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I have said it before and I'll say it again: technology is loathsome

MSN is making enemies and fast. Very fast. When I finally conquer the world, it'll be one of the first things to find itself fired into the sun. Why the zark is it that when I woke up this morning, I WAS BLOODY SIGNED ON? Sometimes Appear Offline can really backfire on you.

And now AIM hates me and reckons things are temporarily unavailable when I know people on MSN are signed on and see me online but Away. IMs in general must hate me. They shall feel my wrath.

But anyway. Today I'm nervous. Mum and Alan are going away for a week, so it's just James, Robby, and I here. I don't know quite how this is going to work. I have a ride to school but I need to ensure I don't sleep through my alarm - eeep, with the unreliable piece of rubbish I have, I don't know how much of a certainty that is - and that I get ready in time, I don't quite trust the other two to exactly behave, and ... it's a week! OK, so I'm not as independent as I should be, but still! People so should not go on holidays. I don't like Mum leaving, not at all. Now I need to remember how to cook some stuff, and where certain things are, and I know it'll be me who'll keep everything in order because James is a lazy, irresponsible sod and Robby probably couldn't give two hoots as long as he's OK, so here comes fun. Apparently one of the dogs won't eat unless Alan and Mum are around, so this is going to be fun. Is it just too bloody obvious to eat when you're hungry? Pets ...

A Sort Of Homecoming makes me want to cry. Beautiful song. Just found the best performance of Until The End Of The World - 25 August 2001, Slane Castle. The OTHER Slane show.

I finished The Cardinal Of The Kremlin last night. That took way too long, especially seeing how absolutely incredible the book is, and I urge everyone not to just read it, but to not be daft and put it down for a whole week and not look at it, and also not to only read it in short 20-page bursts just before you crash late at night. Now I'm moving on to solely reading Chesterton's Orthodoxy, which I'm about halfway through now and I encourage everyone to read it even moreso than Cardinal.

I need a new newsmagazine. I'm starting to tire of Time's focus on America - I know it's an American magazine, but it's gone international so I'd expect better - and I don't want to get an Australian one because of the obvious Australian focus. But I suppose my quest for a truly international weekly newsmagazine that doesn't focus on just one country in particular is pretty much in vain. Oh well.

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