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You know he got the cure, you know he went astray, he used to stay awake because of his love of Exit

Firstly: HOORAY, I have Friday off! Thank you muchly, Swimming Carnival.

U2 is love.

Don't say you didn't see it coming.

Today, in a word, stank. I'm feeling positive, but that's partly a result of the fact that I have Orthodoxy, the latest issue of Time, and an almost-but-not-quite finished Cardinal Of The Kremlin sitting right by me and some awesome U2 on my headphones. Not to mention my U2 music videos that I may put on just for the sake of it.

Frooom the start.

Maths C before school this morning was confusing. There is one area of maths I am no good with, and it's linear programming. I'm just hopeless at it, and I don't know why, because looking at it, it seems so blatantly simple, and when I see an answer, I'm all "Yeah, that's dead right, why didn't I figure that out for myself?" So I think I'll organise a tutorial with Johnno, the best maths mind in the school, despite what some other people may think. The man's a genius, that's for sure.

There were no study lessons today. That always makes a day bad.

Everyone vanished from me at lunchtime. Do you know how boring it is to wander around a school aimlessly, hoping to meet up with someone you know and like but not seeing one friendly face? It'll definitely be interesting to see who I'll still keep in contact with at the end of this year ... I can't wait to get out. I have a rant or two to go on, but not right now. Maybe at the end.

The debating seminar was better than expected. I didn't learn much that I didn't already know, but I love a free feed, and the company was good, notably Lucy and Lauren (no, not that Lauren, the Lauren B. in my grade). I had a good time talking to both of them, and despite the fact I wasn't learning much new, all the teachers who spoke were interesting to listen to. Particularly Stanton because she made us all laugh quite effectively, even if I disagreed with her on some points. She said it's critical to get an audience to like you, and she's right, but she said part of doing that is to not go out there and do total assault, and that's where I disagreed with her. I have my own style, and no-one's going to tell me to calm down - if I see the need for calm, there'll be calm; if I don't, then there won't. I've left crowds looking like they've been hit by a bomb, and that's my desired effect, ESPECIALLY if I'm third affirmative, because then you need to leave an impression that overwhelms whatever third negative leaves. Apparently they've brought in a new rule this year named Point Of Information, and we don't fully know what that entails yet, but apparently people are going to be able to interrupt an opponent in midspeech and rebutt them. That would be AWESOME. See, I hate being third affirmative because you can't rebutt third negative, and more often than not they say something really stupid or state a point I've already disproven. I've always wanted to get up and yell at them, and this really does turn debating into a proper argument. I loooove this decision.

Tonight we had a meeting to do with the Queensland academic results system and the like. Dealt with how our final reports will be done, what everything means, how it's calculated, bla bla bla. I think it's immensely unfair that the results of others on the Queensland Core Skills test (QCS) can affect your mark, but that's the way it is everywhere I know, with some form of assessment being affected by average marks. I won't go into any more details beyond to say that at the end of grade 12, you receive what's called an OP, or Overall Position. This ranges from 1-25, with 1 being the best and 25 being the worst. 1 will get you into anything you want at university, 2-10 into most things (obviously a sliding scale), 10-15 you'll probably have to go to a university in a less popular place (i.e. Longreach in Outback QLD instead of Brisbane or the Gold Coast), and if you do any worse than that, you might as well have not wasted your time or dragged someone else's mark down.

The school gave out OP predictions, based on last year's marks, and I was less than impressed, despite the fact that, to my understanding, I got the equal highest prediction in the grade. I got a prediction of 5-7. How loathsome. I don't care if that's a bloody good grade, it's not a 1, and it's not a 2-3. I refuse to get anything lower than 4. I know I could get a 1, so I'm damn well going to get it. What also annoyed me is they've omitted Modern History from the calculations and made it seem like I don't even do it. Excuse me, mate, but I'm into my NINTH TERM OF MODERN HISTORY. Wake yourself up. Good Popmart. So I'm going to go see one of the teachers in charge of that stuff tomorrow and get it sorted ... plus, they have my address wrong, despite the fact we've notified them of the change! Bah. On file, they still had my address that I left in APRIL 2003! Idiots.

