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But I did what I did before love came to town

All you RPG hijackers: this might be fun. A bunch of my friends and acquiantances from school go there (Pat, you may recognise Finbar and Constance as Snrub and Rhiana respectively), and a bunch of guys in my grade have gotten ahold of the address and caused some mayhem that appears to have been deleted. I had good fun on this thread, though I think the admin are Nazis and will have my post deleted by the time any of you get to it.

I just realised that The Fly really is one of the most awesome songs. Or re-realised, because I've actually known this for a long time. Plus, the best versions of Mysterious Ways are not 23 September 1997, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, or 1 September 2001, Slane Castle, Ireland. Nooo. The best version is 29 March 2003, Charlotte, USA, for the simple reason that they make a couple of stuff-ups that rather than ruining the song actually add to it. Edge starts off playing guitar that sounds more like it belongs on The Fly and then going into the riff, he starts way too early and plays the beginning twice. It's coolness.

That was random and was never meant to appear at the start of this entry.

Alright, so let's go from the start today. I woke up, went through the normal morning routine, bla bla bla, then about two minutes before we were about to leave, this sudden awful thought hit me: "SCHOOL PHOTOS TODAY!" So I hurriedly polished my shoes, got my payment form filled out, and desperately hoped I didn't look too bad. The good part is that, being grade twelve, we're first up, so there was no chance of my blazer getting dirty like things always seem to on photo days.

I hate having my photo taken, I really do. Why? Because I'm hopeless at just smiling when you point a camera in my direction. Either I don't smile and look unhappy, or I smile really stupidly and look like a moron. I tried smiling this year and I'm afraid of what the result will look like. Then when they did the individual photo after the class one, they got some shocking glare off my glasses and had to get me back again. These glasses always cause issues - if anything ever gave shocking glare, it's these thick things. It's just lucky I wasn't wearing my even thicker reading glasses.

So after that, we wasted time in English, bummed around during morning tea, and then in SOR, we're watching LOTR:FOTR. Quite frankly, I'm finding it boring. This is the fifth time I've seen it, which is ironic, seeing I think it's the most boring of the three in the series (though I'm hardly denying how brilliant it is). Indeed, at morning tea, Sam invited me to a marathon of all three on the weekend, but firstly I'm too stingy to go and secondly he said he's not sure if he wants me to go yet. I know exactly who he wants to take. Some of what he's said about her ... has worried me lately. May seem sweet to other people, but I just think it's daft. Then again, I'm the Anti-Relationship Guy, which may explain why no-one ever talks to me about them. I'm just waiting until someone accuses me of having no emotions because I'm against relationships during the highschool years; it's bound to happen sooner or later. Someone tried to call me negative towards girls, but that's so wrong it's not funny, as a few of you know extremely well by virtue of being good friends of mine and being female.

Anyway, I've got off track. During Maths B we were messing around with each other's names, swapping the first letter of the last name with the first of the first - i.e. André Withoutalastname = Wndré Aithoutalastname - and the funniest was Pat Ranty = Rat Panty. He's now calling himself Rat Panties, which I find extremely disturbing. What was just as disturbing was when Sam started to imitate a constipated cow, though it was bloody funny. We got no work done during that lesson, but so what? Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm getting to school at 7:30 tomorrow morning so I have heaps of time to catch up on stuff.

So after the wasted Maths B lesson, I hurriedly got my stuff together, raced down to the bus stop, and for why? The Passion! Yep, today I saw it again, and to put it lightly, it was a really interesting experience. The impact is not dulled whatsoever - you still get all the shock, all the horror - but the way you feel is different. While I was absolutely in stunned shock the first time, this time I could actually rejoice at the resurrection scene. When Christ stands up, it's just ... wow. Suddenly all this hope replaces the shock, this desire to worship hits you, and you realise that Christ did defeat death. So I took a lot away from this second viewing ... it really is the kind of movie that is not blunted or dulled by repeated viewing, because you can't water down what the Gospels say (despite what some idiotic modern translators seem to try to do). I cried this time as well, possibly more than last ... the scourging scene gets me every time. It's awful, it really is. Just like last time, I walked out looking absolutely stunned and barely able to speak. I've also got a newfound respect for Rob Moxey, and just like last time, during every scene with Judas, I could hear U2's Until The End Of The World in my head. It is from Judas to Jesus, after all. "In my dream I was drowning my sorrows/But my sorrows, they learnt to swim/Surrounding me, going down on me/Spilling over the brim/Waves of regret and waves of joy/I reached out to the one I tried to destroy/You, you said you'd wait 'til the end of the world." If they do a soundtrack for the movie, UTEOTW would be the PERFECT song for it. When Love Comes To Town would also suit it great, seeing it's about redemption.

After the movie, I had some time to waste at the shops until Mum arrived. Now think about this. I hate shopping centres and crowds, but I love books. Where do you think I'm going to go? Yes, I went to the bookstore and loved it immensely. I found a wonderful book, Why Do People Hate America?, and I wish I'd bought it because it was so well researched and made so many good points. Some wonderful quotes. Maybe I'll go back and get it ... oh, and there was also a wonderful book there on The Passion that I liked too, but it was way too expensive.

So. That was my day. 'Night folks.

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