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And the third plague upon the land was this: the dreaded alarm clock

Never, ever trust alarm clocks. Do not put any form of faith or trust or belief in these hateful devices. My alarm clock doubles as one of my CD players and I utilise the CD player as an alarm because the beeping noise of the alarm proper is just too quiet. However, the CD player has thoroughly died and when I go to set it on the right track at the right volume, it just whirs the CD 'round a bit, makes some funny noises, and won't play it. So I figured that perhaps it would work if I just set the alarm, and I wanted to find out a volume that was adequate. So yesterday I set it for 8:30am, thinking that's a good time to get up and all. It went off ... but I'd been awake for ten minutes. The CD wouldn't play so it skipped to the quiet beeping, then I reset it to go off the next minute and miraculously the CD played. Figuring there was hope after all, and that I'd test it again to see if it could wake me, I set it for a time this morning that I KNEW I'd be asleep at, namely 7am. Well guess what happened. I woke up at 6:45. How freakin' ironic. That alarm better work tomorrow.

So Mum and Alan have gone. Things are going pretty well here. We're all just going about our own thing this weekend ... tomorrow will be the real test. Robby's proved to be more thoughtful than I expected - he was making lunch and actually asked if I wanted some. So maybe he's not as self-focused as I thought. James seems to be forgetful, making spaghetti last night just like he did Friday night and when I told him it was the second night in a row, he laughed and looked surprised, but it still worked and I wasn't complaining.

MSN pulled the sign-on-sign-off-while-I'm-away trick overnight again. I'm going to leave it on again tonight, but if it does it again, then I'll be signing off overnight from now on. It's bloody infuriating.

Nothing else really of note. Got to do study this afternoon for my SOR exam on Buddhism on Thursday and should study some Modern History too. We're doing Australian history ... how exciting! Not like we did it every year from grade 5 to 10! Last year was nice because we didn't do any. Stupid Aussie history, it's not even like it's exciting the second time 'round. Also going to do some work on my story, whee.

Have a good one, folks.

--- 2:14pm ---

OH! I remember what I was going to say. I was so happy yesterday about it being the last day of summer. I was pleased and all was good ... until I looked at a calendar late last night and noticed this is a leap year. Accursed thing! Another day of summer woe! Oh well, at least summer's over TOMORROW. I'm looking forward to autumn, and even moreso than that, I'm looking forward to 'winter', aka Those Months In The Middle Of The Year That Are Mildly Cooler Than Summer.

Good riddance, summer! You are not wanted.

--- 3pm ---

It has been brought to my attention that yesterday was Aimee's birthday. A very happy late birthday to you!

On a much, much less pleasant note, today has just turned crap in three ways, one of them literally. Nature called, so I obeyed ... and guess what I found in the bathroom. Yep, one of the dogs decided it would be a good time to go for a dump on the floor. I will spare you all the details, but needless to say, it was unpleasant. Grr, pets. They can be so bloody difficult, and it was probably Sophie because she can't handle not being around Mum or Alan. I am so never going to have pets when I leave home. So after this escapade, I made my way back to my room, and on the way I noticed the bird ... still had her overnight cover over her! At two freakin' thirty in the afternoon! Both James and Robby had been out there and neither of them had cared to do a thing, and neither of them had cared to cover her last night either, so I ended up doing it at ten thirty. So I'm not impressed on that front and I'm going to need to keep a much closer eye on the bird. After changing her water and rolling my eyes in the general direction of James and Robby's room, I came back to my room, and lo and behold, the fridge had been left open. Finally something my fault. Bah.

Oh well, only minor things.

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