to get a job. However, I have no idea where I'm going to get one. I don't suppose my poor eyesight helps me much. But I need to find something, and soon. This state of poverty must be broken!

Now to go off on a tangent on something totally unrelated to anything above, I was going to be taking the train up to Brisbane to meet Lily. We're going up by car now, but me and Mum were going to go up on the train, and so because the timetable we have has probably expired by now, Mum dropped into the station earlier today to get a timetable. Now this is a WEEKDAY, let me remind you, and the station she dropped into is one of the most important on the Gold Coast and thus is SUPPOSED to be open. However, it WASN'T. And not only was it NOT open, there was NOWHERE to get timetables. Totally bloody useless. It was SUPPOSED to be open, and, when it's closed, there should at least be SOMEWHERE to get timetables from. What are they worried about? Someone's going to come up and swipe them? Haha, the common petty thief is either too stupid to think of robbing a railway station or would steal something of more use than a whole pile of timetables.

I can see it now, at Petty Thieves Anonymous ...
Petty Thief #1: Today I swiped all these street signs. I'm going to go put them up around town to confuse motorists!
Petty Thief #2: I managed to get three wallets in the last hour!
Petty Thief #3: I took these CDs *waves ten CDs in the air* from outside that music shop around the corner.
Petty Thief #4: That's NOTHING, guys. I stole OVER A HUNDRED timetables for the Gold Coast line!

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