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We need calculators for the manuals!

The time: About 2pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), 03/03/04
The place: B5, [My School]
The reason for being there: Mathematics C
The conversation: Something to do with graphics calculators
The participants: André, Patrick, Queenie, Sam, and Aaron listening right by us
The André quote: "Hey, we need calculators for the manuals!"

I think Aaron and I laughed for a good few minutes. The particularly amusing part is most times when I've tried to repeat it, I've actually said it the RIGHT way around. The whole lesson was amusing and it's remarkable we got any work done, what with Tom 'accidentally' throwing Chantelle's learner's license out the window (we're on the second floor too, and it nearly went down a drain), Michael Mitchell harping on about the correct way to say "sharpened bamboo!", the random scuffles that always break out when you have Sam, Pat, and Tom in a room together, me sticking my head out the window and leaving it there to enjoy the cool breeze, and discussions with Queenie, the funniest teacher in the school. Yes, we Maths C nerds know how to be disruptive too, y'know.

I love it when cyclones out in the ocean send great breezes our way. Maybe it's something about being a Wellingtonian, I don't know. But it's been so windy today because of a cyclone off Vanuatu (apparently its strolling its way over to already severely flooded New Zealand) and either I am totally unobservant of anything around me or it really picked up sometime during Maths C. When I was walking from Maths C to German, a gust thought it'd be fun to pick up my calculator and send it skidding off away from me. Otherwise, I thought it all terribly fun. I also discovered that I really do have no grasp of dates and times at all, thanks to a discussion with Jamie in SOR. Speaking of that, I'm thinking I'm understanding a good deal of what I need to know for the exam tomorrow, but I'm not confident. The study classes we've had during lunchtime the last few days have been good. Tomorrow, leading up to the SOR exam, I have study --> lunchtime SOR study --> study. Couldn't ask for anything better! Whee.

English essay is fuuun. I get to rip Bush's recent State of the Union addresses to shreds to support a viewpoint I don't fully endorse. But I mean it when I say it'll be fun. I even quote Split Enz (GASP, NOT U2!) in my introduction.

Really strange random thing happened to the car today. A friend of the family, Geoff, is borrowing Mum's car while she's away and taking me to and from school. So he picks me up this afternoon and the entire back windscreen is shattered. Not as in not there, it's shattered and looks like it's well and truly covered in ice. It just spontaneously burst while Geoff was in Subway, having a filled roll for lunch ... he took it to a windscreen place and they can't explain it - there's no contact to show it's been smashed by anything, it just burst. I thought that was pretty weird and it's going to be stuck like that for a few days.

Haven't heard from Mum at all while she's been away. I would've thought that she would've sent me a text message at least ... they're sailing up the coast and can't have been totally out of range for the whole time! No-one's heard anything. And today they were in Cairns, as in IN Cairns, on land ... strange. Too busy having a good time, I suppose.

I've reasoned that I make the world's best crappy sandwiches, or the crappiest best sandwiches in the world. Go me. And if you had a whole fridge of ice cups, you'd do a roaring trade with me during period three, because that's always when I start to desire one. When I told Jamie "Y'know ... I wouldn't mind an ice cup right about now" during SOR (period three), he just laughed and told me to shut up. I'll never live down the fact that for four years, I insulted them. "It's just flavoured ice!" Yeah, but it tastes bloody fantastic.

U2 VCDs are AWESOME. Dortmund 1984! Incredibleness! Even Edge shows a bit of emotion on stage during The Cry/The Electric Co. ... I was hoping this was the concert during which Bono scales the 150-foot scaffolding in The Electric Co., but no. He does climb up to the upper deck of the crowd, though, and sings a snippet of Amazing Grace while hanging onto the railing. The scaffolding scaling ... I know it happened in Germany during The Electric Co. and I think it was in 1984 ... I wonder which concert it was, and if there's video. How I'd love that!

Everyone thinks I'm nuts because of the way I've been wishing people hello of late. OK, so I'm nots, but it's NOT because I say 'Greetings!' or 'Salutations!' I think I particularly disturbed Burns when I walked up to him this morning and said "Salutations, Snrub, how art thou?"

Um ... did I have something else to say? Yes ... I did ... and it was ... I don't know. Have yourself a good one.

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