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André's log of 'weird';

- The fact that Mum and Alan are watching Ricki Lake, even though Alan says it's "absolute crap."
- American Idol is haunting me. At least the haunting it's doing of me at the moment consists of a fellow U2 fan and I bashing it on AIM.
- The In The Name Of Love CD - what the hell did they think they were doing to those songs? All I Want Is You is AWFUL. Some of the covers are OK, but it's so weird listening to U2 songs not sung with an Irish accent. 40 has been thoroughly butchered ... that thing's all about the bass (ironically played by Edge), and yet this cover ... WHERE IS IT? Gah. Starfield, whoever they are, should be shot.
- It feels like Friday today, even though it's only Wednesday. Though ... how is it that we say "it feels like such-and-such day"? How does something FEEL like Friday? Eh ...

I can't believe I'm expected to somehow see some terrible, awful photo for Geography well enough to do a realistic sketch of it, and for an exam that counts towards my final mark! This is FLAMING STUPID. Beyond the peak of the mountain and a couple more lines, I can barely see a bloody thing! How am I meant to label glacial features I simply CANNOT see? GRRRR. Reading that bloody map was bad enough.

The illness is getting better ... don't know if I'm going to school tomorrow, but I have to on Friday because I need to finish the Geography exam and because of a meeting relating to my eyesight.

Because lists are fun and I like U2 humour (even stuff I've written myself), I give you;

You know you're a U2 fanatic when;

- You feel the perfect size for a lemon is somewhere between 35 and 40 feet.
- You seriously think Mister MacPhisto is a household name.
- Waking up and finding a fly on your radio is not a bad thing.
- You understood the last point.
- You see the word 'pride', you start singing "In the naaaaame of love ..."
- Looking for a particular street simply demands that you play Where The Streets Have No Name really loud.
- Zooropa is an all-purpose word to say at any moment.
- You don't have a TV, you have a ZooTV; you shop at Popmart; all fires are unforgettable; and every person named Joshua has a last name of Tree.
- War is a good thing.
- October is the greatest of the months.
- Your favourite sky colour is blood red.
- A baby shaking a rattle causes you to sing Bullet The Blue Sky or any song from a particular movie about U2 released in 1988.
- Mentioning that it's eleven o'clock is a dangerous thing to do around you.
- Reaching the edge of something makes you instinctively ask for a pen and paper so you can get an autograph.
- You know a non-U2 song not because of its original version but because U2 did a cover of it or Bono sung a snippet live.
- Someone mentions a location and you instantly say "U2 played there!" and know the exact date and setlist.
- Browsing U2 setlists, even ones you've already read, is a favourite hobby of yours.
- Love is blindness and she moves in mysterious ways.
- You seriously think there are three sunrises.
- When on the train, you're always on the lookout for Zoo Station.
- When people tell you about the ocean, you don't think of the thing with salt water.
- You routinely forget bands/artists other than U2 performed at Live Aid.
- Bad is good.
- You think Bongoliese is a legitimate language.
- Seconds is not units of time, and you're convinced there are no grammatical errors in this sentence.
- You think every discotheque should have boom-cha!
- You like to stare at the sun.
- You feel loved.
- New Year's Day is not a date to you.
- Every night is the last night on earth, and you'll wait until the end of the world for it all to be gone, please.
- You created/are going to create a CD consisting entirely of various live performances of Out Of Control for your eighteenth birthday.
- You grew old with U2 or envy those who have.
- You think you should be allowed to count Rattle And Hum, Under A Blood Red Sky, or any other U2 footage as your favourite movie.
- You got a large hard drive just to store U2 tracks on. (why do you think I got this 120GB drive? 20 gigs just wasn't enough!)

I just downloaded a concert there's meant to be no setlist for. 7 December 1980 Washtington DC. Haha.

--- 3:05pm ---

The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis.

The Psalms: Introduction By Bono.
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