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So I wasn't well and stayed home today. But me being me, I couldn't help but be happy. Days off rule, especially when I can do all I want during the day so at night I can work on homework and stuff that I should've done before. I just hope I don't squander this evening.

Check out my new user picture of awesomeness. I figured my mullet picture was due for a replacement ... with another mullet picture! This one I took myself as a screenshot from my Live Aid VCD. Bono had the world's most awesome mullet.

Please (live from Sarajevo, 23 September 1997)
Words and music by U2

Our country's a little like your country. Just a little. Coming from Ireland, coming from Ireland. And when our people get up off their knees too ...

So you never knew love
'til you crossed the line of grace
And you never felt wanted
'til you had someone slap your face
And you never felt alive
'til you'd almost wasted away
You had to win
You couldn't just pass
The smartest ass
At the top of the class
Your flying colours
Your family tree
And all your lessons in history

Please ... please ... please
Get up off your knees
Now please ... please ... please
Leave me out

So you never knew
How low you'd stoop to make that call
And you never knew
What was on the ground 'til they made you crawl
So you never knew
That the heaven you keep, you stole
Your Catholic blues
Your convent shoes
Your stick-on tattoos
Now they're making the news
Your holy war
Your northern star
Your sermon on the mount
From the boot of your car

Please ... please ... please
Get up off your knees
Now please ... please ... please
Leave me out

'Cause love is big
And love is tough
But love is not what you're thinking of, oh

Streets capsizing, spilling over, and down a drain
Shards of glass
Splinters like rain
But you could only feel your own pain
Talk getting nowhere
November, December
September, here we go starting again

Please ... please ... please
Get up off your knees
Now please

So love is big
It's bigger than us
But love is not what you're thinking of
Oh-oh-oh *Bono continues wailing through Edge's guitar riff, described by some as "like a banshee"*

It's what lovers deal
It's what lovers steal
You know I found it hard to receive
But you, my love, I could never believe

Please ... please ... please ... let's get up off our knees, now please ... please ... please ... get up off your knees, now please ... please ... please ... get up off your knees now ... please ... please ... get up off your knees now ... pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase ... pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase ... please *synchs into Where The Streets Have No Name*

I also adore World Where You Live by Crowded House. I adore Crowded House, really. I need to get one of their CDs.

Today is Rant Day. Therefore, I give you rants.

I really wish I owned my own radio station. At least then there'd be quality music on the radio. The radio in our car's playing up - we've bought a new one but haven't had it installed yet - and so some days it picks up the radio, albeit poorly, and some days it just doesn't. Lately it's been failing to work almost all the time, but yesterday on the way home from school, it spontaneously started working ... and I'm wishing it didn't. With the exception of a Creed song, EVERYTHING was rubbish. I HATE POP MUSIC. It's just absolute tripe. You have these people who cannot sing and have to have their voice modified in the studio so that what they're doing sounds even remotely like singing, music dubbed into the background because they couldn't play if their life depended on it and have no band, lip-synch live (I'll get to that in a minute), and were only signed up because they look good. I was on a poster website today looking for U2 posters and the stuff of people like Britney Spears was sordid and revolting. I wanted to throw up, I really did. Talent scouts today obviously can't do their job, because they sign up talentless wonders who are absolutely awful. It's all on looks, and that's a shocking comment on the mainstream music industry. You'd expect it to be a lot better than that.

Now to the lip-synching I mentioned. I hear there was shocking lip-synching at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show - amongst other shocking events - and I'm sick of how the pop industry is full of that. Basically every pop star lip-synchs live, or if they don't, they sound atrocious and prove that some idiot at the studio is modifying how they sound so that people buy their records. IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIP-SYNCH, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Music is all about playing LIVE. If you can't do it live, then go away. If you are that terrible that you need to sing to something pre-recorded, then why were you signed up in the first place, you hopeless excuse for a musician? Any artist worth a second doesn't need to lip-synch, they actually have the talent to sing live. Not to mention the fact they can also play their own instruments instead of something blaring over the speakers. I hate that.

