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To the side of a hill, blood was spilt ...

I just saw the most incredible movie. There are no words. The Passion Of The Christ is beyond a movie, it leaves EVERYTHING choking in the dust ... it's just ... so powerful. I ... that was amazing, that was absolutely incredible and so powerful and left the greatest impact. I cried. When they scourged Jesus, I cried. That was utterly awful. When they force Him to carry the cross and are whipping Him like crazy ... I wanted to get up and yell "Make it stop! Stop, you vicious bastards!" The only reason I didn't is because I was too stunned ... I think I spent most of the movie just gaping at the screen in awe and shock. When Simon of Cyrene yells at them, it's such catharsis, but it's not enough. It's not enough. I can't believe what He went through, it's so shocking, it's moving like nothing else, there was something more in that movie.

The acting is beyond superb. You don't need the subtitles, they're absolutely unnecessary. I feel it would've been better without them ... it's just done so well.

And the Pharisees! They are portrayed so well and it brings a new level of hatred. These ... despicable beings ... how they could stomach doing that ... the fact they fervently demand such a brutal, vile thing ... they had problems. And now ... I've come away with an even greater disdain for the modern church and all its stupid little cliches. The movie really drives home the suffering of Christ and what He went through like nothing else, it has maximum impact, and to think people water it down to these cheesy cliches and say "Jesus bled for me" without even thinking about what that entailed ... that makes me sick. He suffered, He freakin' bled and was in thorough agony - you could feel each strike of the cat-o'-nine-tails, each hit of the hammer driving in the nails, knowing that Jesus didn't deserve that but you did - He died in one of the worst ways possible, and then people just give Him verbal acknowledgement without even caring, and mindlessly spout off cliches like the loathsome Pharisees, thinking they're so holy and pure, doing the good thing, when they're really rubbing Christ's death right in His face. "Hey, You went through terrible agony, so I'm going to create a bunch of stupid catch-phrases to try to win people over and look like I have that oh-so-true faith."

I still can't believe what I saw. That is easily the best movie of all time ... or in actual fact, it ISN'T, because it's MORE than a movie. I was stunned ... I think I walked out of that cinema white as a ghost, I could barely speak. During the credits, I just stared at the screen, too shocked and awe-struck to do much, all I could do was pray, and ... there are no words. There are absolutely no words. It's beyond anything I could say.

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