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Recently I took you to Unimaginative Subject Line Land, now it's Tangentville

I am an Intellectual

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That last quiz proves I need to go to more places in the world. But I have more pressing matters at hand. Firstly, homework. I have fallen into the bad habit of leaving it until last this weekend, and there's only been three days of school! I can't let this trend continue. I need to really knuckle down and do well at my studies. I feel motivated when I'm at school, but the second I come home, I'm not, even though I know I work better when I'm at home, in an environment with my comfortable chair and lots of good music.

Secondly, I'm organising some U2 trades. I find this all very exciting and wheefunness. One shall result in me getting 26 February 1980, Dublin; 20 August 1983, St. Goarshaussen, Germany; 11 August 1993, London; 19 October 2000, Paris; and the Popmart Johannesburg VCD. Can't wait to get that one underway. It'll be ready to go the second I can get 2-second gaps between tracks on Popmart Sarajevo removed ... I think I can do it.

Things have gotten interesting and extremely teenage with Burns and Rhiana. She's gone to a new highschool and apparently not had a fun time of it, but instead of being sensible, she's taken it out on Burns. He's feeling terrible and things are on the rocks, but now she's feeling apologetic and regrets what she's done. I think this is more proof Internet relationships don't work, just how they've been acting, however I think - despite better advice - that they're going to get through this. Interesting thing is she gave implicit denial that her and Burns had sex, so not only are they prepared to sin by fornication, but they - Burns has lied to people too - are prepared to sin again by lying all over the show. In a conversation with Burns on Wednesday, he gave the implication they did it at least three times, so yes. I'm extremely disappointed - not to mention disgusted - with them both. They'd barely met and they've been getting up to things. I think some teenagers need to look beyond their genitals and realise there's a whole bloody lot more to life than sexual pleasures. I see these immature, sex-crazed people at school, and I wonder if they know what they're missing out on. They think their life is unfulfilled because they're not getting enough or whatever, but the real reason their life is unfulfilled is because they're looking in the wrong places for fulfillment and being extremely immature about things. It's disgraceful.

Speaking of that, I'll be glad to get out of highschool because, during the last four years, people have changed so much, and often for the worst. I've seen some very good people toss their lives away, and it just makes me shake my head in wonder and ask if there's much future for humanity with our current culture of sensationalism, materialism, and instant gratification. It may sound cliche, but there's a lot more to life. If people would just look beyond their selfish motives for a second, the human race could go more places and do more things. But no, the human race seems to be inherently selfish, which leads back to original sin and the fall of man. That's really the answer to the question "What's wrong with people?": original sin and the fall of man. But eh, nothing I can do about that now, and I'm well aware it affects me as well. I guess it's just another thing you've got to live with, and more than that, get over. Some people seem thoroughly incapable of that ... or even acknowledging they're any less than perfect at all.

Well that was a tangent, wasn't it? I best return to my trading and homework.
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