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Bla bla bla, just another typical poor subject line

deadlydenial, you will be disappointed to know that Burns and Rhiana are getting back together. aaron_3521, if you want to know how he knows, ask me for the full story. Just make sure neither of them finds out or Burns will try to throw me down the stairs like Ranty tried to do today. Yep, that's right. Ranty, in his immature stupidity - apparently in cahoots with Sam, which pisses me off - made some absolutely pathetic conspiracy theory article in which he stated I was gay and produced homosexual pornography. Upon getting my hands on the copy of the article, I ripped it up, threw it in the bin, exchanged a few harsh words with Ranty, a scuffle broke out, he kicked me in the stomach - note that this was at morning tea, just after a class during which I had to excuse myself from to be sick - and then tried to push me down a staircase onto solid concrete. I probably would've gone over if Jamie hadn't grabbed me. Ranty drives me mad, he's so frigging immature and aggravating. I'd be a lot happier if he simply didn't come near me, because he only means trouble.

Seems like every week there's a new chapter in the Ranty Saga. Bleck.

Today was pretty boring and crap really, but I'm feeling very out of character and still good at the end of it. I was sick during Geography and had the dispute with Ranty, then at the end of the day I discovered I have to stay until 4:30 for some stupid leadership thing to teach me stuff I don't need to know ... but such is life and who cares? Not me. If that's all I can complain about, things are going pretty well.

Robby's finally got his computer connected to ADSL. Had a few hassles with it, but now all's working nicely. I think we'll have to move up to the next plan to cater for our downloading. We don't get charged if we go over our limit, but our speed gets slowed and that could get annoying.

I definitely need to work on my German tonight, but quite frankly, I'd rather work on my U2 boots. I'm going to set up a site with all my boots and playlists of them ... I'll listen through them and give a review, too, though that'll be a progressive task and will take me a while.

Anything else of note happen today? Oh, I hear the Super Bowl halftime show was disgusting. That's to be expected when you have idiots performing, especially when their lyrics are so terrible that I really doubt anyone with any shred of decency would listen to them. They should've had U2 produce and perform the show instead, then it would've been really good ... indeed, they could've played a proper concert and made all us fans dying for a new release happy. Throw in a couple of new songs, give us some old, rarely played stuff, put on a real good show, and we'll be content for a short while. We're an impatient bunch, I know.

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