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Talk about a dull day ... or not

Define today in one word: duuuuuuull. I really need to get more sleep - three nights of just under seven hours is doing terrible things to me; I'm one of these people who needs at least eight hours a night. Three days in a row I've struggled to stay awake at school ... indeed, during a video in SOR yesterday, I might've nodded off for a short while, I'm not sure. I just put my head down and listened, because I didn't need to watch, and I think I might have drifted off at one point. I know a few times I caught myself more focusing on resting than the video. But anyway. Early - or, more precisely, earlier - night tonight. Last night I was so ready to get a nice, long sleep, then I got caught up reading and when I looked away from the book, I got a shock to learn it was just about midnight.

Today ... arrived at school and had Maths C before the day really began. This year, we have two lessons, on Tuesday and Wednesday, at 8am rather than the one 7:30 lessons of last year, and I like it that way because I arrive at school at 8am anyway. That was unexciting, then the school day began and I rocked up at home room. Because we're grade twelve, we're all organising all the events for the house we're in, and I somehow ended up as the secretary. This pisses me off immensely. I've been lumped with a job I don't know how to do and am now expected to do ... something, I'm not quite sure what. Hmm ... the results should be interesting. From the events of home room this morning, I think I can order people around to get their act together and do things. I like that.

Whatever it was we had first was boring. That's right, English and Geography. We're reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller this term, and from the few pages we've gone through in class and the extras I've read ahead through, it seems interesting and enjoyable enough. Morning tea revealed that Patrick's done another disgusting article about someone - actually, I think I learnt of that yesterday when I left school - and truly, it's sick. Well, I haven't read it, but I've caught glimpses, and saw that again there was a mention of gay pornography. Pat talks about it so much, I can't help but wonder if he actually likes/downloads/does it. They have this article - I forget who it's about, either Hamilton or Grant - glued into the back of an exercise book, so I want to get my hands upon that book and deliver it to the Principal. Pat would die an agonising death from that.

SOR involved the viewing of another video, which I rested and devised U2 setlists during, and then Maths B. We need to get a graphics calculator, and this year the library won't loan them to us - we have to buy our own. Grr. I hate the things, too complex and silly. I prefer my normal calculator. But at least the school's selling cheap secondhand ones; that's what I'll get. Mum says she'll buy me a brand new one because she hasn't had to buy me anything else this year, and I'm so tempted to take the $120, go buy a $60 secondhand one, and pocket the remaing money ... but I couldn't do that, and I don't want to spend more than is necessary.

During lunchtime, a toothache came on. That really was not called for. Subsided and didn't bother me during Maths C - a lesson I'll come back to - then returned in full force during German, and slowly died during the leadership thing after school until it just disappeared near the end. Better not come back; I hate going to the dentist, mainly because they 1. charge way too much for the service they provide and 2. always whine at me about how I keep my teeth. Sorry, but I'm not brushing my teeth three times a day for three minutes. Not even two times a day for three minutes. Just as long as my breath smells good, my teeth look white or thereabouts, and there's nothing in my teeth, and I consider the job done.

Now, back to Maths C. Today I decided I'd be nice to Pat, despite my many grievances and quarrels with him, and so in Maths C, I let him sit by Aaron and I. Erroneous, never let me do that again. I didn't learn a thing. That guy is the definition of a disruption and I didn't learn stuff that I should've, so tonight I'm going to have to study and really do my homework. Grr, stupid frigging Ranty. Really, I need to do more of my homework anyway. Hence, I'll be cutting down on my online usage on weeknights. That mainly just affects messageboards and I'll probably lurk on Appear Offline and Away on MSN and AIM respectively.

But while we're discussing things Ranty-related, him and Sam decided to have a bit of ... fun in Maths B. Really, they need to grow up. Patrick was sitting behind Aaron and I in that class, and Sam, Hamilton, and Grant behind him. So when Pat leaned forward to say something to Aaron at one point, Sam put some whiteout (twink, liquid paper, correction fluid, whatever you want to call it) on a piece of paper and placed it on Pat's seat. Pat leaned back just then, and so Sam, still holding the paper, decided not to let him just sit on iut - no, he whacked it straight onto Ranty's hind end. Now as you can imagine, Pat was hardly impressed by this, because no-one wants whiteout all over the back of their trousers. So he retorted by throwing the paper with some still-wet whiteout on it back at Sam, and I didn't see it happen so I don't know how exactly this happened, but some ended up on Sam's upper leg and some on his textbook. I'm surprised things stopped there; I'd have thought they would've spiralled out of control. But in any case, both Pat and Sam had whiteout on themselves and I was wondering if they'd not been informed that there really is a '2' after the '1' in 'grade 12'. Having fun is one thing, but acting like - or worse than - grade 1ers is another. They both need to grow up and learn to focus.

Really, I haven't been impressed with Sam these last few days. I'm definitely drifting away from him. Before I went back to school, Sam was my best friend, but now I barely talk to him, it's mainly Jamie and Aaron and sometimes Burns. He's now hanging around with Ranty, despite prior claims (some as recent as this time last week) that he couldn't stand his very presence, and doesn't want to hang out with Jamie, Aaron, and I, who are his real friends. I know Pat's just clinging to him and I don't see why he's neglecting us for that ... thing. Pat's a terrible influence on Sam, every time they get closer Sam's level of maturity slips. Gah.

So maybe today wasn't quite that dull. But the leadership thing after school was extremely dull, the only worthwhile thing that came from it was that I found out I'm on the Yearbook Committee with two of the three people I did Junior Council with last year, Samantha and Katina. Should be a good test for my writing talents.

Dinner calls.
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