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Seems like mainstream Christianity's angered me again ... but first, some other stuff

Well, today. Hmm.

Buddhism exam: on the whole, it was tremendously easy, but there were a couple of confusing questions. I think I did well. I hope. I'm not sure what Johnno's like when it comes to marking. I hate doing exams that count towards my final marks ... always makes me terribly uncomfortable. 141 days of school left as of tomorrow, and that's ... that inspires a whole bunch of emotions in me, knowing how little time we have left. Though I can't wait for university.

I reached a bunch of conclusions I've already reached before.

Dinner was feral. Some pizzas just should not be made.

Turned up for a debating meeting fifteen minutes early ... and guess what, it wasn't on. It'd been cancelled a couple of days ago and notification sent out to our school e-mail addresses. Of course, no-one on the debating team actually checked their e-mail and so we all rocked up. So we talked for five minutes, then went off and did ... whatever. I met up with Jamie, we headed up to the library, found Snrub (Burns), and accidentally read a disturbing PM his girlfriend sent him. We joked about it all day.

I got sooo mad at chapel. I cannot emphasise how angry that made me, and I've lost all respect for the chaplain. When he was praying, I just sat there glaring straight ahead ... and muttered "You Pharisee, you fucking Pharisee" a couple of times. I was on the verge of walking out, and I mean as close as you can come. It's a wonder I didn't get up and just leave.

Just ... grr. The band played this morning, and like all times, they stank something fierce. Whoever plays guitar really needs to learn to play better than Chord/Different chord/Chord/Different chord, they need to get some way better songs, the drummer was fairly unimpressive, and it was just embarrassing to be there. The songs are terrible. "Let's rip directly out of Scripture, put it together haphazardly, tack on a 'you said' to it, and hope it sounds good!" So we stood there, and while Aaron sang along - really mate, I respect you and all, but what is up with your music tastes? - Jamie and I stood there, some of the time blankly staring ahead, some of it mocking the embarrassing display on stage. Of course, not in any way to draw teacher attention. Don't want to be one of the ones pulled up for disrespect.

But anyway. The chaplain got up, and decided to give his spiel. And that's what sent me over the edge. The general implication of it was that all Good And Pure Christians (TM) will sing along with these songs and will actually enjoy chapel. So we're setting standards now? Forget the quality of the music or anything, if you're a Good Christian, you'll join in and like it, no matter what! You're going to love it and it'll make you right with God. Grr. It's hard to express how I felt, and I've deleted a good deal of what he said from my memory. But it was so insulting and superior. I know you're going to contradict this, Aaron, I just know it, so before you say anything, get out of your Christian bubble. Chapel made me sick and reminded me all over again why I hate mainstream Christianity. It strays so far from Christ's teachings it's not funny. I don't participate in chapel and I never plan to - that doesn't affect my relationship with God, it tells you what I think of chapel. And if that drivel counts as worship ... that's embarrassing, that really is. These people need to get a grip. Days like today are what make me desperately want to form a band, play one insane set, and show everyone how it's meant to be.

Where The Streets Have No Name --> 11 O'clock Tick Tock --> Exit --> Gloria --> I Will Follow --> The Cry/The Electric Co. --> Acrobat --> 40

Yeah, so. I don't even want to go to chapel any more. You can't just do something poorly, say it's in the name of God, and expect that to be OK with everyone. You just CAN'T. Show a bit of respect. If you're going to do something for God, at least make it good and worthwhile, and DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER say or imply that to be a 'good' Christian, you should join in. Just ... no. That's so very wrong. Pharisee.

And uh ... if you're going to say hello to me on MSN, is it too much to ask for you to actually, well ... talk? And no, don't repeat 'hey'. That's just stupid and makes no sense. In addition, once you finally get around to talking, do not ask who I am if you were the one who added me a long time ago. Especially don't do this if you've asked me the same thing every time you've randomly spoken to me over the last few months.
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