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High, higher than the sun
You shoot me from a gun
I need to shake, shake
Go, go!
I believe in a celebration
I believe you set me free
I believe you can loose these chains
I believe you can't dance with me
Boom-cha! Boom-cha! Discotheque!

So maybe I should never attempt to do a medley of Elevation, A Celebration, and Discotheque ever again, but those songs have been running through my head all day and I've randomly broken out into portions of them, notably "Boom-cha! Boom-cha!" And I started singing Zooropa to - or at least through - the window at maths today. Oh, and I think I disturbed Aaron then as well. My latest hit single, entitled Ice Cup For Me, is now stuck in the poor blighter's head, I believe.

Speaking of the poor blighter, him and Jamie are both starting to irk me, and I don't give a toss about the fact you can read this, Aaron, especially seeing you've probably figured out how I'm feeling anyway. Basically, things are happening with both Aaron and Jamie, and neither are telling me what in the world's going on. Sure, maybe it's none of my business and if it was just at that, I wouldn't care beyond feeling concerned. But everything seems so secretive and makes no sense, so that instantly makes me want to know what the zark is going on and why it seems so bloody terrible. I spent half of lunchtime trying to guess what was up with Jamie - he found it terribly amusing himself - and apparently I nearly got it. His analogy was: "You're a man staggering around in an empty, darkened room, trying to stab a single mouse with a small knife. You've thoroughly missed with the knife, but one time you nearly stood right on the mouse." So hm.

Today I had the worst ice cup ever. I don't know what it actually was, but it tasted like a sickly peach; still was nice, though. Chapel wasn't all that bad this morning, but you know what bothers me? This popular idea in Christian circles that Jesus is "my best friend!" Uh, no. Get a grip. Jesus is NOT your best friend. Let's just reduce God to some human concept now, why don't we? Let's shove him in the best friend box and be happy that he's just so cool that he's MY best friend, YOUR best friend, and EVERYONE'S best friend! Really. I know who my best friend is, and it's not Jesus. If he's just my best friend, he's doing something wrong in the God department, that's for sure.

And ... that's about it. Arriving at school exceedingly early didn't suck nearly as much as I thought it was, I found a marvellous quote for my English article, maybe I should do some homework tonight for a change, and ... yeah, that's about it. I did have something else to say, but no longer.

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