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If you don't know ... The Electric Co.

Where to go when you don't know? It's called the Electric Co.!

Somebody cry, somebody cry, somebody die
Somebody sigh, somebody say, somebody say something
Don't you look back, don't you look back, don't you look back
Did somebody cry, did somebody cry, did somebody cry?
Well I don't want it to die here

Noo, yeah
So, it's so ??
Get up!

Boy, pretty boy
Don't sleep on something, you sleep on the subway
Toy, stupid toy
Get up off the ground, lost and found

If you don't know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
If you don't know, (Electric Co.) Electric Co.
Give it

I see it

Boy, stupid red
You make like deal
The toy can feel
Hole in your head
Now you go in shock
You're spoon fed

'Til you don't know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
If you don't know, (Electric Co.) Electric Co.
Electric Co.!

Two, three, four
Two, three, four
Why must I hide from myself?
When I need a crowd
Bring on the crowd
I love the crowd
Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me!

If you don't know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
If you don't know, (Electric Co.) Electric Co.
But if you don't know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
If you don't know, (Electric Co.) Electric Co.!

?? (Might be 'say something now' very fast)

Say so!

There's meant to be a hint there. Today the power went down for a good few hours, and at totally the wrong bloody time as well. Everything just randomly died at 3:30pm, and Alan was at work so those of us here - Mum, James, Robby, and I - had thoroughly no idea what to do and had to wait until he got home. We finally got power back just before 6 - I'm not quite sure what happened, but there was some sort of a malfunction Alan managed to solve not long after he got home - but then it was dinnertime and I managed to completely miss screendoor3's radio program. DAMN. Talk about a power cut at totally the wrong time. Now - even though it's too late - I'm trying to figure out how to get the radio station to work ... and I'm thoroughly lost. Can you tell I've never listened to the radio online before? Heh.

Alright, so just how did André cope with no power at all? Haha, dreadfully. Everything I do involves power - I listen to my music on things that need electricity (for a second I thought "Hey, I'll watch the Popmart tape!" then I remembered video machines use power just like computers), I write on a computer that needs power (I despise doing anything other than letter-writing on paper; no backspace key!), television remarkably needs power too, and so I was left with just my books and NO MUSIC. Not so bad, you say? Well initially I got pissed off with the power going down because I hate suddenly going offline with no explanation, especially when the people I'm talking to I actually really enjoy talking to. Then I decided this was just as good a time as any to go have a shower. After doing that, I went and grabbed a book ... and wanted to read. But do you know how hard it is to read when there is no music in your room and people elsewhere are making noises? Every single noise I heard distracted me - James and Robby talking, Mum cutting carrots in the kitchen, a lawnmower a good way away, everything. Dying for music so that I could read Chesterton's brilliant Orthodoxy in peace, I grabbed my discman, which I knew had flat batteries in it, and went in search of batteries that worked. Initially, that proved to be a lost cause, with every other one in my room also being dead and promptly finding itself in the bin. Then I had a stroke of genius ...

Why not use the batteries in my television or video remotes! So I grabbed the ones from my video remote, reasoning that because it's used less, the batteries will have more power in them. I put them in, turned my discman on ... and it turned itself straight off. Turns out the television remote had far better batteries, and so I finally had my peace to read in. Reading Chesterton to 5 October 1979 Cork and 23 January 1981 Belfast proved satisfying. But after a while I felt sleepy, so I put the book down and went to sleep until the power came back on.

So the condensed version: being without power for a few hours is bad enough, so André without power for more than that would be a dreadful sight ... and involve a lot of sleeping and a lot of showers (and before you ask, the hotwater tank was still warm ... but here, you're an idiot to have a hot shower, especially if your bathroom is the hottest bloody room in the house). Seriously, it's pointless to have a shower in this house ... the bathroom's easily the hottest in the house and the neighbours can see right in so you have to shut the only supplier of coolness, the window. So once you get out of the shower, you start sweating, and by the end of things you're not sure whether you're damp because you've done a poor job of drying yourself or because of the sweat. You end up worse than you started out - before you had the shower, you may not be that clean, but at least you're not dripping with sweat. I'm thinking maybe I should force myself to have showers in the morning, before the room heats up.

Today I discovered James and Robby are tremendously rude. Conversation I overheard while I was getting (not quite so) dry;

James is outside, Robby's inside. James's mobile rings ... and rings ... and rings.
James: Get it! Get it!
There's a pause.
James (rudely): Oi Robby, get it!
Robby: Where is it?
James: In the next room, ya faggot!

OK, so maybe it doesn't sound that rude typed out, but listening to it - and a few other conversations I couldn't help but hear in the silence - I found it very rude. Needless to say, I wasn't the impressed one.

Hmm ... I'm thinking I should do homework. Where's my Popmart Mexico video? Popmart was sheer awesomeness. Going by songs alone, pre-JT shows were the best, but when you bring the other tour elements into it, Popmart wins. What tour is complete without forty foot lemons? As Adam Clayton said, they're "the transport of the future, holding three adults and one child." I think Bono's the child ...

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