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I'd reuse yesterday's subject line, but that's just too slack, even for me.

Resolutions for today;

- Practice Geography like there's an exam on Tuesday. Which there is.
- Study Maths B and C like there's exams on Tuesday. Which there aren't.
- Read like ... something, because reading's good and I want to do more. I can't believe it's been over a week since I last picked up Cardinal Of The Kremlin. That's shameful and I need to manage my time better.
- Don't waste the entire day saying I'll get away from the computer and not actually do it.

Worst I can do is break all those.

I found a U2 concert from Wellington! 31 August 1984! This is so exciting, like you wouldn't believe. U2 in MY hometown. Or close enough, seeing I lived only about 50 minutes north. I must say I LOVE performances of Gloria from the Unforgettable Fire era. Wellington's not the best, but some others, like 21 November 1984, Dortmund, and 5 February 1985, Bologna, are frigging amazing.

I truly hate sketching landforms. Vertical exaggerations and maps are easy, but don't ask me to draw. I'm shocking at that. Gah, and I have to do it for my Geography exam and it counts towards my final mark. Woe aboundeth. But I should be OK, apparently if we even get just close we can get a good enough mark. We'll see.

I have absolutely nothing constructive to say today. However, let it be noted that I need Shakespeare and fast. The amount of times I've spoken to people in really bad Shakespearean English this week are not only astounding but also disturbing. My school library should prove to be immensely helpful in my quest for Shakespeare ... and I need to finish that book of plays by Anton Chekhov that I read part of last year. There's probably a lot I need to read. Chesterton's a genius.

OH! OH! Many of you are aware that I have said that all live performances of Pride are weaker than the studio version. I would like to admit, here and now, that I was wrong. I have found a live version of Pride better than the studio version, and guess where it's from! Wellington! The only version of Pride I know of that's better than the studio version is from my city! Whee! I'm all jubilant and excited and proud now. Hooray.

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