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Dear MSN and whoever may own you,

This is not good enough. Kicking me off MSN because your server is too busy is simply shameful. Please pick up your act. At least AIM can handle the amount of people using it. Especially do not kick me off when I'm waiting for Lauren to come back so we can have a voice conversation or when I'm having a terribly amusing argument with Burns. Now buy more server resources, sign me on, and let me do what I want to do. Your incompetence is disgusting and repulsive and you make me want to damage many things. The fact the server status page won't load to tell me what in the world is going on in your incompetent little world is also maddening and I think you really do deserve to be shot into the sun. Furthermore, when your server status page does finally load, do not tell me that all systems are running and stable because they are NOT. You people are incompetent and embarrassing and this is the second day in a flaming row. Find some ability, please.

No kind regards whatsoever,

PS at 10:29 - No. Don't tell me I can't log on because my contact list has been temporarily lost. You useless pricks. Pull yourselves together NOW.
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