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Street Mission, a not-so-great escape, and other things

I would just like to tell everyone the following fanladish things;

1. Hawkmoon 269 live is a religious experience if you've got a soundboard recording. I've suddenly found myself hooked on this song. "Like a rhythm unbroken, like drums in the night, like sweet soul music, like sunlight ..."
2. I have officially found what I consider to be the greatest video ever, and no, remarkably it's NOT a full VCD of the 5 June 1983 Red Rocks concert. How does Street Mission live in Irish TV in early March 1978 strike you? That is the most amusing, incredible, hilarious, fantastic, bloody brilliant video I've ever downloaded in my life. Larry looks twelve! Now if it's early March, the various band members would be: Adam - about to turn eighteen; Bono - a couple of months off eighteen; Edge - sixteen and a half; Larry - a couple of months younger than Edge. It's quite incredible! I can't believe how young they are, and how good they are for their ages! Edge plays a very enjoyable riff that shows blatant Pink Floyd influence. The fashion is hilarious, Adam looks a good deal older than the rest, and Larry looks so incredibly young, like he doesn't belong. I can't believe they were making such good music at such a young age, especially Edge. I wish I could play guitar as well as that!

Awesomeness, truly.

On a sad note, one of our budgerigars escaped. Mum had replaced their water and left the little door on the cage slightly open, so somehow Grun managed to squeeze his way out and fly away. I don't think we'll see him again; he doesn't stand a chance out in the wild. The poor thing. Why do birds have to escape? I wish he'd come back, I hate thinking about what'll happen to him. Poor Weiss will now be lonely, so we'll get another budgie to keep her company.

I keep on slacking off with my homework and study. Despite how much I plan to do work, despite how much I want to succeed and do well, other stuff gets my attention and I just don't do it. Last night I was going to get off at 9 ... I got caught up replying to e-mails, talking to people, and downloading and watching Street Mission that when I finally crashed into bed at midnight, no work at all had been done. Right now, my books are open beside me ... and look what I'm doing. I keep on saying I'm going to stop procrastinating and I keep on breaking my word. I keep on saying I'll do more homework and more Bible study ... and I just spend even more time online or doing other stuff. I should work on my story but now I'm starting to forget plot elements and if this keeps up, I'll need to restart the bloody thing to remember where I'm at! I do need to organise my time more effectively. I'm getting quite terrible at this.

On another note, I hate it when I try to organise trades and people take forever to get back to me. I have some stuff I want to send some people, but I want to hold off until I have these trades done so that if there's some real gems in there, I can include them in what I'm sending. So those I'm trading with best hurry up.

Sam and I had a mock argument in Shakespearean English earlier today. That was possibly the weirdest conversation I've had in ages, but it was funny, even if our mastery of Shakespearean lingo is poor at best.

Anything else of note? I keep on hearing birds outside and thinking it's Grun ... I found 13 July 2001, Cologne online, which is cool ... hmm. Before I drivel off into more nonsense, I'll bid you all adieu and HOPEFULLY do a bit of work.

--- 2:35pm ---

What I forgot to mention ... New Zealand won the seven-a-side rugby tournament in Wellington last night! HOORAY! Dad called me from the stadium, and WOW, it was amazing, the crowd was going absolutely nuts, I could barely hear a word he said. Basically, I caught a word every now and then and tried to figure out whatever he was saying from that. I think I did a pretty reasonable job of that, actually ...

Go New Zealand!

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