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The newspaper says, says, say it's true, it's true ...

Wow. Lauren (or any other Georgian reading this), why is it your state always gets the good U2 concerts? And why is it no-one ever mentions Atlanta concerts are brilliant? They are so incredible. 1 December 1981 has the best Fire ever, and 5 March 1992 has a string of (equal) bests: Zoo Station, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Bullet The Blue Sky, With Or Without You, and Love Is Blindness. I was liking 8 December 1987 before tonight, but I'm just listening to Bad and it's blowing me away. This is INCREDIBLE. It's not a true epic Bad (9:08 compared to the 12:31 of Live Aid and 12:03 of Bologna '85, though the studio version's only 6:09, or 5:51 on the Best Of), but it's spectacular. Bono just randomly starts making up verses and it's beautiful. I tried to type it out but I just can't understand it, some of it's in thick Bongoliese. In any case, Bono accidentally starts on the "If I could, through myself, set your spirit free" verse for a second time, and realising his error as he says 'set', he just launches into completely new stuff and it's awesome. And it's The Joshua Tree Tour, so he has that wonderfully strong voice, and it's so awesome. Did I say it's awesome? It's awesome. Really, Bad's awesome, 'nough said.

Yeah, so I'm still hyped up over the tour announcement. I am seriously thinking about coming over to the US for one of the early dates, which means I've been checking up on previous tours, attempting to predict where it would go. An announcement of dates will help me greatly indeed. An idea of how practical this trip idea would be would help me even more. It's quite simple really: if U2 goes on tour in February 2005, I'm not waiting until December at the earliest for them to get down here. I hate living down here at the bottom of the world, so I'm going to make the best of a bad situation and jump on a plane. Also, it'd be a good way to meet some of you.

The Geography exam today was so easy like you wouldn't believe. It's the kind of thing I could do in my sleep with my hands tied behind my head. Ironically, because of my eyesight I'm allowed four lessons instead of three to finish it, and I'm already roughly half done already. Am I the only person who spots the irony in the fact that arguably the smartest guy in the grade gets more time than everyone else? Seriously, I'm afraid of how well I'd do if I studied as much as my competition, but I quite simply don't care enough. You don't need much more than an OP3, and once you get into university, your OP becomes irrelevant. All I'd need an OP1 for is to satisfy my ego, and that'd be stupid. So I'm quite happy to kick back, do little, and take at least an OP3. officially stinks. Alright, so I still like the place in a way, but the Teens forum is driving me batty and I'm on the verge of letting loose with a vehement rant there. Whatever happened to the intelligent discussion on the Teen Guys forum? It's now a farce involving a bunch of teenage guys discussing girls. The way some guys act, you'd think girls are this foreign species that, while alluring, are dangerous to be within twenty kilometres of, and one must act with supreme caution upon approaching one ... or it's dangerous to be any further than twenty centimetres from one, depending who you choose to listen to. It's getting quite ridiculous and I'm losing patience with the place.

I'm looking forward to doing a good amount of work this weekend, and not just on schoolwork, but on my story and other stuff too. I hope I stick to this resolution.

--- 9:59pm ---

I'd also like to point out the very cool statistic that U2 has sold more than forty-eight million CDs in the USA alone, and that is based on verification levels that are so out of date it's not funny. For example, The Joshua Tree, which has gone platinum ten times, was last certified in 1994. That's TEN YEARS AGO, people, and the album remains a consistent seller. I know people who in all seriousness estimate current figures for The Joshua Tree in the US alone are 18-20 million. All That You Can't Leave Behind has just been recertified at four times platinum, while the following all have not been recertified in at least 8-10 years (there's some big names here): Boy, October, War, Under A Blood Red Sky, The Unforgettable Fire, Wide Awake In America, The Joshua Tree, and Rattle And Hum. Furthermore, neither Pop or Achtung Baby have been certified later than 1997, and Achtung Baby sold eight million CDs in 1991-1997, so it is very conceivable that it's well past 10 million now.

Now back to the figure of 48 million. 70% of the music-buying public is outside the USA, so if statistics are consistent, that would mean U2's sold a grand total of roughly 160 million. That's just insane! I'd love to see their stats for Ireland, the UK, and The Netherlands, their three biggest markets beyond the USA (or not necessarily biggest when it comes to The Netherlands, but U2's had great sales there right from the start - some say the Dutch support of the October album guaranteed the band's future).

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