Axver (axver) wrote,

The wonders of nothingness in three paragraphs (make that four and a bit)

Today? It was pretty much one of those nothing days where you're really tired and just wish you can go home/to bed. The strange part of it all is that no matter how dead on my feet I am at school, I seem to perk up when I get home. But it's going to be an early night for me tonight ... another night of just 6-7 hours of sleep is not going to happen. Really, am I odd? Most people I know seem to function perfectly fine on that much sleep and I coped last year, but this year I'm finding I need 8 hours just to stay awake during the slower parts of some lessons.

So I get home today, hoping there's new shows up on either Electrical Storms or U2 Star ... but no luck. I was hoping that I would've heard from a couple of people I want to trade with ... no luck (apart from one PM on CF, so that's good). Speaking of trading, I need to burn the rest of the CDs I'm sending a guy down in Victoria. Well, that can wait, because he says he's busy and so I'll just slot in a burn when I can. But then I was finally in luck when I stumbled across a few very awesome U2 downloads - the U2:3 version of Stories For Boys and the Another Day (or was it ATAP?) b-side version of Twilight (first reaction: woah, different to on Boy!) - and the 27 October 2001 New York show. I'd love the 10 October 2001 Notre Dame show.

Really, do I have anything worthwhile to say? Semi-frozen orange juice is extremely nice, and always fun to mix with lemonade. Does that count as worthwhile? I must say I hate but I'd love it if I could afford to actually pay for a private membership, seeing they have some awesome U2 stuff on there. It's so blasted hard to get on the free account. Oh, and Aaron, that muttering during Maths B was REALLY peculiar. I think I might go read and do homework. I might just - gasp - make tonight productive! Haha, that'd be a first.

--- 8:31pm ---

WAIT! I thought of something pointful and worthwhile to say. We're doing stuff on Buddhism in Study Of Religion, and Johnno raised an interesting point. Well, raised an interesting point of Buddhism, and an example he used to illustrate it actually destroys the idea completely. See, Buddhism denies the existence of the self. According to it, suffering is in the world because of a desire for a self that isn't existent. The person I am is different to the person I was two years ago, the person you'll be when you're really old and lying on your deathbed will be different in both appearance and attitude to who you are today. We are not constant, and Buddha stated this shows there's no self. There isn't a 'me' because I'm constantly changing. I was trying to think of a rebuttal for it because I think such a notion is utter nonsense, but I was coming up with nothing ... until Johnno threw an example out there. He said "it's like a mountain - trees are cut down and there's erosion." Then it hit me. The mountain may change, it may lose some trees, grow some new ones elsewhere, have some erosion here and deposition there, but IT'S STILL THE SAME MOUNTAIN! It may have changed, but it's still the same mountain it was when it was named. The Mount Tasman I flew to the top of when I was six may not exactly resemble the Mount Tasman of today - the snow will be shallower or thicker, there'll be some different plants, et cetera - but it was still Mount Tasman, the very same Mount Tasman that you can go land on top of in a helicopter right now. So instead of proving the Buddhist idea that because of change, the self does not exist, it proves that even though there is change, there is still a self that can be called 'me'.

I didn't get a chance to put that to Johnno at any time today, but hopefully I will tomorrow. I'd love to see what his response is ... apparently, he quite likes Buddhism, even if he doesn't believe in it.

--- 8:43pm ---

Oh, and I just remembered this quote from a U2 video I downloaded yesterday. It made me laugh.

Interviewer: Edge, are you a virgin?
Edge: Of course I am!
Interviewer: Then how come you have children?

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