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Today. I'm feeling so imaginative with my subject line, oh yes.

I discovered something really disgusting not last night but the one before. There was this winged flying creature in my room - I only had my lamp on so I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but I think it was a fly - and I sprayed heaps with the insect spray, but it didn't seem to be doing much good. Finally the bug began to slowly die and was sitting on a small notch on the side of some drawers I have. I grabbed a tissue and went to try and squah it, but lo and behold, all I succeeded in doing was chopping it in two - the wings and part of the body flew away, never to be seen again, and the main portion of the body crawled around and made disturbing look-over-here-at-a-disgusting-bug-dying noises for about ten minutes before it keeled over and bit the dust.

I tell that story because there's very little of note today. Cricket's about to come on, Mum dragged me on a couple of messages when she picked me up from school, the first three lessons were typical of school - dull and little to note - and the fourth had the only other thing I have to talk about. There was going to be a surprise fire drill during period four, which I have Maths C with Queenie during. However, Queenie decided there was no point in getting us to do any work just for about five minutes, so - and this is why I love being in his class - he gave us all chocolates and we sat around, waiting for the siren to go off, which it did. We made our way to the oval, gathered, did the usual stuff, came back to class, and enjoyed more excitement. This came in the form of Michael Mitchell stealing Queenie's swivel chair and taking it over to his desk. Queenie, as you'd expect, wanted it back, but MM wouldn't give it up. So Sam and Ben tried to lure him off the chair, and when that didn't work, they pried him off the chair, with Queenie's help. The entire thing turned into a tussle in the middle of the class, with MM holding one end of the chair, Queenie holding the other ... and Queenie winning. At this point, let me remind you this is grade 12 Maths C, the hardest class you can possibly take with - supposedly - the most mature, intelligent students with the best maths mind in the school. But we have our fun.

OH! Sam broke his middle finger at rugby training on Wednesday. Can't say he's pleased about that, but at least it gets him out of swimming. So yes, all the more reason why catching a ball correctly is a great deal better than mis-catching it and snapping your finger. And also all the more reason why coming to Leadership Training is safer than doing rugby.

--- 1:40pm ---

British newspaper report:
Four youths from Canberra, Australia pulled off a trick of breathtaking bravado in order to gain revenge on a mobile speed camera van operating in the area. Three of the group approached the van and distracted the operator's attention by asking a series of questions about how the equipment worked and how many cars the operator could catch in a day. Meanwhile, the fourth musketeer sneaked to the front of the van and unscrewed its numberplate. After bidding the van operator goodbye, the friends returned home, fixed the number plate to their car and drove through the camera's radar at high speed - 17 times. As a result, the automated billing system issued 17 speeding tickets to itself. Go Aussies!!

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