Tomorrow will most likely be VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD.

Not only do I have TWO studies - count 'em, two of the little beauties - but I am also going to see The Passion! Eeeee. Got slightly cheaper tickets, so I'm heading to Sam's place after school and we're going to see it with Ben and a bunch of people from his church or something like that. I've gotten over my animosity towards Ben and now I must say I don't mind him. This is, of course, a very good thing. But I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE PASSION! PLUS, I'll get to see it AGAIN with my Study Of Religion class in about two weeks. I know this is one of those things I'm going to want to see again, so this is bloody FANTASTIC.

Someone should make ice cups illegal. Why? Because those things are addictive! One's just not enough.

Got. To. Get. Scanner. Fixed.

A rant or two ... may be coming. I'll see if time allows for an edit.

--- 10:48pm ---

I think combatting heresy is becoming an interest of mine at the moment. I really should write a few articles on it. But one that came up during SOR was a popular heresy from the East, the concept that all is one. I really have no way to rebutt this because the sheer concept is just that daft. All is NOT one. Achtung, baby: am I you? Nope. Thus, all is not one. It's just that obvious, and I don't see how you could claim otherwise. Claiming all is one may be dreadfully difficult to prove wrong, but that doesn't make it true by default - I could say that right on the edge of the universe is a solar system containing three planets, all of which are populated by yellow elephants that play the trombone and bleat covers of Linkin Park songs, and because the location I claim for it is beyond the scope of modern telescopes to see to verify that the solar system I'm singling out is or isn't like that, you can't prove me wrong. That doesn't make my outrageous and thoroughly stupid claim right, though, and I feel the same applies to those all-is-one loonies. If all was one, I'd be Bono. If all was one, I'd be Hitler and Henry V and Stalin and John Proctor and Shakespeare. If all was one, I'd be the seat you're sitting on and you'd be the keyboard I'm typing on. It's the most daft philosophy, worth just as much time of day as my proposed idiotic notion of the planets populated by elephants.

Really, I don't like Eastern thought that much at all. It seems to be growing speedily in popularity, but I think it's incredibly heretical and possibly the most nonsensical philosophy to have ever come into this world. I can't stomach it or really grant it much respect, especially because relativism seems to be rife. The contradictions in Buddhism amuse me immensely and I might write more on it at a later date.

Oh, and atheism amuses me immensely too, partly because I once believed it. Extend atheism to its ultimate, logical conclusions, and it makes no sense at all. Indeed, various schools of atheistic thought are so self-defeating it's not funny, with people questioning the self and questioning the questioning. If you are questioning the questioning, then you are defeating yourself. If you are of the opinion that one has no self and hence cannot hold an opinion, then you are a hypocrite and are teaching false doctrine. If you question the questioning and are of the opinion one cannot be of an opinion, you are denying your own beliefs in your very self, and if you were to adhere to your beliefs, life would become so useless that you might as well just sit there and do little more than breath - though whether you are actually breathing becomes a new question, a question you are not allowed to ask because your philosophy says you can't question due to the lack of a self. Indeed, you don't even have a self to hold that philosophy. Are you seeing where I'm going? It's the most ridiculous system of thought, and it's probably even more stupid than all-is-one.

Atheism, in itself, isn't viable anyway. Basic science - the stuff I read about when I was eight and learnt about at school when I was thirteen - is enough to tell you that. How'd we get here? Atheism just can't answer that, for its own science defeats itself. It's the most basic argument that can be used to destroy atheism: something cannot come from nothing, thus a greater power was required to form the universe. Some won't use it because they think it's too basic or too cliche, but I think it's very easy and convenient.

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  • Keep left

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