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You can't tell me you didn't see this coming

Bono and Edge, when given the news the Where The Streets Have No Name video shoot is being shut down.

A happier moment earlier: Bono singing Streets live for the video.

Clayton looking cool while playing Streets.

Eleven years later in Santiago, Chile, and Bono fancies his umbrella is a missile.

It went off?

Just WHERE is that light coming from?

(I also believe I have one of the light coming out of his heart, but I can't find it)

We like our lemons forty feet tall ...

... and they're even better when U2's coming out of them!

I said "Boom-cha!", damnit!

Bono brings the Mothers Of The Disappeared onstage in a very emotional, moving moment.

Singing a very emotional performance of Mothers Of The Disappeared to the people who gave the song its name.

All screenshots courtesy of yours truly.
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