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History never repeats ... sorry Split Enz, you were wrong

Tyndale's bloody well at it AGAIN. Yep, they just couldn't get enough of shutting us down at the LBMB roughly eight months ago, so now they're giving the same treatment to Soon! How bloody wonderful. What more have I come to expect from Tyndale House Publishing? Sure, I wasn't nearly as attached to the SMB as I was to the LBMB, but it bloody stinks and it's the principle of the matter. How dare they do it again. Shows their true colours, that's for sure. And Tyndale, you were hoping that those of us who said we'd never buy a product of yours again would go back on our words? Not any more. I'm glad I have a debating meeting and an exam today to take my frustration out on.

--- 7:07am ---

I posted this a long time ago, around the time the LBMB went down, and it's just as apt today. I give you ...

The Prayer Of The Tyndale Executive!

Tyndale executive: "Oh great dollar sign, may I always be gaining pieces of paper with you on them. May you always be near to me, always accumulating, never decreasing. May I be with you forever, may I crush all in my way to get another single cent, may I place you above all else. You are my god and my leader, and may I never cease to serve you. Oh dollar sign, with your curve and straight line, you make me complete, and I need more of you. May I ruin many great things to accumulate more of you. May my material wealth continue to grow. $$$$."

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