There's something else that saddens me, and it has nothing to do with music. It's drugs. I look back over the last few years, and it's sad really. I've seen so many good people throw their lives away with drugs, and I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. Some people wonder why I'm so vehemently anti-drugs, why I hate drug users and why I think the suppliers should be shot on sight, and now you know why. I've seen some very good people get twisted up into ruined excuses for human beings, completely unlike who they used to be, who I used to like. It's amazing how much people change during their teenage years, and so often for the worst. Thinking back to grade eight - and before - it's interesting to see how people have changed. As I've acquired and grown in both faith and morality, I've watched a lot of people lose it. I remember when Matt Marino would say - seemingly with pride - that he was a Catholic. Well, in English yesterday - Aaron, did you hear him too? - I overheard him say that he's off to Hell and last year he cited people like me as the reason why he's no longer a Christian, and when he was told that wasn't good enough and pressured, he said he felt Christianity was too restrictive and basically showed off that he knows nothing about it and has been sucked in by youthful lusts.

It's so sad. I can't believe the changes and declines I've seen. I've watched people get twisted up by so many things, and you have to wonder what's wrong with society to allow this to happen. I don't make any attempts to hide the fact I don't like society in general and teenagers in particular ... I could go around levelling blame, but I don't think just one person's at fault. I'm not going to use the cop-out excuses of "It's Satan" or "It's our sinful nature" either, because that's basically giving up. To say that's the reason somebody's become messed up and to write them off as a lost cause is simply ludicrous.

One thing I don't like is when, in their teenage years, people throw away the faith they were brought up with for no good reason. Now if you've investigated things and decided you disagree with Christianity now, that's well and good. I think you're wrong and making a terrible mistake, BUT at least you've done your research and made conclusions with your brain. Giving up on Christianity because you know nothing about what you claimed to believe and because you want to enjoy sensual, worldly pleasures is a completely differen thing. I detest it every time I see someone spit in the face of Christianity and say "I'm not a Christian any more because it won't let me have sex/tell lies to my parents/go to wild parties/download porn/et cetera." Every time someone does that, I want to punch them in the face. Don't they understand anything? Christianity isn't about restrictions and legalism, it's about love and grace, it's about knowing God, and through a genuine desire and love for God, one strives for the perfection and purity of Him, forsaking worldly pleasures and desires for holy, spiritual things. That's a very poor, basic explanation, but it makes my point. I'm really tiring of these people who just want to walk after the flesh and satisfy themselves. The satisfaction never lasts anyway.

Could we kindly STOP doing probability in Mathematics B? That would be LOVELY, thankyouverymuch. Stop it IMMEDIATELY. I feel like I'm in frigging grade eight again and it's annoying. There's a few new things, and what REALLY bugs me about it is if we'd devoted more time and effort to this in grade eight - or at worst, grade nine - we could've had this all completely done and not wasted time on asinine, dull, redundant units in grade ten, eleven, and now twelve. It's so pathetic. I'm going to try my hardest to absolutely flog Maths B this term. I'm going to stick a 100% right up them, just to ram my point home. THIS STUFF IS TOO EASY AND RIDICULOUS. GRADE TWELVES SHOULD NOT BE DOING PROBABILITY. Make it STOP. Maths C is so much better. I always enjoy working on the 3D plane anyway, despite the occasional complaint I might make. I enjoy the word 'azimuth' ... though I really hate working in Polar co-ordinates and radians. That's the fault of the education system, though. Their stupid fault again. It's like they can't get anything right (sometimes even the answers at the back of the textbook are wrong!). If back in grades eight and nine they hadn't gotten us so used to working in Cartesian co-ordinates and degrees, I'd find Polar and radians a lot easier to work with. But I'm so used to working with Cartesian that anything else feels awkward and unnatural, no matter how much I try it, and sometimes it gets quite confusing. The school system could be so much better than it is, I know that much for a fact.

That was cathartic.

--- 9:33pm ---

What's disturbing is that whenever we talk about angles of elevation in maths, I break out in "E-le-vay-shun! Woohoo! Woohoo!" I've been telling people "Everything you know is wrong" a lot lately, and whenever I say 'talk about [insert random thing]', I want to break out in Pop Muzik. Talk about obsessed. Everybody talk about ... pop music! Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop music! Oh yes, and whenever anyone mentions lemons, I go all squeeish, begin singing "She wore lemon" in my mind, fantasise about forty-foot lemons, and imagine an awesome hybrid of ZooTV and Popmart.

--- 9:44pm ---

I'd also like to point out today is the 19th anniversary of U2's AWESOME concert in Bologna, Italy, with the best performance of 40 EVER. OK, OK, I'll go do my homework now. Seriously. I just love the Bologna concert, one of my favourite boots.

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