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Welcome to Unimaginative Subject Line Land

You are MARLIN!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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I don't really agree with that.

Today was good, I suppose. Nothing can really put me out of the good mood I'm in. I wanted to have talks with a couple of people, but I ran out of time there ... oh well, there's always Internet, phones, and school on Monday. My Geography and English teacher seems really good, she's really focused on us doing well. This pleases me greatly because Geography's my best subject and I want to get the highest mark possible, and I'm aiming to top English. Indeed, I'm aiming to top six of my seven subjects. Only German I don't want to top - that's Aaron's. He's the German master, and if I did beat him by some sheer fluke, I'd probably refuse to accept it because he deserves it. I'm quite content with second in German. Speaking of Aaron, I'm hoping he'll get an LJ. Have to wait and see. EDIT: He just got one, aaron_3521. Excellente.

I was going to go on a big rant about my grade and why I can't stand it, but I'm really not in that kind of mood. I was feeling fired up earlier, but now I'm relaxed and calm and happy. But my grade does bug me ... there's few people I really like at this present point in time. What's worse, though, is James. He didn't know I'd come home at 12 today, so at about 2 in the afternoon, my door opens, I turn to see who's coming in, and he gets the shock of his life when he sees me. Apparently, he was going to jump on my Internet to look up some sites ... I want to know if this has ever happened before, and it bugs me quite a bit. When I loved in here he searched through all my stuff without my knowledge - I could tell because my books were rearranged and he confessed to checking out my guitar - and now he's sneaking onto my computer. What the zark is going on here? I don't want to make my LJ Friends Only, but to avoid him discovering it, that might be the safe measure. I'd rather keep it public so my friends without LJs can read ... I guess those of you without would just have to get one. It really bugs me that he's prepared to sneak into my room and use my computer without my permission AT ALL. A bit of permission wouldn't go astray, would it? I closely guard my privacy, especially my computer. I hope this was just a one-off and is not part of a trend.

In more positive news, Nana says she's gotten someone to record that thing on Kiwi TV with every U2 video. EEEEEEEE! I'm so excited. I can't wait for Nan to post it over, it'll be so awesome. U2U2U2U2U2U2!

*calms down*

In other news, we've been spared by the storms so far, which is a relief. There's been damage elsewhere, but thankfully not here or to anyone I know. I hear there's also been torrential rain down in Melbourne, so I hope all those down there are OK.

This weekend's looking like it'll be pretty uneventful, which pleases me greatly. I do have homework to do, which is annoying, but such is life and I'll cope. I'll also try to fit a couple of walks in as long as storms stay away. I need to get fit in a big way, especially if I want to do that forty hour walk.

Add 21 November 1984, Dortmund to my list of Brilliant Performances Of Gloria.

I need to do more reading of the Bible. I suppose we all do, but I've found my Biblical knowledge to have really slipped of late. I really need to get myself a new Bible, maybe the school can help me ... Aaron, do they have them at your church? I could pay you back for one, maybe. I do have some spare cash ... was planning on saving it, but a Bible's a worthy investment. Or wait ... I think I have one lurking around that I haven't read. So yes, I'll read that first. It's an Amplified NT. I also think I have an NASB NT in with my Greek NT.

Grr, I'm annoyed at myself, I did no study of Greek over the holidays. Well I better find time to do it sometime ... though this year will be pretty busy. I'm not looking forward to the workload, and I'll be glad when it's over. I'll be glad to be rid of some people in my grade. That doesn't alleviate my nerves about leaving or my indecisiveness about what to do, but it at least makes the idea of leaving a little less bad.

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