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We love our random weather changes

Whoever said it was summer? Whoever was complaining about it being hot? Last night some rain rolled in and, as happens when rain rolls in, it started raining. When I went to sleep, it wasn't that heavy and easily not coming in my window ... I then woke up at 4am to discover I was being rained on. Not a good start. So I got up, closed the windows, went back to sleep on a slightly soggy bed, slept late because my pathetic CD player is still not working, and then made it to school late. Wearing my blazer was a very, very good move, because I sure needed it to protect myself from the rain ... though I still managed to get a chill anyway, when I got caught in a massive downpour from house assembly to my locker and then from my locker to German. It was coming down in a big way, that's for sure, and while most people would view today's temperatures as warm, they were cold by current standards, and I sure felt the drop in temperature. The rain poured consistently from late last night through to about 1:15pm today ... I haven't seen rain that heavy or that consistent in ages.

At my school, there's two blocks, F Block and the Home Ec Block. Between each is a small dip, I'm no good at estimating depths but probably about a metre deep, with a wide pathway through it, and on each side are balconies off the respective blocks, and I usually hang around on the F Block balcony. So today, I was hanging around there as per usual at lunchtime, and the pathway in between the balconies was literally a river. It was FLOWING. Getting from one balcony to another was an adventure, to say the least. It was nearly impossible to get off the F Block verandah - taking one staircase just caused you to jump into one end of the river, and the other, you had this body of water to jump over before you landed on some pavement that wasn't under water. Leaving for class at one point in the day, I just took it at a run, grabbed a hold of the bannister, used it to launch myself into the air, and with a cry of "Tally-ho!", flung myself over the water. That was good fun, I tell ye.

I hope it's not as wet tomorrow, or if it is, just not around my school. The idiots who develop the Gold Coast are doing such a poor job. Doesn't common sense tell you NOT to build on a floodplain? Oh, but they do. All their figures reckon that what they're doing will ease the flooding situation - well, as my Geography teacher said today, water is unpredictable and we simply do not know enough about it, especially not the underground stores, and the fact the scientific geeks are absolutely wrong was proven today - from just 15 or so hours of rain, there was some tremendous flooding. The driveway to the carpark Mum picks me up from was flooded under, and any deeper and she wouldn't have been able to get through. A few more hours of rain and a couple of the roads we take to get home would've gone under. It's a disgrace to town planning. The Gold Coast is sprawl, that's for sure, and they reckon they have controls but they seem pretty poor. Lovely city, but I'm seriously thinking of moving away. I say I'll stay here for university and commute into Brisbane, but I'm not so sure of that now - I may move up there. Maybe I'll go elsewhere, despite the inconvenience of having to get my high school final grade converted into the equivalent of elsewhere.

Tomorrow's really going to stink. Oh well, it's for debating, a good cause. In positive news, HOORAY, we're going to go see The Passion for SOR! Probably on the 10th. But I'll still go see it sooner, because ... I want to. A whole group of us are going to go, probably this weekend sometime. Hopefully Friday night.

I don't have much more to say.

--- 9:55pm ---

I've really gone off writing e-mails lately. I just ... don't care to. It's absolutely no comment on the person I'm in communication with, it's just that the desire to write e-mails has completely left me. So ... eh. I'd prefer it if people who want to communicate with me would leave comments. But I suppose I need e-mail for private stuff. Blah.

Hey Lauren, I hope you're reading this, because here's a nice, friendly reminder: LETTER. Hehe. But yes. Thou shalt writeth like the wind. I'm planning on doing a huge mail-out sometime in the coming weeks and I'd like to be able to include my reply to you in that.

Now I guess I better go hassle a couple of traders to hurry themselves up ...
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