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Walk on by, walk on through, walk 'til you run, and don't look back ... for here I am

I've just downloaded the coolest video. Alright, so the quality is crap because the idiot who encoded it did a really poor job, but once you get past the pixellation, you realise it's bloody awesome. It's at some music festival in Devore, California, USA, 30 May 1983 (just a few days before the infamous Blood Red Sky concert), and nearing the end of An Cat Dubh, Bono clambers over to a far portion of the stage, I find it hard to tell where but he might be on a runway or on the very edge of things, literally leaning over the front row (in any case, some crew on stage have to grab hold of him a couple of times to help him keep balance), and he just rips his shirt off, throws it to the crowd (to all you Bono fangirls, any screenshots would be pixelly and awful, and in any case I really don't care enough, I'm just mentioning this in leadup), and then he jumps into the crowd. It's so frigging cool. Someone whacks a cap on him and it's just ... good and U2-ey and it's amazing to think that twenty or so years on, Bono's still just as pumped up onstage (did someone say "running a lap of the heart?").

But the escapades of the early days were SOSOAWESOME. Scaling a 150-foot scaffolding during The Cry/The Electric Co. Using the pole of the white flag to climb from the stage to the upper deck of a theatre and singing the rest of Sunday Bloody Sunday while dancing on the railing. Jumping off the stage at Live Aid, out of sight of the rest of the band, and stealing the entire concert by poignantly hugging those women. In the middle of a Joshua Tree tour show, falling offstage during Exit, dislocating his shoulder, and playing out the concert.

"There's been a lot of talk lately about old music and new music. Let me just say, we play U2 music." - Bono, before Surrender, 30 May 1983

Random notes before the rest of the fanaticism.

Sam and I spent a good deal of Maths B laughing at a single Father Ted scene today: "What do you say to a nice cuppa tea, Father Jack?" "Feck off, cup!"

It was so hot today. Probably not as hot as the last three, and it's quite cool out at my place, but some parts of school, particularly around the gazebo, have this way of being REALLYREALLYREALLYHOT. Why the zark is B Block not air conditioned? It's cruel and inhumane. Why are they wasting money on a frigging theatre when B Block only has fans? Useless gits.

It better be cooler tomorrow. A storm's rolling in so maybe the rain will help to cool things down. Someone said something about a cold change on Wednesday, and they better be right. Speaking of Wednesday, it's going to stink something shocking. Here's my schedule: I have to be at school for Maths C at 8am, then I have to stay afterwards until 5:30pm for some debating thing, and then there's an information evening seminar I HAVE to attend from 7-8. I'm not sure if I'll even bother going home, I might just get Mum to arrive early and bring me dinner. Frigging ridiculous. Let's go have a twelve-hour day! On the one day I have NO study lessons. Good Popmart. The things I do for a school I'll be glad to leave at the end of the year ... I used to like it a lot, and I still think it's the best on the Coast, but it's gotten way too big and I'm sick of the over-emphasis on performing arts and sports.

Could we kindly STOP doing musicals? We had an argument about this during study. I don't like musicals and I hate it how every school only does them for school productions. Why not a play? I'd love a play. I'd actually feel excited about that. But musicals ... no. It gets so tedious and boring after a while, with all the productions being musicals. I think it's a whopping big waste of money anyway. Or maybe it's just that I really hate West Side Story.

Now, back to the fanaticism.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Guess what arrived in the mail today? Yes, indeed, the tapes of U2: Every Video Ever Made that my Nan recorded off TV in NZ! Eeeeee, so thrilling, even if it is WRONG. I don't care that they are wrong. It's U2! But they play the live performance of 11 O'clock Tick Tock from the UABRS video (incidentally my favourite performance) instead of the proper video, which is the studio version of the song played over the top of a taping of them at Leixlip Castle, 27 June (July?) 1980. I have the video, and I have the mp3 of the actual performance, so I might try and put them together. Whee. Then - where's I Will Follow, Two Hearts Beat As One, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Fire, In God's Country, and One Tree Hill? And why the zark is Gone labelled as 1991? The video they give for it is the performance at Sarajevo, 23 September 1997, and I have no idea if this was the actual video or not, and in any case, the song was 1. NOT A SINGLE and 2. WASN'T MADE UNTIL 1997! But wow, there was a video for Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)? Haha, it's amusing that they labelled the song It's Christmas, but eee. Oh, this is so awesome. GLORIA! That's like ... the best video ... ever. It's so funny! Adam's afro! The man who picks his nose for no reason! And just the sheer look-at-U2-they're-so-1981! factor is awesome.

Eeeee. I'm so hyper. This is awesomeness. U2 videos. U2 VIDEOS. Jubilation, elevation. I can't wait for the Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me video. I rediscovered that song last night. I was frigging dancing around my room singing that.


Anyway. As I was going to say, I was listening to HMTMKMKM last night, and then I went to reset my CD player so that it'd have Even Better Than The Real Thing wake me up, because that song's first on the CD rather than fifteen like HMTMKMKM is, and it's also nice and loud. And then ... it died. I tried to get the CD to play, and all it did was make strange whirring noises, shudder a bit, and act like a piece of rubbish. Sometimes it does this, so I'll just take out the CD, make sure the player's clean, and life is good again. But nothing worked last night. To add insult to injury, bugs were attacking me in droves and I want to know how the zarking fardwarks they're getting into my room. So I sprayed like mad, gave up on the CD, read some Chesterton and Gospel of Matthew, then went to bed, with no alarm. Of course, this backfired on me and I got up 25 minutes late. It's quite incredible how fast I do things when I'm running late. I plowed through everything I normally do before going to school in 10 minutes instead of the usual 25, and managed to have time to spare to sit down at the computer before heading off to school. I was almost pleased with myself.

The Even Better Than The Real Thing video makes me feel dizzy. But it has ZooTVisms flashing, so that's good. Pleasepleaseplease play The Fly video, don't be stupid enough to have played Gone instead of it. I hope they haven't been morons like that. But I wouldn't care too much, because this is just bloody awesome and I'm over the moon. I can see myself watching this over and over and over and over again. The All I Want Is You video is weird in a cool sort of way. And they played 11 O'clock Tick Tock first up! What more could I ask for? It being the 5 June 1983 performance! And it was! Squeeeeee.

--- 7:25pm ---

Eeee, they have played The Fly! Just labelled it as 1993! Haha. If you don't like Bono's Fly goggles, you have problems or something. They're such coolness!

--- 7:33pm ---

MacPhisto sings on the Lemon video! MISTER MACPHISTO! Gah. I'm in Heaven.
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